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Corona Beer Commercials

I really, really hate Corona beer commercials.  Fuck that asshole who skips his Blackberry into the water like a stone, or that bitch who squirts a lime into her husband’s face because he looked at another woman.  All it does is convince me that only assholes would want to drink your shit beer while they sit on a beach.  In conclusion: fuck Corona.

Amazon Kindle

So I’ve been reading a variety of books on the Kindle for about a day now.  I’m sure I’ll have more opinions, but this is pretty much the 24 hour first impressions: it’s pretty good, with one really annoying ‘feature’ and one kind of annoying aspect.

The great thing is that the e-ink that they tout as having the same reading experience as real paper is really great.  I read out on the balcony this morning in the sunlight and it was easy as pie– no glare problems whatsoever.  The online store (accessible from the device as well as from a web browser) is pretty good as well, with lots of free classic books.  I got McTeague, Heart of Darkness, and Darwin’s On the Origin of Species for free so far.  I also got The Death of WCW for $9, which I’m kind of using as my test book.

The one really annoying thing about the Kindle is the ‘feature’ that it shares with the iPhone: if you tilt it sideways it will go from portait to landscape mode.  The problem: if I’m sitting or lying down and reading, I may tilt the unit in such a way as it switches when I don’t want it to.  It’s really annoying, and I had to hunt around to find out how to the turn the feature off.  The iPhone does the same thing, and I don’t like it there either.

The kind-of annoying aspect is that, (I think) due to the way the e-ink display works, when you turn the page the whole screen goes dark, and when it fades away it leaves the content on the next page.  It’s an odd visual tick that distracts when you’re reading.

Finally, the book management on the device is pretty poor.  You just get a straight-up list of all the books on the Kindle; no ability to sort them into directories, tag them, or anything else.  You can sort the (eventually) giant list by author or title.  I’m hoping in the future to be able to define folders or something to be able to do my own custom sorting.

Overall: I love reading on the thing, it’s only a bit of the organization of the content outside of the context of the book itself that I have some beef with.  I’d recommend it to people who want to be able to take lots of books various places.  I got the DX, which has a 9″ screen.  The original Kindle has a smaller screen, but I hear it’s also much lighter, which would be a plus.

Revisiting the iPhone

In doing some research for this article, I went back in time and re-read this post from July 2007, where I rehashed something Scientist said in comments about why he would never get an iPhone.  I declared that I had no interest in getting an iPhone (which had been released just a few prior) mostly since I felt that “I own a laptop and a desktop computer (not counting my work laptop), and there really isn’t a good reason to buy a phone that does the exact same shit.”  Well, later that year I ending up buying an iPhone when I was working on the Quicken for the iPhone project, and I haven’t really looked back since.  I actually really like it these days, but I gotta admit that the 3G version is about ten thousand times better than the Edge.  Also, the App Store opened up a whole new realm, and my favorite current video game is actually on the iPhone even though I would have laughed at you if you suggested that one year ago.  Summary: I really like the iPhone today, and a lot of the concerns I had back then turned out not to be a problem.

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  1. you were right, though… he is an idiot. look at his football picks. RETARDED.

    i wonder if he is going through the same dilemma i am this week… i’ve switched my pick 3 times.

  2. wow… yahoo fixed the 0-3-3 bug in the team selections page…

    if it’s possible, that actually makes me value yahoo EVEN LESS…. THEY ARE CAPABLE OF MAKING CHANGES. it took them almost 4 weeks to fix a very obvious display bug, but even though they are capable of making changes, they still don’t make the other changes to make it a usable product.


  3. cal, check out this story: one time i competed and won. then i didn’t compete at the next level. the guy that i beat ended up winning on the next level.

    so even though you are a loser and an idiot, maybe one day the people that beat you will choose to stop trying, and then you will be the best.

    i hope you feel better.

  4. One time this guy said that a marathon runner who started a race in a later non-competitive group and had the best time was the “winner” even though he didn’t have to run with the elite runners physically beside him while he was racing and also the elite runners strategies might have been different if this guy was running with them.

  5. 3-0 vs 0-3 worries me. what if 0-3 decides they want some dignity back? what if 3-0 decides to see if they can win a little lazier? do they know i have shit riding on this? have they SEEN the spoon? 2-1 vs 1-2 seem safer. first time in 2 seasons i didn’t bet against detroit when i had the chance = they win. was i cursing them? why did i switch? am i teh best?

    spoon = mine.

  6. I think Vin Scully and Charlie “Scott” Steiner are on la radio. Do they do both? I like them on la radio.

  7. Speaking of Davey, his head looked really bruised on Saturday. I’m pretty sure rock works him over after the broadcast.

  8. Also, I saw an artiCAL in the JS that the new head chef at Hotel Metro is Jerry Garcia. Brat tips!!!!!!!

    Also, my fantasy team tied things up last night: back to 5-5, but I got the tie breaker.

  9. Please read the two reviews and peep the streetview. The Rainbow lounge? A dude in a wheelchair? A cleaning hobo!??!?!?!?!

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