What’s Up, Dirty Dawgs?

Cah-razy weekend: Friday “80 Degreez” Night we walked over to the Stadium Bar and had fun onna bun with wwhazz, belly, and the ILL Connection.  Woke up a tad under the weather on Saturday morning for Cah-razylegs to a bit of thunderstormin’ and rainin’.  Instead of doing a 5K walk, we found ourselves back in the Stadium Bar for Bloody Marys and a gigantic plate of nachos.

Saturday afternoon: nap time and a DVD viewing of the Rescuers Down Under.

Saturday night was the 80s Party at Spacebee’s coworker’s house.  It was a really fun time: wwhazz and his coterie were there, they had High Life on tap, and we rolled craps in a dusty garage for almost the duration.  I think I ended up owing wwhazz some skrills, but I can’t remember how much at this time.  We alkso spent the early portion of the party eagerly following the Brewers/Astros game via an iPhone screen.  Once Timmer arrived with his Premium service we were also able to catch Uecker’s call of the game ending out.  Hurray, Brewers went 5-4 on the road!  Wwhazz left at the end of the night with Spyder’s right-hand man in tow.  I think he has the guy chained in his basement to extract info now.  Spacebee has pictures, and once they’re on her computer I’ll throw a few on Flickr.

Sunday was just your average Hungover Day: made homemade hashed brown potatoes and scrambled easies and watched the Brewers lay an egg in the Asrtos finale, but it was fun all around.  My friend Jay came over with Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection for the Xbox 360.  It was great: Golden Axe 1, 2, and 3, Streets of Rage 1, 2, and 3, Altered Beast, and tons more (Phantasy Star 2, 3, and 4!)  I’m definitely picking this game up: $30 for tons of nostalgia.  Fuck, it even has Ecco the Dolphin for you weirdos that like that stuff.


39 thoughts on “What’s Up, Dirty Dawgs?

  1. I donate .50 to diaper head for every Bill Hall HR. If any of you see her, let her know I owe her a buck.

  2. I found out why this page is so popular (awesome comments there, btw). Apparently if you google ‘i hate charter’ whazzmaster.com is the 5th result. It’s nice to be wanted. For example, Google Analytics says that within the last 30 days four visits have come from that google search. Weird.

    Also: Go Brewers. It’s Trevor Time.

  3. One thing that gets my goat, however, is that when you unsubscribe from an email mailing list using an online website and it says “It may take up to a week to unsubscribe you.” Motherfucker, delete my entry in your goddamn database; what, do you have to ship a piece of paper with instructions on it to India to get someone to flip a bit on whatever user profile you built around me when I bought a tub of Legos for my niece two xmases ago? Fuck you.

    I am still mad about this.

  4. GDP REPORT IN 14 MIN#^!(*&!#)(%^& CAL!#)(*&^# R U WATCHING?#^!#^



    not MY president! NO WAY!

  5. you’re #3 for “steve misrack”. i used the new “promote to #1” google feature to try and pump it up to #1. also i was playing poker and someone asked if i was from whazzmaster. i’m guessing they googled my name and found it and we’re current lurkers, but still odd. ever since cal got disbarred this place has been HOT

  6. look how rigged e*trade has been lately… just like i said outside forces keeping it above $1, then test the lows, then test the highs, so the cost of bankruptcy can be established and delayed. just reported loss of over 40c a share in the 1st quarter… so within a year they’ll burn through their entire market cap and they are already in debt billions to begin with. how can a website cost so much to run? so shady. what your own billion? SHORT THE STOCK.

  7. they set up the automated short sellers with a 500% 30 day jump… 30 days… right about when margin calls come in… MESSAGE. they have 40B in client funds they can manipulate the system with…. but EVENTUALLY they WILL die. i GUARanTEE it. below $1 by june. BOOK IT

  8. Lost two $50 pots last night in .10 NL, but still sitting pretty at $34 after a high water mark of $76.

    The first one was a nightmare flop for 66: 4c5c6. Maybe you’re dead to a flopped str8, maybe the flush draw is going wild betting the draw. But of course I call the all in and lose to the eventual flush. Boo.

