Friday Shorts

1. I really, REALLY appreciate the new Scientist’s Celebrity Sightings feature on whazzmaster. I was laughing all over myself this morning.
2. Shadow Complex on XBOX Live Arcade is one fucking awesome game that translates old school Metroid into new school graphics an’ shit. If you have a 360, try that shit out for real.

39 thoughts on “Friday Shorts

  1. a three hour tour… a three hour tour…


  2. some dudes caught a giant turtle and held it hostage in a hole they dug.

    side note: i wore a XXXL turtle tshirt i think one of you fools bought me around my wedding thinking i was way fatttttter than i was. i washed it in hot a bunch and now it’s not silly big… and first time i wear it, i sea an awesome giant turtle… and not a sea turtle… like an ocean pond turtle, but like 14″+ carapace.

  3. Enter a world of adventure and deception where illusion is the ultimate weapon. New technology has led to the development of vehicles that can transform from ordinary looking cars and planes into advanced combat vehicles. Hi-tech helmets have also been developed each having a special power.

  4. I have a metal Jay’s Chips container full of about 600 MUSCLE Men. I also still have quite a few garbage pail kids, though I didn’t do a very good job of keeping them mint. Once I get a little skrill in my pocket I’m going on ebay to restock my collection. Madd, I’m pretty sure I’ll buy $50 of your ticket. I bet timmer will too (if you are still selling).

  5. MASK, Thundercats, Tiger Sharks, Silver Hawks: cartoons I never got into.

    He-Man, GI Joe (especially the week long epics), Transformers: sure.

  6. I watched MASK, but I don’t remember much about it.

    He-Man, GI Joseph, Transformers, Thundercats, etc. Pretty much anytime something transformed into something else, I was there to watch it. Go-bots, fercrissakes! Jem and the Fucking Holograms! I watched TMNT, too.

    You know what went before its time? Saul of the Mole Men.

  7. thundercats and voltron never really interested me, i enjoyed watching the voltron dudes become voltron, but that was it, so i got like two seconds of entertainment out of the whole stupid show. not enough sir. and thundercats were just boring, i didn’t have any idea who they were or why they did anything, just fighting cat people from space?

  8. MASK and Transformers theme songs=cheesy 80’s glam rock. Remember the movie Mask about the guy with the fucked up face.

  9. Really? you think so? I couldn’t sit through a single episode of that show… It was like it was made for some other culture and just dubbed into english and beemed into my living room… Like whatever kid… It’s a cartoon aint it? Reminds me of those weird old pippy long stocking shows… Ever see those? I think they were swedish? Totally incomprehendable. What was up with pippy anyway… Did she have powers or was she just dressed strangely? So many questions… Like a getto punky brewster. See punky I am completely down with. so you know what else? Heathcliff, that’s what… The gang will race a bridge… And no one can deny-y-yy (something something) history, and always have another fi-i-i-ght… Remember the rappin, roller skating dude? Remember MUNGO? God bless television.

  10. Zach, want to make a full post about this:

    Survival Football: two strikes you are out! Open to all whazzers and lurkers.

    Go to:

    Click “join an existing league”

    Here is the info. You need a yahoo account. Cry like a baby if you can’t figure it out and I will help.

    Group ID#: 11003
    Group Password ratfart$

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