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  1. this should piss a few of you off…

    i was on the full access list +1 last night to the LA premiere and stayed home and drank instead.

    i see 1000 ads for that movie every day and i’m half convinced it will super suck. i’m staying away.

    if it blows up, however, still expect me to brag about being the real skrillionaire. so far that aspect of the movie has been completely left out of the advertising, so i can only assume it’s the best part.

  2. Turkey hunting!!!!!

    I also have a pair of shoes that have been pissing me off. They done gonna get the shot gun.

  3. It’s hard to get you out of the madd cave.


    How come the pronunciation changed from Sheek to Sheck? The news is always saying “sheck.” The Iron Sheck? No way.

  4. 1. Seriously? Maui? Go to the top of Haleakala and look at the weird birds that are up there.
    2. This is not an endorsement or disapproval, but this site is interesting.
    4. Who did you bugaboos pick for this week’s Survival Shit?

  5. Should I buy a Kindle? I’m not sure. Fuck it, I’m buying a kindle. Either it will be great for plane rides and waiting for wwhazz to get the fuck over here to watch a PPV, or it will suck and go the Teh Suck Pile.

  6. i thought kindles were free… like the old radio shack cuecat… give away the hardware to create the market.

    just get a tablet laptop, then you don’t have to bring 2 things on the plane.

    apple: i’m waiting for a tablet macbook, and an iphone nano. stop making me wait. i got cash.

    is anyone else seeing the tucker tv ads? i asked other people in wisco and they said no. i think they are just blanketing the LA market more to advertise to distributors than to advertise to people to see the movie. i guess this first showing this weekend they are only doing like 150 theaters cause that is all they could afford to make film prints for. so after that they are broke, so either they hit big the first week and get a wide release attached to new investment money (probably coming from someone in LA) or they go busto. the german blood in me has a word for enjoying seeing that happen.

  7. supposedly they spent $5 million on the premier tour, advertising, and film prints.

    what happened to digital?

    the film prints are super expensive i guess… 24 frames a second is like a roll of film getting exposed and developed for every 1 second in the movie. i guess that would add up quick. digital = free, and it’s a poop and tit movie… is the exposure resolution that important?

  8. usually the distributor would pay for all that stuff, but they are doing the release completely independent with private investors. that way if the box office is huge they get the money instead of the distributor that would give them a fixed rate. problem gambo in their blood.

    my guess is the money comes from some religious organization just so they have something to point at and say, “LOOK! THE DEVIL! GIVE US YOUR MONEY SO WE CAN STOP IT!”

  9. 1. It uses 3G wireless, but you can turn that shit off to save batteries or whatever.
    2. I wouldn’t buy it if they didn’t have a library of classic books that are free as well as new books, newspapers, magazines, etc.
    3. I have seen zero (0) ads for Tucker Schmax in Wisconsin.
    4. I’m not sure I would buy an Apple tablet– right now I have 3 Macbook Pros (2 are owned by Intuit), 1 Mac Mini, 2 iPhones (1 unused as of now), and a skrillion iPods of various generation/size. Can’t think of anything I’d do on a tablet that I couldn’t do on a Pro. But saying that, my dumb ass will probably have one 6 months after they come out.
    5. iPhone Nano: es un premise muy interesante, senor

  10. i figured you could turn it off, but i thought for the pay content, every time you go to open a book it checks to see if you actually bought it and still have the rights to read it… i only think that because some propeganda books were removed from publication after people had bought it and they were getting all whiny on the interwebs about how the kindle was run by nazis.

    i swear i see a schmad (tucker schmax ad) during every commercial break on every show i watch… which is pretty much just:

    rachel watches all the entertainment shows, and there are ads all over that too… like:
    the soup
    e! news

    they are EVERYWHERE. too many schmads. not enough skrillionaire.

    i’m hoping adding camera to ipod nano is step 1 towards iphone nano… really no other reason. no one needs that.

  11. that onion review is spot on what i would expect. i agree with it completely.

    i am baffled how tucker went from a media martyr, to just another barely funded player in the stale old game.

    here is what should happen: netflix “watch instantly” should be updated to include pay per view new releases… charge me $3.99 to watch it, i’ll pay. make me leave the cave for something i don’t “need” = you get nothing.

    he used to be a proponent for this new model… that was why i supported his efforts… now he flipped. lame.

  12. RE: the drm. Yeah, it’s there. They proved they can take your shit back, but it doesn’t need to be hooked up to the wireless to read shit. They tout that if you turn the wireless off you that one charge will last like a week or something– it wouldn’t be much use if you couldn’t read your shit after you turned off wireless. I’ll canary-inna-coalmine myself on this one for the good of my precious readership.

    I have no particular opinion on the Schmax movie, but if the Onion review is correct then it makes no goddamned motherfucking sense. The biggest self-promoter in the history of Teh Internet writes himself out of his own movie?! Also: no mention of the Skrillionaire. Good or bad?

    Also: you watch baseball?

    Finally: come on down to Madison on Saturday. We’ll watch Michigan State play Wisconsin at the Depot and then you can spray blood all over my shirt out your nose; it seems to happen often these days.

  13. ok, so it’s sort of like xbox live, that it does all it’s dirty work every time you connect, but doesn’t require connect.

    kindle basically is tablet pc, but optimized for battery life… if you’ve got a tablet anyways, you don’t need it unless you can’t charge it for ever few hours you use it.

    HD baseball is good in LA… the characters that sit behind home plate all weirdos. fav from the angels v yankees game was a shirtless hulk type man with a fistful of chew in his mouth.

    i don’t watch is as much as i turn it on while i work.

    i don’t think tucker wrote himself out of the movie at all… the reviewer said themselves that the other guys don’t even like him… then why are they there? makes no sense. so everything they do is directly related to him.

    i still believe skrillionaire will be the only positive thing in the movie. hes the guy in the story that the jaded guy’s girl cheated on him with.

  14. can’t wait for paul wall to sing my lyrics about 5 dollar bills smelling like poor people.

    if the movie blows up i’ll have to get steve-o’s lawyers to get me a few grand. intellectual property, biatch. i said that. $5 bills DO smell like poor people.

    actually i think the line was like “cause 5 dollar bills smell like poverty, ho”… not sure what the setup was… probably ended with “yo” though, cause my raps be lazy tite.

    howdy doo… skrillionaire…

  15. welcome to yahoo:

    1) where the script that is linked to by “group picks” is named weeklyperformance, and the script that is linked to by “team selections” is named grouppicks
    2) and if you go to group picks, by clicking on team selections next to the link labeled group picks, so see all of the teams picked by your group, you’ll notice your latest pick is not applied to the chart.

    yahoo is a piece of shit.

  16. and the pick distribution shows a sliver of a line for the teams that got .08% of the picks, but not for the teams that got .06%. they got picks… there should be a sliver. if there is NO sliver, i assume NO picks…. in yahoo world, that isn’t true. at least they called this script “pickdistribution”.

    the “message board” script is called “messagelist”
    the “members” script is called “memberlist”
    the “settings” script is called “groupsettings”

    very indicative a programmers that are not thorough and really don’t care about the underlying structure or ease of maintenance. how do you explain that to a colleague?

    “where is the team selections code?”
    “in grouppicks”
    “uhhh, so where is the group picks code?”
    “in weeklyperformance”
    “we are awesomely bad at our jobs”
    “i know”

    fuck yahoo.

  17. I saw an ad for Tucker’s movie in the onion. I guess he was promoting it here in Madison a few weeks ago. I just saw it, but it was an old onion I found when I was pooping.

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