What’s This I Hear?

Ok, so there’s a reason I’ve been MIA for awhile, and it sure ain’t cuz I was in the MIA.  We’ve got a big release coming out at work on July 7th and I’ve been frantic for awhile now (pretty much ever since I got back from California.)

But Cal has to go get engaged and make me break my radio silence. Lookit this guy *jerks thumb*: he got down on one bruised runner’s knee, doffed his floppy brown hat, and said, “will you be my Mrs. Cal?”  And can you believe it? She said yes!  I hear through the Intercontinental Grapevine that it will be le International Affaire (probably not in a cow pasture).  Congratulations on your engagement and your new clown car/death trap!  Now when I’m out in California we can go on romantic trips through the mountains in your SMART CAR.

Meanwhile, Scientist fucking blew my mind again and moved to, where?, Santa Monica? I was there once.  It was ok.  Maybe I’ll fly in and visit once Southwest Airlines starts going out of Milwaukee in the fall.  Summer is moving quickly this year, ladies and gentlefops; get out and enjoy it.

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