Yahoo. Seriously.  You fucking suck.

I am on a page that shows all of the players in the pool.  How do I make my pick? Here are my choices from the home page:


Hmm, perhaps I’ll choose “Group Picks”, as I am in a group and I want to make a goddamned pick.

Really dumb
Really dumb

Really? There’s no way for me to make my selection here? Really?! In desperation, I will click on my name at the top. It’s blue; it seems to be a link of some kind.


Well, now I see my picks but there is no clearly marked way to create a new one.  “Edit”? Are you fucking kidding me? That’s how I’m supposed to make my pick? Look assholes, the entire goddamned point of your dumbfuck site is so people can pick a football team every week.  Without that feature, you have no reason to exist.  Your solution is apparently to bury that key feature under a thousand layers of obfuscated horseshit links and terminology.  I can only surmise that either:

  1. The developers and product managers of this piece of shit have never played any kind of fantasy football in their lives (actually a strong guess, since this work has most likely been farmed to some contractor in India), or…
  2. Yahoo actually doesn’t want to be in this business and they want to actively make people quit using their fantasy football tools.

I can’t think of another reason at the moment.  Scientist: didn’t you code up a survival league website back in the early aughts? Put that shit back online.

6 thoughts on “Bandwagonin’

  1. mine is the TALLLLLLLEST.

    whazzmaster is picking BAL!!@%#@!%^ THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING@)$(^&&()@^()@&^#

    or does he just want me to THINK THAT HE IS?@#%()&!)#*(^&)!#^%& OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBBQPULLEDPORK

  2. the only problem with forecasting with candlesticks is that the period of each candle is arbitrary…. sure there is the cyclical pattern of the market closing and opening, but really the price over 1 day is no more relevant than the price over 4 hours or 3 days or 2 weeks. and if that is the case, the period per candle can be extended or shortened to the point where the forecast will predict drastically different results eventually forecasting imminent infinity.

  3. and then you have the problem with skrillionaires who know that people use these forcast models and always act a certain way with a set of stimulus, so they can afford to flood the market to force a triple inside up followed by a concealing baby swallow, they they short your position and break you just for kicks.

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