Favre: Meteorite Target


Last night pretty much sucked for any Packers fan. Blarrgle, blurgh, o-line. ^%$&%(&)(^&SACKS$%@!# This nightmare seems as if it will never end.

I drowned my sorrows in scotch: dry, tasty scotch, and then I played Borderlands until I was almost certain to be tormented by dreams of millions of white, green, blue, purple, and orange guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers.  I’ve been loving the shit out of Borderlands lately, so if anyone out there has it for Sexbox 360 I want to play co-op with you.

I need to finish the shit out of Borderlands soon, though, because Dragon Age comes out tomorrow.  I preordered it on Steam (more on that in a second) so I should be able to play it immediately.  It’s your standard go-out-and-kill-the-marauding-hordes-with-a-sword type of thing.  Kind of excited; I really liked Neverwinter Nights back in the day and this is by the same dudes.  GRIMGAW, TO ME!

Anyways, Steam is pretty nice.  I gotta preface by saying that I’m a fan of online stores.  The iTunes Store, XBOX Live, these are things that allow me to near instantly acquire things I want without bullshit (also good since I don’t have a car to get to places like Best Buy).  Steam is a client you install on your PC that allows you to purchase new and old games, and to pre-order games that will be released in the future.  The games are delivered by download, and it’s kinda cool since it acts as a dashboard where you can launch all the games on your computer.  For old times’ sake, I bought Zuma Adventures and Bookworm Adventures.  Goddammit I love Bookworm, where you defeat your enemies with the power of words (the longer, the better).  One time I one-shotted an enemy by spelling the word “prosthetic” from a pool of 16 jumbled letters and felt like a god.  Wwhazz, it may be up your alley in a Bananagrams-ish way.

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  1. Whazzing from the Health Science Learning Center. Decided to play hooky and have lunch with me lady. We went to the Korean place by my house. I’ve been living next to the place for three years and this is the first time I stepped in side. Don’t know why I avoided it because it was great.

    I don’t know dik about Korean food but I can tell you this: The Korean’s put an emphasis on keeping food warm. One dish was served in a million degree hot rock bowl. Cool, cool, cal. Another dish came with its own crazy butane heater. Like, the plate was a little stove with buttons and knobs to control. I had the hot rock, but next time I’m getting fire plate.

    Eating there got me thinking about the good doc. Does he still blog? We need to get the links back on this page. I tried to find it using google but I ended up at some different people’s champ blog. Funny thing: this dipshit was also blogging about the Yankees.
    Say la Pfffffffft!

    Cal, get my gun. We’re hunting greg.

  2. I’m the Favre of week night drunks–I keep retiring from weeknight drinking only to find myself back on the field. Last night I had four touchdowns.

  3. Stiffly explains the two takes but I see MAJOR fault with the Packers. They wanted to move on without him… stupid.

    I heard Rodgers permed his pubes.

  4. I read an artiCAL about the Vikings side of things. Folks hated Favre for so long and now he’s helping them. One dude still hates him so much he refuses to use his name. He just says THE QUARTER BACK. Like if he’s cheering he says, nice play quarterback.

    Cal’s such a viking fan he shits purple.

  5. Watching an old Seinfeld, I noticed Chubby from Teen Wolf, confirmed it with imdb, and discovered he was also in Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Various soap operas, Deep Space Nine, MacGyver, Webster, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Sledge Hammer, and others.


    Followed that to the director. I liked Teen Wolf and thought I might like his other work, but, nope. Save some respectable work on Magnum PI and WKRP in Cincinnati, he was a hired gun on shows like Home Alone 4 and the Simple Life.

    Maybe the writers? TV, mainly. One of them did Heroes, Smallville, Buffy, Bat Man Cartoons. The other handled all Teen Wolf spin offs (cartoons and such) and played a big role in the terrible Alysa Milano/Schwarzenegger action movie, Commando, which SUCKS compared to Terminator, Running Man, and Predator.

  6. prisons should help pay for themselves by allowing prisoners to organize fight leagues, and provide a venue and sell tickets. they could save money fighting on the inside until they had enough to not require fighting on the outside. also, do nothing dana white would stop profiting on the work of others.

    also, there should be a fat man made of electricity allowed to kill any of the prisoners at his discretion.

    and old ladies in the audience should have some sort of say in what happens.

  7. yo yo cal, me + mrs prob barting in for some drinking tonight. then andre nickatina on saturday in modesto. u busy reading playgirl in the stax?

  8. Let me field this one for cal:

    Law school. BlALHJDJGHDIHGDH. Why did I evr do this HJKJHDKHIKDjifkocc. No modesto for this whazzer. Every thing should be illegal. Greg, hold me.

  9. Madd and Cal living in SF together. Come on, cal. Hang out tonight. Make it happen. Bring your girl out. She’d have fun. Don’t lock her in the apt. and make her read Swiss literature all day.

  10. Go to Mcteagues and put pool balls in your mouth. If they are real Norris fans they’ll love it!. Or better: throw a knife a madd.

  11. Cal, you might like this story even though it’s fight related. Please look at the links abd let me know what you think.

    The best guy in MMA is a Russian guy named Fedor Emelianenko. He’s very quiet and always wears this awesome sweater: http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2009/10/29/1106287/the-sweater-is-back-snapshot-from

    And trains with these awesome guys: http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2009/10/28/1104592/snapshot-of-the-day-fedor

    Here he answers a question about his sweater:


    So, any thoughts?

  12. good riddance to JJ hardy. he JJ Hardly is worth anything get it? get it? yo. i can’t go drinking i got the MPRE (multistate prefessional responsibility exam) exam in the morning… which i am sure to fail and have to retake. jfdliajfkdlajfdklajflkdsajflkdsjfkdajfdlakfjdslajfads

    so annoying anyway i’m just here to post this:


    sort of fits in the the fighting videos currently in vogue around here. PEACE

    ps went to a giant jail today to do outreach to prisoners. was scary. and foul smelling.

    let’s talk later whazzmaster, i have to study,



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