Fight Night 97

The initial excitement at posting on the new site wore off after a fortnight, and the Brewers lackluster play has lept me away from cheering them on, virtually.  But here we go again: UFC is at Brothers this weekend and we may get a run-in from Whitehouse. Nice. Scientist, you down to fly back for UFC on Saturday night?  SWAMPWATERS!  I’ll cook you home made pancakes, I promise.  Just don’t bring any models with you.

Meanwhile Spacebee and her coterie will be visiting all the most fabulous dress shops in Madison this weekend to find the perfect gown in which to be married to a doofus like myself.  She may be in for a lifetime of doffishness from her husband, but at least she’ll look like a million bucks on Day One.

Brewers kick off their series against the Mets tonight– aim your cheering thought waves at New York for maximum effectiveness.  I hope Willie Randolph has an illegal copy of the clubhouse key that he made that one time when the fire alarms went off and he had to break the emergency glass .  I further hope that somehow the same clubhouse lock made its way to the new stadium.  I further hope that he takes a dump in Carlos Beltran’s hat and covers the manager’ office in peanut butter.  That’ll show ’em.

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