Into the Wilderness

Man I’m really looking forward to next week: we’ve got super duper fun time scheduled to commence in the Upper area of the Peninsula, and then I’m jetsetting off to fashionable Indianapolis to attend Gen Con for the first time in years and years. The UP should be fun; I was hoping to go last year but had a conflict.  This year our good friend Lawman made plans plenty in advance, and I get to attend at least for a few days.  I’m looking forward to Lake Superior, watching people fly fish, coding some Ruby, golf, drinking, and gambling.  Gambo gambo.

What will I do at Gaming Mecca? I have no goddamn clue; I didn’t sign up for anything so I guess I’ll walk around and see if anything strikes my fancy.  They’ve usually got board games, video games, RPGs, TCGs, and more there so I shouldn’t want for activities.

Finally, I’m making a trip out to California September 6th-12th so anyone that wants to kick it: there you go.  I’ll be available for BlazBlue sessions, ruby hacking, and all-around nogoodnickness.

60 thoughts on “Into the Wilderness

  1. wwhazz: i watched hard eight after i got back from vegas… glad i waited. they captured the gamblin city motif perfect. it was just like i was right back in it.

    1) the comps system doesn’t work like that
    2) no one ever lost
    3) at the end dude only checked jimmy for money in one pocket and it was way less volume than the 6k he handed him earlier that was all 100s. plus dude put 2k on the hard 8 and hit so should have 20k now. did he lose it all? he seemed to be celebrating a lot. i guess even if he only had 2k left, it was still 2k more than he had yesterday. but why wouldn’t dude check the other pockets? distracting.
    4) the twists were somewhat lazy and cliche but so is a gamblin city motif. i thought phillip seymore hoffman was going to turn out to be seymore as a younger man. that scene was awesome, but they never showed them in the same shot. i assumed the other unshown old man who bet the 2k hard eight first inspired seymore to make the same move later just like it did to jimmy. maybe that is how it went down.

  2. like sydney was flashing back in the cutscenes regretting what he said as it now applies to him and eventually taking the same action as the old man he insulted did to decidedly win their battle of wits.

  3. actually i regret implying his actions were insulting… it’s total passive aggressiveness, but pushing the limits as far as a skilled artist can. it’s perfectly reasonable to expect an older man to require more time to perform the same task as a younger man… the younger man says he will wait. that is very polite. understanding. accepting. what a nice guy. not insulting at all. that’s respect.

  4. also sydney was so sure the wife called the cops, but then later after hearing that the guy was walking around town like nothing happened, sydney acted like that meant everything was ok.

  5. yo going to play hooky on today and go see district 9! i’m scurred bc of all the grossness i can’t hang with that stuff but i will just shut my eyes and think of the scientist. will report back homies.

  6. we saw it last night too. very good, but the propaganda and ties to modern events were a little spoon fed. as we were walking out, 3 13 year old boys were discussing the movie on their way out. this is what one said word for word:

    “ostensibly this is about the apartheid already existent in south africa”

    fucking nerds. EXPLOSIONS!

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