Romantic as Hell

Romantic as Hell

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Had a great time in Door County over the weekend– we had campfires, attended a greatest parade EVAR, and lazed around my parent’s country home in the most independent of manners.

I got some good snaps as the sun was going down from the front yard, plus an uber-leet pic of the fire and Garret’s toes.

Is Scientist really in the WSOP? Is Cal really getting married? Is wwhazz still floating helplessly on a lake in Crandon in drag trying to win top prize in the boat parade? Does anyone really know what time it is?

112 thoughts on “Romantic as Hell

  1. “He entered the $130 qualifier because he loves the competition of poker. Once he won it, he was faced with a decision. He could play or he could take the $10,000 buy-in and return home.

    His family was split on his choice. His dad told him to take the money and run, his wife Wendy said to do what he wanted, and his brother encouraged him to play.”

    so cliche’… of course the dad says stay safe. of course the wife yields. of course the brother suggests stepping back into harms way.

    way to not turn down a suggestion from your brother, D-MOO! you ain’t no pussy.

  2. … hmm… did the wife really yield, or was that subtly a command to get her more?

    “do what he wanted”… who would not want to win $10,000,000+? in order to do that, he HAD to play.

    bitch is running shit.

  3. Well sheet: I just played a $25 multi at a bowling alley. Took 7th when the top 4 paid. Only took 4.5 hours. After that I got shit faced and lost $40 in the cash game. Say la vee. I’m Darvis Moon Jr.

  4. i’d watch a show about a guy named “ron zonni” who is italian and in the pasta industry with loose ties to the mafia, and has to spend every day fighting not only phonetic name pronunciation and ethnic stereotypes, but also a competing brand sharing his name’s likeness. things are about to SAUCY in little ITALY!

    only on bravo

  5. elevated… glad to see the demo scene is still going strong. the competition rules said all the code must fit in 4k of memory… about the same as a desktop icon, and that 4k of code generated this video. i think they used lasers.

  6. 4,096 bytes of code. 36,768 binary bits. less than 30 tweets of text. the compressed youtube video is over 100MB.

    all the music and lighting effects and textures… i am beyond impressed. to the point i’m wondering if they used easter egg features inside some graphic cards chips or something.

    i have a piece of code that does nothing but aggregate sales totals and build report caches and it’s 600KB… and they are saying you can fly through mountains on 4KB?!?! HOW?!#%#@%

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