Union. Reunion.

Rain Check
Rain Check

Attended Spacebee’s 10 year high school reunion last night down in Illinois.  It was a pretty fun time; I met a lot of her old ‘pals’ and had some Jameson.  Mandy’s awesome pa bought us a round of drinks via the token system at a local bar afterwards.

To follow up on the previous post, I beat Borderlands last week and started the second playthrough to try to get to level 50.  I started Dragon Age: Origins on my Macbook but it crashed every time I shut it down so I decided to wait on really diving in until I get a new gaming rig that can handle the game in all its glory.

Finally, a heads-up to wwhazz that this looks like a good solution for the project we were talking about.  I checked on costs and depending on how long it ends up being, we’d be looking at no more than $300 to publish plus $15-$20 per copy to purchase.  That’s incredibly doable– let’s get it started.

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  1. it was definitely on basic cable in raytown back in the day…. not sure what station… maybe WGN or super 18.

  2. R.I.P. banana stand. a formidable opponent indeed. well… you were until you weren’t anymore.

    nice strike cal. DID YOUR MOM BUY IT FOR YOu?!?!?!#%*(&!#)%(&)!(#%


  3. Last night I was listening to Fox Sports Radio on my drive home. The guy giving his gambling advice for the week said, “Why is Denver only a 3 point favorite over a horrible Washington team. They know something I don’t know. I’m not touching this game.” Why didn’t I listen?!?!

  4. Florida Marlins left fielder Chris Coghlan = the National League Rookie of the Year

    I am the brain behind the champion’s t-shirt! CAL!

  5. what do you do when you’re done fucking a midget? roloff. those tiny fuckers piss me off. latest episode they ran into a problem: they own too many tents and all the parts are all mixed together. solution: buy a new tent.


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  7. survey monkey… why do you let people ask questions that let people answer both yes and no? DO YOU WORK FOR YAHOO NOW?!?!?!?!?!?!!????!!!!!??!??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  8. I’m just an HR chick with a HS degree. Survey Monkey has a lot of buttons and I skipped the tutorial.

  9. Survey #1: results

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    Using the K word

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  12. GE: fuck you…. BUT… fuck you least.

    this HDMI shit is pissing me off. it’s a digital medium conduit… materials are irrelevant… either it works or it doesn’t. it can’t work better…. 2 options… works…. doesn’t work.

    the cables are LESS than USB cables. the same USB cables you can get for $5, and even at that price the manufacturer is making a killing per unit.

    best buy doesn’t sell a single HDMI cable for under $59.99 and most are $69.99. you can buy one that WORKS online for $7.99. say la vee. so go to target… pretty much same bullshit, EXCEPT: a hero emerges. the GE 6′ HDMI cable for $16.99. christ. 16.99 for a cable… but whatever… you’re local, and yes, the picture and sound is awesome when you develop a higher level processing unit to make media interlinks irrelevant… so whatever, great job scientists, here is your 16.99. and i thought it stopped there. then recently…. horrified, i tell you this. i went back. $28.99.

    you know what HDMI? DO YOU KNOW?! do you EVEN KNOW?!^(&))($@&^!()&

    i am HOV
    you are NOTHING
    i will CRUSH you
    say it

  13. more online GENIOUS and corporate price fixing bs.


    fuckers be costing usually like $4-5 a piece…. fuckers know you want your shit to work again, and it’s probably worth $4 every year or two… whatever… who cares. then you look online and you can find wholesalers selling 20 packs of the same batteries for $5 with free shipping and no sales tax.

    so now, in the mail, i have 20 batteries coming for cheaper than i could have bought 1 in the store.



  14. The wikipedia pages says this about Confederacy:

    “A Confederacy of Dunces is a picaresque novel written by John Kennedy Toole, published in 1980, 11 years after the author’s suicide.”

    I never thought of it as picaresque.

  15. come on… doesn’t anyone know anyone that lives on the east coast? my sister works in new jersey and owns an suv. someone has to be coming home for christmas…

    rach-o rizzoth? that new york new yorked girl? my cousin a-dawg?

    i can’t let this machine sell for $135.

  16. love all the comments on that artiCAL “i was there a month ago… booked solid and all the tables were packed” “me too…”

    well… me too. but like 2 months ago. totally packed. had to wait for seats at video blackjack.

    corporate america is playing the sympathy game right now, and it’s a fucking joke…. economy economy economy, please, HELP US, such a bad economy.


    JOW RIGGED BS()*&#!%^)(*&^#!)(!&#^

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