    The other was a 2c5c6 board when I’m holding 88. Again, maybe I’m dead to a str8, maybe dude has a draw, maybe dude has a set. In a deeper game you can get away from it but when you buy in for $20 and commit 1.75 preflop and bet out 4 on the flop, you’re committed to that last $13 when you get raised, I think. In this case, dude had the set and 666 cost me again.
    Of well. Still got $34 and I might hit Ho Chunk on Thrs night. Belly has a conference in the Dells, so I can hitch a ride.

  9. durrrr lost $900k to gus hansen in PLO last night 500-1000 blind, 3 tables at once. gus did 3 separate sessions yesterday for a total win of $2M. wow.

  10. Jesus H. Mindbottler: that slap chop video is the fucking shit. Also: when he slap-chops the fruits, for a brief second they (not the parody guys, the original commercial editors) added a little shine or sparkle (as if from a diamond) to the fruit itself. That is the point (in the original commercial) where I had to nod my head in appreciation and say “you win, sirs.” In the rap video, it just pushes things over the edge into a pit of awesome.

  11. I’m hoping for a solo walkoff by Braun in the 9th off Snell.


  12. no, that was real money… durrrr = tom dwan. i just signed up for $60 9 man ploiter turbo and forgot about it, then emailed support and claimed the client screwed up, and they gave me my money back.


  13. LOOK. you’re going to spend $20 on paper towels every month. stop having a boring life full of bikini’s and martinis. you know the germans make good stuff. like gas chambers. shamWOW. can’t believe you went there vince. for a shammie. juiced the holocaust to sell a shammie. you can’t open that up.


  14. BOOOOOOOOOOOOM, took the 60 and got in another 9 man, and got 1st for 247.50. better have those 5 pennies. nice.

    went from borderline angry and poor, to mischievous and deceitful, to surprised and vindicated, to get-back-on-the-horsey, to rich. tonight we dine!

    IN HELL#!%*(^&!)#^*(&!#^)9&!#^)(&#^

  15. The WI Dairy Council has a new billboard pimping cheese.

    Underneath a big block of cheddar, it says “Make a Cracker Smile.”

  16. slappin your troubles away with the slap chop… and then old vincey went out slapping hookers all coked up on meth. that is what drove it to awesome for me.

    i am not offended or even recognize “cracker” as a racially motivated word unless it is used in the context of “cracker ass cracker”.

  17. yeah dude, what’s civony? there used to be a hot renaissance fair mama promoting it but now it’s some knight dude. do you know my grandfather used to say “good night!” to express surprise. sort of the “holy crap” of the great depression set i suppose. i have never heard anyone else say this, have you whazzmaster.com? what about this: church burned down- holy smoke! dude that cracker joke is AWESOME. make a cracker smile- bring him a big ass brick of cheese. good night! is that a brick of cheese you are bringing me? dudes, i am in the throes (had to google that for the spelling) of finals. seriously. it’s ROUGH. so i can’t post much… more.. gotta run homies. but yeah, so there’s that knight dude now, it says “free forever” which is the right price, and it looks fun, like i bet you get to be a knight and go collect gold etc. but this computer couldn’t do it i’m sure. it has the memory of a solar calculator or your mom fjdkfjdkajfkdfjdalfjkdafjakdjfdfjkfd

  18. Dear Whazzmaster.com,

    I want to apologize for what i said about your mom, I was upset and I didn’t mean to hurt anybodies feelings. I am so sorry for any inconvience. Please be assured that this incident won’t occur again, I am embarrassed by my behavior on whazzmaster.com and will do my best to make up for what i did.


  19. just watched the brewers game on dvr and saw Tom Z and Chuck from the hojo sitting right behind home plate

  20. I believe stiffly, but that other dude was only tomz in whazzmaster’s scotch soaked mind.

    Stiffly, have you seen nevisor’s grave off Mineral Point Road? If not we can point it out to you. We want to dig him up and take him Weekend at Bernies-style over to the Badgerland for a pimm’s cup and a chicken treasure.

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