That Was Exciting

The Brewer game ended in exciting fashion yesterday, with Weeks sliding in under the tag to walk-off in style in front of thousands of baby bear fans.  As is expected, my text messages, Facebook, and Twitter blew up afterwards as the revelry began in earnest.

I don’t like what I’ve seen from Seth McClung so far this year, but he is a good pitcher and hopefully he’ll settle down in time.  We’re at .500 ball so far, folks, and taking the first of the season-long series from the cubs is a great start to division play.

Tonight’s game starts at 6:05p central.  Don’t get used to daily Brewers updates from me– start of the season + Cubs = lots of excitement.

Today is chores day and then bike trip.  Lazy spring dayz.

64 thoughts on “That Was Exciting

  1. also no doubt they are pulling this bs to pay off all the tax returns they don’t have the money for. fucking JOKE. CHP: SUCK A TOE

  2. i got 9 mili shells that i keep to myself
    and a mili times 5 if i’m counting my wealth
    explodin rockets with the booster…… check.
    about to stop you from your future…… check.
    fuck a pig

  3. Your D works in A2K cuz we don’t keep cell phone records (we also don’t license dogs).

    Last night I had a really neat trifecta going on the lap top: full tilt freeroll, Pride Fighting 33 and police surveillance cameras that caught police doing shady shit.

    The freeroll was a hit. I won a $26 ticket. I’m a poker MacGyver at my best with limited resources. Give me a real roll? Problem gambo in my blood.
    The Pride was in Las Vegas, so it was weird seeing fans that yelled and moved around instead of the standard sea of silence that you get with a Japanese audience. I like the quiet, respectful Japanese way of watching fights more than the drunken American way. I love when classic sports shows Tyson/Douglas in Japan. Dude does the impossible and takes out Tyson and the crowd just quietly watches.
    The youtube videos were cops molesting drunk hookers and beating the shit out of suspects. Um, duh. You put the camera on the wall.

  4. game over when a majority of jails pick up on the trend of charging inmates a daily rate to live there. that is cruel and unusual. there was already a fine paid, and property taxes pay for the jail, and being forced to stay there against your will is levied as a punishment… you can’t fine them, charge taxpayers to build the jails, and then charge the criminals to use them. that is horseshit. i’m going to blow up a jail one day. a big jail.

  5. getting some strange results in my scotch freezing as of late… the day out 50% mixed 45:55 with straight scotch and frozen in the door… i’m getting scotch BRAINS. the mushrooms fuse into creased channels. i’m pretty sure i’m creating a form of life. and that life exists so i might consume it and attain peace.

  6. this was glenlivet towards the end of the bottle… in the 50/50 water left overnight, some grain would collect at the bottom. i would use a swirling motion to mix it back up JUST until it seem fully dissipated. then take the pint glass that is about a 1/3 full and make it a little under 3/4 full.


  7. I think the brains are simply a mushroom without the stalk, and whether you bloom brains or mushrooms is determined by a combination of temperature and water to booze ratio. It goes back to that Mere Haggard interview:
    “[George Dickel] did certain things at certain temperatures in a certain kind of water…You take George Dickel and you pour it over ice and hold it up to the light, and it won’t separate. But if you take Jack Daniel’s and do that, hold it up to the light, you’ll notice that the corn oil starts separating from the whiskey, because it hasn’t been married at the correct temperature.”
    This separation is the key. When I watch scotch and water mingle in a class, I see that they are not blended. I’m not sure if it’s the scotch or the water, but one of them takes on a tubular shape and actively pushes through the other like burrowing worms pushing through dirt.
    As the blend freezes, the active burrowing slows and eventually pushed to the surface like a tiny geyser. That tiny geyser eventually freezes, resulting in the bloom. Sometimes, the bloom has a chance to develop a stalk with a mushroom on top, sometimes not.
    Imagine Old Faithful blowing off and someone shooting it with a freeze ray: Scotch mushroom.
    Imagine a lazy gurgle pushing from the earth and a slow freeze: Scotch Brain.
    If the temperature is too cold, the surface freezes solid, preventing a bloom.

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