Yay Area Brewers

Well, the pitching was pretty much as bad as we all feared and we got the season-long apology started early by Suppan and Macha– Brewers fell to the San Francisco Giants 10-6 yesterday in the season opener.  The flip side is that we saw some really good hitting against a solid (if off-night) performance by Lincecum.  It suggests that if our pitchers can limit the home runs and triples they give up we’ve got a good chance to put some runs on the board.  Other items, in random order…

  • I want Bill Hall to do good every time he’s up, and he mostly disappoints
  • The FSN guy running the on-screen scoreboard was fucking drunk or crazy.  Several times when a team scored a run they lost points on the scoreboard.
  • The Main Depot was not a prticularly exciting place to watch the game– pretty much me and the bartender were the only people really excited about the beginning of the season.
  • Suppan would have gotten a gold star for his RBI/run scored had he not lost the game for us on the mound.
  • Watching Hart and Braun strike out consecutively with runners in scoring position to end the inning was disheartening to say the least.

Wwhazz and I are retreating to a secret location to watc tonight’s game.  Let’s put Suppan behind us and see what Yovanni can do with the ball…

21 thoughts on “Yay Area Brewers

  1. don’t look for ol’ CAL in the outfield, i couldn’t hit the curball so i ‘m in the LAW LIBRARY! want my autograph?

  2. madd, draw some more pictures of me. here are some possible themes:

    running, failing my exams, playing techmobowl… or you can come up with ideas of your own!

  3. The email you use when commenting has to be the same email you signed up for Gravatar with. Also, after you sign up it takes a few minutes before you’ll see the picture appear on whazzmaster.

  4. gravatar sucks. if it’s just going to use an external image anyways, why not just take in an image url with the comment and save it like the name? i guess you get the crop and scale feature, but last i checked windows still came with “paint”. also now gravatar can track my whazzing habits and maybe one day start serving up pictures of african penises after they get hacked.

  5. harsh schedule for brewers… night game, flight, lose 2 hours, then 3pm game. can the drunken crowd hedge that?

  6. FSN had Looper’s first pitch at 105 MPH.

    We are playing a mini-version of fantasy baseball over here: $2 to enter; If your brewer hits a dinger, you win it all. Draft order is random. It went like this:

    1st pick: Belly; Braun
    2nd: Lizzy; Prince
    3rd: Mary; Hardy
    4th: Andy; Hart
    5th: wwhazz; Hall
    6th: Ryan; Camaroooon
    7th: Ab; Weeks

    Winner? Hart!! 2-1 Brewers!!!!

  7. But so do three other players… Everyone else is riding solo on their weiner. Dogg wins, I chop three ways.

  8. Holy shit has davey nelson taken some public speaking classes in the off season or what? It sounds like his voice is being dubbed over by a nerdy white accountant.

  9. The FSN guy was way off again today. That 105 mph fastball was fishy and they had billy hall down as 0-3 during his last AB and I know for a fizact that the MF hit a double earlier in the game.

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