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So I’m packing up the hotel room to leave Gen Con.  It’s been a fun four days, and Alandovos and I are in agreement that we’d do it again (though next year would be dicey cuz the wedding).

What I Did: Mostly WoW TCG constructed events; though I also walked around the exhibit hall a lot.  I’d missed one and a half sets of the WoW card game, so my deck was woefully underpowered and got stamped out pretty quick.  The cool thing was that I saw lots of interesting deck ideas, so I have some stuff to go home and try.

What I Missed: I had wanted to play some competitive Carcassonne or Settlers of Catan, but all events were well sold out prior to the start of the con.   I also would have liked to do some D&D 4e events but I have no idea about any of that stuff so I didn’t try to get in.

What’s Next: Back to the real world. Sigh.

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  1. Got stuck in Indy yesterday as some storm fucked up O’Hare. I’m back in the airport again, waiting to see if this flight will actually get off the ground. Current status: delayed.

  2. from “the home depot” tv ad (they really call themselves THE home depot): “what do you say to paint with primer already mixed in, and color samples instead of can commitments?”

    i say, “wow.”

    pretty impressive display of ignorance THE home depot. who are the advertising GENIOUSES behind this?!

  3. the point of the primer is to seal the surface and provide a solid base color so any opaque areas are even.

    primer… prime… first… basic. the second anything goes into the paint it isn’t primer anymore. and if your paint is special in some way that it also seals and has no opaqueness, then the primer isn’t mixed in, it just doesn’t need primer. i think their target audience is people that buy peanut butter and jelly in the same jar. at least that product makes a little sense.

    THE home depot is basically saying, “we own you all. peasant simpletons. you are NOTHING. you want to paint your pointless wall and make it a different color? wow. well come on in you fucking idiot. buy some paint.”

    and “no can commitments”… you can buy tiny ass cans for $3. any smaller sample that wasn’t sealed in a can will probably dry out a little and alter it’s color by the time you get it on the wall. especially if you aren’t using primer.

    i hope THE home depot comes out with better paint that has sand paper mixed in so i don’t have to sand the wall first. that is always ANNOYING.

  4. new hate: AUDI. from their ad geniouses:

    “bigger, YET faster”
    “more powerful, YET more fuel efficient”
    “the laws of physics no longer apply”

    look, you ignint biatches, if your engineers ever thought that the laws of physics were faster=smaller and more fuel efficient=less powerful, then i don’t trust their physical designs to keep me safe.

    fucking IDIOTS.

    maybe i’ll drive my AUDI to THE home depot and stick my dick in the tip cup.

  5. and what the fuck does “faster” mean? higher top speed? smoother low end torque? mid-range torque? mid-range acceleration? 0-60 time? everything?

    if you want to broadcast “faster”, you should have to qualify that, or suffer legal penalty payable to anyone that can show in any way that your car is actually not faster. same goes for “bigger”… are the door handles bigger?



    AUDI’S ARE FOR FAGS AND JIGGABOOS. FUCK AUDI. the laws of physics once again apply. i will CRUSH you.

  6. Been on a three week vacation (UP, Crandon, Dells, Peoria). Much to say, but only time for a short pffffffffft.

    Today was vampire day. A htfo belly tried to use charter on demand to order “Club Dread”, but accidentally ordered “Fright Night.”

    I love Fright Night and a few scenes in decide to use imdb to see what evil ed has been up to. Turns out, gay porn.

    Later decided to continue the theme and picked up “Lost Boys” from the video store. Outside the store met a dog named Nanook. The dog in “Lost Boys” is named Nanook. True story.

    On the walk back home I asked belly if she knew the two Coreys. She said yes and said one of them was in “The Wonder Years.” Ug. Not Fred Savage and Wayner sorta looks like Feldman but no cigar.

    Anyway, she gave both Fright Night and Lost Boys both a 1/4 thumb up. On Monday I’ll try “Interview with the Vampire.”


  7. just played a qualifier for a seat in the $320 PLO8 world championship of online poker (WCOOP) on pokerstars thinking i could just cash it in for tournament dollars, but you can only cash those in for WCOOP tournament dollars (W$) so i’m pretty much forced to play it. anyone want to buy shares? anyone from home depot or audi? i’m sorry for everything. just send me $20.

  8. rachel got “knowing”, i give it 3 thumbs… 1 in nick cage’s ass, one in his nose, and one on his ridiculous hairline.

    i miss city of angels nick cage. this new one keeps blowing up BUT NEVER GOES AWAY!#(*^&)#*^7

  9. madddddddddd propers to tide and their coldwater tide product.

    from the bottle: “SAVE $10 WITH THIS BOTTLE”

    in slightly smaller print below that: “ON ENERGY BY WASHING IN COLD”

    oh now i’m pissed. MOTHERFUCKER. i am intrigued by your offer of enough money to buy more mcchicken sandwiches than i can comfortably eat in one sitting…. BUT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING YET… DON’T LIE TO ME WHEN THIS MANY MCCHICKENS ARE AT STAKE.

    and then in much smaller print below that: (switch from all caps to no caps) “based on conversion from warm/cold to cold/cold cycle for all loads in a vertical axis machine with an electric water heater set at 140 degrees F”


    and gain was smelling pretty good there for a minute. way to not fuck up Tide. and you got that car racing thing too…

    blue and orange were my high school’s colors… no lie.

