Good to be Back

Kangaroo Lake
Kangaroo Lake

We had a really fun time up in Door County this weekend.  Check, check Teh Flickr for some great pics from Peninsula State Park and Kangaroo Lake.

There was a lot of wine, booze, and food had by all, and we had to work it off eventually– my personal favorite was the two hour bike ride through Peninsula in the rain and cold.  Mercifully, at the the end of the ride we climbed to the top of Eagle Tower.  Long story short: ride uphill seven miles, then climb a giant tower.  Fun…

It looks like the Bay Bridge fell apart yesterday— wow, great repair job fellas.  I can only assume mass chaos in the Yay Area today so good luck on everyone’s commute!

Not much else to report. Er, what’re y’all dressing as for Halloween?

53 thoughts on “Good to be Back

  1. 1. Ryan Longwell was not offered a contract extension by the Packers and the Vikings were the team that signed him. I guess that somehow makes him a dick for seeking gainful employment.

    2. Ahman Green? Yeah, what the fuck? This isn’t baseball where you can sign Billy Spiers 5 years after his prime to be a backup utility infielder. When running backs are used up, they’re used up.

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