Pizza Crawl and Road Warriors

UPDATE: Got some pictures posted on Flickr

My good friend Tim H. (known round these parts as SushiPowered) took me into Berkeley for a good time pizza crawl and sightseeing festival today. We ate at Zachary’s Pizza (also known as the inspiration for my own well-loved Patxi’s Pizza in Palo Alto) and then moseyed through town to the gourmet ghetto where we were prevented from eating Cheeseboard Pizza by their cursed ‘closed-on-Sundays’ rule.

Zachary’s was really, really good deep dish pizza and I endorse it with my highest recommendation.  We got the Zachary’s Special: sausage, green pepper, onion, and mushroom.  Terrific in every way.

Once presented with the forlorn closed sign at Cheeseboard, we ambled up a block and hit up the Original Peet’s Coffee & Tea.  There’s a small museum in the back with lots of historical Peet’s stuff, and I snapped a few phone pics of the joint.  Definitely cool, since I like Peet’s so much.

On the way out of town Tim showed me Indian Rock Park, from where you can see most of the bridges in the bay area (from san mateo up to golden gate).  It was super fun, and I got some pictures there too, but without a polarizing lens they will all be shit.  Once Tim gets his photos up on Flickr I can try to link them.

Finally, we took the long way out of town due to road construction in the hills, and came back down Claremont Canyon on a way twisty road.  Tim told me about some dudes that rode out of the canyon on longboards and suggested I find the video on YouTube/Vimeo.  Well holy shit, you’ve gotta see this video:

Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD from adam kimmel on Vimeo.

That is some pretty cool shit right there, son.  And I can say that I went down that hill in a CAR and it was a rush.

So, good pizza times, great vistas, and I even got firsthand knowledge of a traditional daredevil hangout.  not bad for a Sunday afternoon.  Oh, and all the interesting software talk I could ever want.  I need to make this a priority every time I’m out in the Bay Area.

24 thoughts on “Pizza Crawl and Road Warriors

  1. Cal’s been yelping about that place. I vote the Norris estate sues. TORTTORTTORTTORTTORTTORTTORTTORTTORTTORT

  2. when i flew back out of green bay, the WWE private jet was there, and donald trump was in the bar. he had just given a press conference for WWE… not sure how he is involved, or why they did it in the tiny green bay 5 terminal airport, but i ain’t lyin. also 2 big dudes walking around carrying the belts, but i’m 100% positive they weren’t wrestlers. they were too squishy.

  3. they had the belts out and over their shoulders and had a handful of hootchie groupies following them around. i heard 1 say “you act like i’m going to be in the show”, so even more evidence they weren’t wrestlers, but odd that they were allowed to rock them around the port herding up tail for john cena…

  4. Apparently Donald Trump “bought” the WWE from vince mcmahon. Then Donald Trump aired monday night raw commercial free and gave back the money to the fans for tickets to the show. Even though Trump now owned the show, Mcmahon was still working for him for some reason. Mcmahon didn’t like the way Trump was flushing away revenue (but why should he care if he doesn’t own it anymore), and buys it back from Trump for twice what he sold it for (why did he sell a week earlier for that price if he thinks its worth twice that). Trump the businessman thus makes a huge profit, and his one-week ownership of WWE ends. And for some reason, they did one of the most interesting episodes of RAW in the last 5 years in Green Bay, WI, and I could have gone and seen it for the price of gas to get there. I’m hoping there’s a replay of the show sometime in the next week so I can check out the absurdity. The official story

  5. told you fools… i ain’t lyin. i had a crowning coke (reprocessing crown n coke to make it sophisticated again, but whoops, a mistake, somehow you transposed the phonetical crownin coke and fixed that with your in$->ing sophisticate() regex web service. anyways, that was delicious. trump had a beer. could he really have been doing a publicity stunt in a bar with 12 people in it just to create street cred buzz?? that dude is the greatest businessman ever. real businessmen know all about the green bay airport bar. free wi-fi. rach had a chardonnay.

  6. hey whazzing folks, i’m set up in santa monica now, so if anyone wants to play on the beach, you’re welcome in apt 208. i’m driving distance to vegas so holler if you want to get krunked. already planning on going aug 7-11th for a couple days for boudreaus 30th birthday… i think breunig and schlarb and some other fools you might now will be there too. breunig’s 30th is july 15th, so trying to get him to go then too.

  7. iz ur computers broke?

    just got 1st in both 5k guaranteed ploiters tonight. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

  8. laser bike lane. should this be legal, cal? is this legal, o’neil? more effective than blinking red light? more effective than reflective tape? do people still get killed anyways? is it powered by the bike or does it require batteries?

  9. 1) you fdjaiofjdalifjdalfjadkljfdklj ers. what is up! dude i jfdklajfdklaj hate skateboarders those jfdlkjfadlkj ers stop acting like children- they are going to die and then somebody is going to have to live with that becase they wanted to go careening down the fucking hill on a wood plank – FUCKING IDIOTS. and what’s with scateboarders always FILMING themselves? ooooooo nice ally man, you made your plank jump GOOD FUCKING JOB now film it endlessly. know how many idiot skateboarders i see every day A MILLION. and they all suck. as soon as i get to lawyering skateboarding WILL BE A CRIME. with my dying breath i will outlaw that shit.

    2) getting a SMART car tomorrow. only two seats. it’s like a pinball on the highway. ping!

    3) engaged to be married. so i now join the ranks of you dick weeds. mp it might be the same time as yours, so we can have a race. you outlast me i get to shave your beard or something.

    4) got a “smart” phone. terrified of getting the bill. not so smart now are you?

    5) back to my “smart” car. my betrothed got a new job and has to drive there so that’s what caused that deal. plus the big thing here is PARKING. all the reviews i read said “unless you live in san francisco… unless you live in san francisco unles s you lifveieli in san farialndl… you probably should get a real car because this on is like a pinball on the highway it’s like a michael jackson night bubble on top of a skateboard like driving a fake jetson car on wheels. i wish i could get my new “smart” car to make that jetsons car sound.

    so prety much my whole life doesn’t comport with A2K anymore which sucks. stupid “smart” appliances. WHAT IS UP WHAZZMASTER. YOU SUCK!

  10. lots and lots of those smart cars in santa monica. and minis. i don’t really get it… you still need a parking space… how is it any easier than a civic? unless if everyone switched and every parking space was scaled down so there was more for everyone, but that probably isn’t going to happen… but it definately won’t without a first wave of loozers sillily demanding change for their jetsons bubbles.

    what about surfers? worst case scenario you fall… but it’s water. i jump into water for fun. oh, but sharks. but the streets have bears. and cals.

  11. dude you would be surprised – there are tons of spots around my house where the little pinball car can fit and no other car can. so when you come home you just park instead of driving around for seriously a half hour to forty five minutes. and if it’s late on a week day fougetabouit! fougetaboutit mad! fougtetaboutit!

  12. we had 2 full sized cars and only bought a spot for 1… 45 minutes is way short estimate… first 2 nights i drove around over an hour and next day started paying the $300/mo for garage spot. could a mini fit in those spots? at least it has sides. i lived in san jose and commuted with nothing but motorcycle for 2 years. that is trew A2K steeze.

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