Packers vee The Chicago Pisswizards

Spacebee and I are heading up to Lambeau in a few hours to take in a lovely evening of storied rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and those other guys.  We’ll be staying overnight in some guy’s RV that will be parked in my brother’s wife’s family’s driveway.  Should be a blast– I’ll update twitter with witty tweets LIVE from the game.

I got home safely from the California yesterday.  In a surprising twist, and for the first time in recorded history, my flight went form being delayed 1.5 hours to being scheduled for an on-time departure.  When I saw that I had to throw back the Jameson I’d ordered and hustle to the gate to make it in time for boarding.  I sat next to a helluva guy who was returning from Vegas with friends (if you’re ever in the Arlington Inn, give them all a holllarit and tell them ‘that guy from the plane’ sent you.)

I do apologize to everyone I didn’t see when I was out in the Yay Area (especially GMC), but I’ll be returning to dem parts roundabouts December 6th.  In the meantime, how about y’all try your hand at beating me in the 2009 Whazzmaster Survival Football Extravadanza.  You may win (note: you won’t win.)

19 thoughts on “Packers vee The Chicago Pisswizards

  1. is survival football, my fav team is “Pea Pods”… going for the packers over bears week 1 is a bold move i should have made if my girl dick wasn’t so inverted.

    good show.

  2. i’m not too keen on the wcoop…. in a $33 last night… 16 left, i’m chipleader with 193k. guy in 2nd has 71k. 1st is $1000. i jokingly text jay “this is where i get 16th” cause pokerstars rapes me over and over again. it happens every time. then 3 rapes later i’m out in 12th for like $80. i hate poker. wwwwzzzzz, you were too late on the gambo today… $215 tourney with 10,000+ players… $2MM+

  3. first pot i have AsJsT8, Qs9s7 flop. all in for 108k pot… brick brick. 556 board… i have A5… all in for 100k pot vs AA… fucking case ace hits. then i have A34… 25 on flop… all in for my last 70k for 150k pot… brick brick.


  4. i woke up this morning still pissed about how that tourney played out. i swore off poker. then played all day, won $800, and i’m in that same $33…. 16 left, i’m chipleader with 107k guy in 2nd has 41k.

    this is where i get 16th.

  5. $250 instead of $1000 again. getting sick of this. using up all of my good luck and bad luck at the same time. almost certain will get last place in the $500k guaranteed when it counts.

  6. 1. Congrats on the bold move, Pea Pods. It paid off.
    2. My beer: PBR, Spoon: it will be nice to own two
    3. Game was goddamn awesome to see last night, and sleeping in a motor home in the driveway was better than driving home at 2am

  7. fuckers at cardgayer censored me and banned my ip… jeez, real hard to reset the cable modem and pick a new username jackoffs.

    they fucked up in an email to me. now i have to take them down too.

    doyle brunson, fuck you.
    amarillo slim, fuck you., fuck you.


  8. heating up… amarillo is now threatening extortion and malicious harassment lawsuits against me in costa rica which he claims will go to default judgment and can then be brought to a us attorney and any settlement amount garnished from my wages or taken out of savings accounts.

    to be clear: he is threatening to sue me for complaining that doyle stole from me.

    very good times.

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