Looong Weekend

Door County Barn
Door County Barn

We’re heading up to Door County for a long weekend to kick it with both Spacebee’s and my parents.  Everyone’s gathering for a nice fall weekend in the North Woods; if all goes well the rain will be kept to a minimum and we’ll get to… I dunno, go on a hayride or some shit.  I wouldn’t mind heading up to Warshington Island to hit the hotel for a coffee and some wine.

So all the rest of y’all have a good time yourselves this weekend– we won’t be back until Wednesday.  I say Cla and Madd call an uneasy truce and meet for tea and crumpets on Treasure Island.  Then maybe play some Battlebots or some shit; I dunno.

38 thoughts on “Looong Weekend

  1. i don’t understand how things would be different if we had a truce….

    a truce from what?

    go to the good doctors house on saturday to watch his beloved yankees ONCE AGAIN go to the silly championship and win for the zillionth time. they are soooooo good.

    you can’t be that much better than everyone else. IT IS OBVIOUSLY RIGGED.

    take the smart car down! PINBALL!#%)*(!&#%)(!*&@#%)(*^!#%

  2. Here’s what you, The Madddddddddddd Scientist, would get from an uneasy truce with Cla:

    1. A delicious and nutritious meal prominently featuring steamed veggies
    2. A night out at a bar you’ve never heard of in San Francisco
    3. Lots of walking
    4. asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdf
    5. Probably something made of squash would be involved

  3. i was the only currently 6-0 survival footballist to take philly in week 5, even though it was an obvious pick.

    this lack of confidence amongst the populace is what ultimately caused their week 6 crumblings and all of you suckers first strike.

    the spoon is MINE.

  4. the WI foreclosure market should be ripe next year…

    all that fresh water….

    no coastal attack vulnerabilities…

    WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE?!#%*&!#()^*&)!@#(^&*

  5. I AM AN F B I AGENT! hello! so last night we went to POINT BREAK LIVE. it’s just that: POINT BREAK LIVE. it was fun. it’s dear betrothed favorite movie not kidding. one of our first ever dates we discussed movies and she was set on her favorite being POINT BREAK not even one other movie came up. me: the bicycle thief. i guess, maybe also that movie where madd is behind the curtain in vegas and comes out to do a 15 second act and then goes back behind the curtain. or… heathers. probably heathers.

    guess what i’m doing these days COMPOSTING. just went into law in sf you gots to compost not kidding. so they handed out those little plastic bins to the masses to collect the compostables and also BIG green bins for to dump your compostables after collection. black bins for garbage, blue bins for recycling, green bins for compost. the compost – they sell it to farmers who loooooooove the compost.

    so i’m really enjoying the new composting hobbie. I swear i’m willing my lettuce to wilt just so i can compost it. i checked: you cannot compost gum! you can compost: paper towels, napkins, food scraps, egg shells, tea bags (a real thrill), flowers, all that stuff. i even bought these cool compostable bags to line the little plastic collection bucket. they were expensive though. but less gross to use the bags you know? way less. let’s see, what else went into my compost… lemons, leftover couscos, toilet paper rolls, gross moldy cheese from the back of the fridge… really, really fun. i highly suggest doing this. the moldy cheese i didn’t let hang around, i added it right before taking it out to the BIG green bin. so far no smell issues. the expensive bags are supposed to help with that so way to go bags. after composting and recycling the amount of stuff i am throwing away is remarkably slight. and thus i have strengthened my marriage to the universe… MOTHER FUCKERS!

  6. 1. A Smart Car ride
    2. A night out at a juice bar you’ve never heard of in San Francisco
    3. Lots of walking to the smart car since i have to park it so $#^%#$ far away from my house since this $^&$& jackass has been keying it.
    4. jflkdsjflkdjaflj
    5. Composted squash would be involved

  7. Eros,

    I get composting– I’m sure we all get composting. There you can go long story short.

    But the Point Break Live needs a short story long.

  8. Isn’t your state broke? I guess this idea to manufacture buckets and move dirt around is as good a job making proposition as any…

  9. never kick a man when he’s down…..

    just kick him as hard as you can until he’s down.

    do you have my new address? wrap up my spoon and SHIPE IT@(*#&^(*!)#^


    lets give them MORE government supported subsidies…


    STOP THE MADNESS*(@&#^(*!#^%(!*#^%(*!&#@%^*&^!#%*&!^#%*&!^#%*&!^#(%*&@^(*%&^@($*^&)(@$*&^)(#&^(!*^%*(&!^#$%*&!#^$&^%!&^@#$%*!&#%^)@*(#&%)(*#^)(@*#(*%&!(*^#%****************************

    * maddness

  11. I accidentally talked shit about steve… I got him and you confused. But yeah, real dumb pick.

    You know who runs the mafia, right? THE GAYS.

  12. cal is a dork


    mr perfect called me today, and said, “WELCOME TO THE CLUB!”.


  13. i think i am the victim of a genious scam that i might turn into an empire….

    2 weeks ago i get a letter from a collections agency on behalf of AT&T from an account in 2003 for $68.

    fuck that, garbage.

    now i get another letter offering settlement for 30%… $18. who wouldn’t pay at this point?

    all you have to do is buy a list of people that had a cell phone in 2003 and have not had that provider since 2004-2005. who keeps records for 6 years on phone bills? who am i to say i don’t owe you $68. are you going to fuck up my credit score? joke’s on you pele, i pay cash. either way for $18 just to stop it now i gotta figure a HEALTHY percentage would pay. i figure for such targeted leads like this, the marketing firm posing as collections are paying $3-5. they send out the $68 and maybe 1% pay. that shit is a stretch… and i pay attention to bills. but then 30% settle for $18… as long as they get like 20% they are making a profit, and anything over that coupled with giant volume and you rule the world.

    also, i have a genious idea for a new web based game that WILL CHANGE GAMING.

    investors, hit up the non-AT&T celly. bitches => two-way.

  14. anyone want to go to vegas nov 21st for UFC 106 brocktoberfest, with the huntington beach burn-out vs the lunatic of the forrest?

  15. Would love to but aint happening.

    Want to come to an air hockey tournament on Dec. 12 in Madison? There is a UFC that night too.

  16. the dec 12th card is really good too… hmmmmmmmm.

    rach-o only got this job because she agreed to work the holidays, so i have room for a trip around then.

  17. Keep me updated, man. I’d love to have you in town. We’d treat you like a king. A KING. In contrast, we treated cal like a pauper/leper.

    I’ve been working on this idea for a while, but I want to do an air hickey tournament. I hope to do it on a Saturday before the end of the year and that Dec. 12 UFC weekend looks ripe. I was hoping to do the tournament in the late afternoon and then play cards and watch fighting the rest of the night.

  18. If you look through these photos (the ones not posted) you can see the waitress we had at lawman’s b-day.

  19. back from a fruitless wandering for local dive bars, i realized i can get on the bart and magiCALly go anywhere… so i search google: “best bar off the BART” and get this: Best Place to get off on bart.

    sweet! that sounds about like what i want!


    san francisco!(*#^&)*&#^ NO WONDER YOUR BRIDGES ARE FALLING APART!

    too many fancy pants legal scholars and not enough riveters. GENIOUS)(*@!#&^)*(!&#^

  20. be honest… CAN YOU RIVET?

    fuckin ridin over bridges and shit not never rivetting one god damn thing talkin bout “i’ll just do my part to enforce the system i chose to marry in holy debt, OH NO BRIDGE MARATHON AND I’M FALLLLLLLLLINGGGGGGGGSHARKS*(@&$^)*@

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