  10. oh wait a second… i just realized on the top line they snuck a tiny font “UP TO” on the same line right before $10…

    big SAVE… tiny UP TO… big $10.



  11. Hard 8

    1. The comp system in Hard 8 was archaic but it sort of followed the systems from the book Comp City, a book about the olden days of comps. It’s kind of hard to tell when the movie is set, so I let it slide.

    2. They never lost but Sid seemed to know his bankroll and kept it small (except once…). I assumed there was a shit ton of off screen grinding. That short scene where they showed Sid hunched over playing 7 card stud? That was his life, in my mind.

    3. I think they wanted to show that Sid only wanted his cash back. If he’s riffling through dude’s pockets, he looks like a common thief. I think it was a case of artistically sacrificing the reality of the scene or “truth” to show “TRUTH,” Sid’s character.

    4. If you ever see Phillip Seymour H. out and about ever again, compliment him on that craps scene. It’s one of my favorites ever.

    5. For all characters involved, seeing a hard 8 played like that was life changing.

    6. In the end, I really like the movie, especially the mood the first half sets. But, agree it gets lazy. Especially when she kills dude and it goes all melodramatic. Also, I have a problem with how the scene where Sid comes to the hotel is shot. Sid comes to the room and they keep the camera on Sid as he’s going all “oh my god what happened” and they hold that info back from the audience. Fuck that. There is drama in the material, the dead body. Why try and manufacture drama via camera manipulation. Very student film lazy. The whole scene (Sid trying to get in the room, the body, buttercup or whatever her name is being in the room) is dolled out in stages. Trust your material, dude.

    7. I also like the part where he gets burned with matches.

  12. Survivor football

    1. Do we have enough players?
    2. What about a prize? Don’t know if I feel like giving away Dom in this economy.

  13. Peoria, Il

    1. P-Town is sort of a Dubuque/Beloit/Lake Charles/Memphis/Green Bay hybrid. 10,000 times better than the Chicago Burbs, but infested with crime. Follow vampire rules and you are ok: play during the day; drink at home during the night.

    2. They have casinos: $5 BJ and Craps; decent card rooms.

    3. The good Doc live in a mansion. Google map “611 high st” to see it. Use street view to go down the block to see all the other mansions (400 block, 480ish has some gems). Very strange old town. Up the block from them is a 300 yr old Burr Oak. Down the hill is a massive ghetto and to the left and right, everyone owns a killer pitbull. At least they have turtle.

    4. Hot dogs are cheap. Multiple locations had “all you can eat” hot dogs. The price ranged from $2.50 (dogs only) to $4.50 (w/ chips and soda). I also saw $1.50 corndogs, but they were pay as you go.

    5. Beer is cheaper. We found .75 taps of Natty Light. But then we found .25 cent taps across the street. It’s pretty awesome when $3 buys a round for four, including a 200% tip. We also found a place that served double red bull and vodkas for $3.

    6. Sega Derby Owners Club is a “pretty not bad” video game. You can get one off ebay for 4K but you better live in a mansion if you want to house it. It’s the size of whazzmaster’s old truck.

    7. Zambrano made a rehab start for the Peoria Chefs while we were in town. Folks made a pretty big deal about it, but overall Cardinal fans outnumber cub fans about 3 to 1.

    8. Overall the week was filled with strange/fun/interesting/scary/funny times.

  14. new celebrity encounter: teck holmes aka teck money.

    i never really cared for the real world, but junior year of college was real world: hawaii… aka “the ruthie show”… like 10 of us would get together and watch this bitch drink herself stupid while we all drank ourselves stupid.

    it was shown on wednesdays which used to be whopper wednesdays, where you could get a whopper for $1… it was pretty much my favorite day of the week.

    i hollered “STAY UP!” and he did a little shuffle.

    dude was in van wilder.

  15. Cal lived in Chicago back when they filmed the Chicago show. I don’t know any of the people but eroz ding dong ditched their house.

  16. like they need to get rubbed hurt, or they need to not get rubbed hurt?

    i’m watching bachelor party las vegas with the black dude from scrubs, and the pube trimmer from harold and kumar go to white castle…… 20 minutes in and it might be the worst movie ever, but in the craps scene, one of the guys goes nuts and screams out “$2000 ON THE HARD 8!” then immediately rolls 4 4 and the crowd goes wild. on the roll before that everone had passline bets with odds and dude rolled a 7 and everyone was screaming YES YES YES and the dealer paid one of their bets, but only one, and only matched the odds bet. the hard eight was placed on the line between the field and come and the house paid it off as a hard 8. i like being in on the inside joke.

  17. tonights doggie stroll was full of main stream media faces… i’m getting a little bored and sad for them.

    ethan suplee… yeah, the fat guy from the butterfly effect who went all goth cause ashton kuchere didn’t punk his grandma in another dimension or something… or maybe you’re a fan of earl was bad to people and that’s my name… he’s fat in that too.

    strolling alone out of the caramel hotel on 4th st ready to get his mother fucking night on. same black button up i used to wear to the B and Geezy, so i know he was serious. proud of his artistic achievement. fuck a crew… i weigh as much as 3 fools anywhos. santa monica, you’s about to get it. you’s about to feel ethan suplee all up and down you. butter up.

  18. how did i forget dude was tuna in blow(&!%^)#&^)*!^#

    i didn’t even holler… he just acknowledged me as another chubby dude out strolling alone at midnight. he probably wrote in his blog how lame i was too. shit.

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