Whazzmaster Survival Football 2009

I want to make a post out of this:

Survival Football: two strikes you are out! Open to all whazzers and lurkers.

Go to: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival

Click “join an existing league”

Here is the info. You need a yahoo account. Cry like a baby if you can’t figure it out and I will help.

Group ID#: 11003
Group Password ratfart$

Get signed up, ya slaveringly salacious sea dogs!  I want to remind you that the prize is not only a twelver of your favorite beer, but also a high-quality wooden spoon from Wisconsin Cutlery.  I recently purchased a high-quality spoon from the fine gentleman that runs the joint, and I want to share the great cooking with the world.  This spoon will be no joke: it will be large, it will be made out of wood, and you can whap your sweetie on the behind with it if you so choose (not that I have).

The Winner's Spoon
The Winner's Spoon

UPDATE: I’ve added a picture of the spoon.  You won’t get this one; it’s mine.  But I’ll buy the same make and model for your enjoyment… if you win.

The Winners Spoon (Actual)
The Winner's Spoon (Actual)

68 thoughts on “Whazzmaster Survival Football 2009

  1. NPR Morning Edition is focusing on Mongolia this week. The first show dealt with alcoholism (vodka is $2 a bottle and sold, I think, exclusively by the government. The next show, about Mongolian Hip-Hop, was even better.

    Pretty much Mongolians rap about three things:

    1. The government
    2. Genghis Khan
    3. China

    Here is a lyric from an anti-gov rap:

    Clueless stupid guys are at the top of the state,” the lyrics say. “They say they do this and that for the people. Bull——. They speak pretty words, but life is a pretty hell.

    And here some words about “Mongolia’s massive neighbor”:

    The ugly side of Mongolian hip-hop is illustrated by a recent song by a band called 4 Zug. The title: “Don’t Overstep The Limits, You Chinks.”

    Christmas is China, indeed.

    Here is a link to the full text:


  2. More yahoo fun: they put strikes by the folks who didn’t pick (even though we set it for Sunday).

    I’m sure the strikes will come off, though. They had cal eliminated from the playoffs last Monday even though his game ends this Sunday.

  3. i was pretty sure i saw a mantis in the grass when i was a kid, but then everyone i told said i was lying because there would never be a mantis in wisconsin… so coming up on this one i made sure what i was seeing. after realizing he was on his last legs it made getting in close easier… they feel and look like an evil plant come alive. it was about 5″ all clenched up… not sure how big it would be stretched out. a little smaller than i figure most are.

  4. People also buy them to police their gardens. I’m totally doing that someday when I have a garden. Bug spray or a ninja mantis? Ninja mantis.

  5. well i always knew they were lying… right when i saw this one all i could think about was last time i saw one and eventually yielding that it never happened even though i was sure it had… i figured maybe i saw a giant grasshopper with a warped head or something… sure looked like a mantis to me though. that one ran away when i moved in closer.

    i think they blow dudes and then bite their heads off.

  6. “cause my christmas present, be a trip, in a cargo ship, for my whole… fam-i-lyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

    “who got the rice? who got the rice, when it sound so nice”

  7. thanks to all the piece of shits with corn in it; it is because of you that I didn’t miss the deadline…

    madd – I am not angry with you; I am disappointed…feel worse now?…good; i will swing by after the season and beat your ass with a wooden spoon

  8. fudd, yer babies don’t need to see how i spend my saturdays… had party with rach-os friends fri night and was still fadered at 3pm when i got up.

    so the is the cutoff staying 5 min before the last game starts? i’m fine with it… but i’ll be working the stiffly angle at the end. adds a twist of chicken to it… but does it need a twist?

    i will win.

  9. still up drinking… at noon central time there is WCOOP $215 NLHE with $1 million guaranteed.

    is timmer free? wwhaazzzz popcorns? if you fools can get a circle jerk organnized i’ll back yous

  10. Fantasy baseball playoffs: cal, #6 seed, is going down to the #3 seed. I, #5 seed, am leading the #4 seed.

    In football, cal’s Magical Sparklers are routing my Bulletproof Tigers.

    My care about all this is way out of proportion with what really matter is life.

  11. I think Pavlov’s Pizza went under. GMX’s go to PPV pizza was a chicken and canadian bacon from Pavlov’s. It was pretty fing delicious and I still order them from time to time (though not from Pavlov’s, I guess).

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