Straight Mappin’

Here’s a couple of interesting things I found on Google Maps today.  I was looking at it because I saw Mat Gamel was at Knapp School to do an assembly and I couldn’t remember whether the school by my old house was Knapp or Fratt (always get them mixed up).  Turns out he was at the school by the old place.  Then I saw that Google Maps had street view pictures of my old neighborhood so I dropped in on the old girl.  I think I can embed it…

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The preview seems to work, we’ll go with it. Extra bonus points if you can navigate from there to Scientist’s old house (unless you’re the Scientist, but maybe even then). And I’ll give $5 to anyone who can send me a link to the corner my old paper route started on (again, Scientist excluded since I lifted the route off of him.)

Let’s find another cool little intersection… here’s the high school we all went to:

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Fun time!

32 thoughts on “Straight Mappin’

  1. i lose…. the data cut off in front of knapp on grange. how can you not remember knapp???? GILBLERT KNAPP. HE INVENTED RACINE. we played basketball there all the time. fratt is miles and miles away. you lived 1 block away from knapp. fascinating.

    i’m going through old email and deleting it… check this one out from FANDANGO!


    Movie: Mr. 3000
    Date: Saturday, Sep. 18, 2004
    Time: 10:30pm
    Where: Century Cinemas 16, 1500 N. Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View
    Quantity: 1 General

    Total Charged to Credit Card: $10.75

  2. yo whazzman, did your parents ever sell that house? last i heard they were renting a farm in door county until it sold. i think my parents are closing on theirs this week for like 20-30k under asking.

  3. captain gilbert knapp. born november 1834. built a hut and called it port gilbert. then some fascist assholes changed it racine. mother fucker was there first. HE ALREADY NAMED IT. and now those who survive for his struggles can’t even remember his last name!#^!%!% granted that might be his fault for originally naming the port after his first name… probably cause that whole double consonant, vowel, paired consonant shit was hot back then, easy to get lost in the crowd of briggs and blobbs and truffs and fratts.

  4. They sold the Flett one in 2005, but they have not sold the one out in FRANKSVILLE~! yet. Sad.

    Dude: I didn’t go to no Knapp or Fratt, Lighthouse Represent. I get 5-letter words with the last twop letters the same that weren’t the street I grew up on confused sometimes. YA HEARD?

  5. i’m still not buying this knapp memory lapse… the corner of the block the school took up touched the corner of the block you lived on. sure you were furthest away from that corner where they touched, but i’m still counting that as the same street you grew up.

    i used to shoot rockets over there, and race my rc car around the track in front.

  6. so they got the fransville place in like 2004 then? that’s gotta hurt, housing crashed since then, probably lose 15-20%+ and then get raped on all the taxes and fees.

  7. as a 6’4″ man, that was an odd match to watch. looked to me like he fucked up his ankle, not his shin or knee or whatever the monkeys were saying. all those roids will fuck up your joints and warp your bones. i don’t get the end either… was canseco really getting beat bad? it look like he was completely covered up. don’t they have punching to the back of the head rules over there? and then canseco was whining at the end. didn’t like it. REFUND!

  8. Wikipedia “Dream 9 Super Hulk Tournament.” It runs 6’4” to 10′, apparently. Bob Sapp amongst others were in it.

    Then stoppage was due to tap out. He tapped from the strikes. Watch it again. He even pushes his hands outside the ring and tappity tappities to make sure they see and get the monster off. And then they hug…

  9. dude. i could be a super hulk dream. it’s 6’4″ to 10′ inclusive right? i don’t have inches to spare.


    just got chat banned on stars for a week. i think i have an ACLU case against them.

    i beat a player who earlier claimed to be a woman, complimented them on their play and was BANNED for it.

    from the email:

    “Harassment of other members will not be tolerated.

    The following chat was observed
    nh lady
    you play like a woman”

    how is that harassment, unless they are saying that comparing someone to a woman is comparing them to something less than preferable. SEXIST ASSHOLES! JEN H! ARE YOU GOING TO STAND BY AND DO NOTHING WHILE POKERSTARS GROWS BY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS A DAY AND HAS AN ANTI-LADY CORPORATE POSITION?! CAL, YOU ARE A LADY

  11. i know a lot of really really good O8 players… there is now way anyone could be that much better. the game is retarded. if ANYONE is capable of that much domination, then i am capable of equal amounts. i really wanted to play that tourney. there is a pot limit omaha 8 tourney later in june for $5,000 and another for $1,500. anyone want to buy $100 shares of me?

  12. brooke shields just compared her active charity causes “going green” and “empowering woman in 3rd world countrys to get jobs to purchase cars” as both something you just have to commit to. i wonder if she has considered conflicts of interest.

    old skool going green = not letting women get cars.

  13. hey cal. read this leter from the american bankers association about ally bank (

    the dude is writing a letter to the feds who now own a substantial stake of gmac and their financial branch at which last week changed to ally bank (, and complained about their practice of more than doubling the market avg for interest rates to aggressively attract new deposits and account transfers (like the one i am in the middle of).

    does he think the feds already know?! they print the money… it doesn’t mean anything. they could over 20% interest… who cares as long as they have a controlling share of the nations perceived capital locked up.

    the internet is going to destroy regional banking which will lead to predictable turbulence in the cash markets producing rampant inflation.

    $10,000 for eggs and bacon. WITHIN OUR LIFETIME.

  14. OMG it’s cal. What have you been doing with yourself since the finals? Did you take a jaunt around socal? Learn another language? Make some juice in your juicer? I’m gonna be out your way for two weeks. You’ll never quite anticipate when I’ll parachute on top of you. Be prepared.

  15. dude. i feel like the most boring episode of quantum leap. i jump into different boring internships. OH BOY! scott bacula scott bacula. i go from boring office to boring office hoping each leap will be the leap home!

    anyway brothers and sisters, i’m all tuckered out that’s why i have not nude posted. but don’t worry,



  16. today, for the first time ever, my tivo recorded quantum leap. did you have anything to do with that cal?

    oooh, “sam awakens as a test pilot in 1956,” uh oh! “about to fly an experimental craft to the world speed record.” gonna need your help ziggy!

  17. brock parker won back to back bracelets in $2,500 6 handed limit hold’em, and $2,500 6 handed NL hold’em… combined winnings nearly $800,000. wowza.

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