Union. Reunion.

Rain Check
Rain Check

Attended Spacebee’s 10 year high school reunion last night down in Illinois.  It was a pretty fun time; I met a lot of her old ‘pals’ and had some Jameson.  Mandy’s awesome pa bought us a round of drinks via the token system at a local bar afterwards.

To follow up on the previous post, I beat Borderlands last week and started the second playthrough to try to get to level 50.  I started Dragon Age: Origins on my Macbook but it crashed every time I shut it down so I decided to wait on really diving in until I get a new gaming rig that can handle the game in all its glory.

Finally, a heads-up to wwhazz that this looks like a good solution for the project we were talking about.  I checked on costs and depending on how long it ends up being, we’d be looking at no more than $300 to publish plus $15-$20 per copy to purchase.  That’s incredibly doable– let’s get it started.

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  1. what are you quacks up to now? publishing poems you write together in the wee hours of the night? here’s one you can have for free:

    What’s up now haiku
    Madd cought the Booguloo Flu
    Strawberry Yoohoo.

  2. is that why i puked all over tres gringos? the booguloo flu?

    name the year: i left the pruneyard garden apartments to meet the good doctor at the rock bottom brewery across the street. later went to cinnebar, and met judd and kendrick near the bee n’ geezy.

  3. also (unconfirmed due to loss of memory): iguanas, la vic, and jaywalking in front of a cop, then calling him “gay cop”.

  4. 2009. remember that giant backho thing parked in the back of pruneyard garden? it’s still there. everything is still there. untouched.

  5. are these new tech college ads for cal? like after he realizes he’ll NEVER pass the MPRE?

    i learned on the sopranos that if someone talks to you about getting divorced, then you can’t take on their spouse as a client, even if you know that they talked to every single lawyer in the area taking advantage of your professional responsibility to their advantage, and thus weakening the entire system.

    gay lawyer.

  6. I think madd would really like choke. I think lawman would really like Observe and Report.

    Cal… neither.

  7. Moneypenny, you might have read Choke. You left the book at my place in San Diego, but after I read it and tried to talk to you about it, you denied anything to do with it, including THAT YOU LEFT IT AT MY HOUSE!!!!!!

  8. 2 reasons to go to pruneyard:
    1) throw everyone off on name that year => get rich
    2) we were across the street…. “want to see where i used to live?”

    1 reason not to go to pruneyard:
    1) pending unfiled lawsuits.

    hopefully there are statues of libations or whatever.

  9. it concerns me that searching google for “choke” the first page of results are all related to the movie.

    over 12 million results and google weighs movies more relevant than medical journals. at least wikipedia weighs the novel as more relevant than the film.

  10. and more yahoo software development GENIOUS:

    i had my pickset page bookmarked. after 7 weeks or whatever i was automatically logged out… so on the pickset page, instead of saying “you aren’t logged in, here is a log in box” or just redirecting to the log in page, it says “ERROR!! you are not a member of this group error 113.”

    mother fuckers. i am not a member of anything. i am not i. there is no i. who were checking to see if they were a member of the group? were you checking if “no one” was a member?

    seriously. HORRIBLE.

    software engineering needs a bar. the practice of building bullshit applications to lock in yourself as the only viable means for fixing or extending the application should be a question on our MPRE. the answer should be “cal.”


  11. google recently saw value in a new service that allows everyone to share comments on web sites. the company turned down a stock deal. google then tried to snipe their lead engineer with a job offer. he turned it down. google then duplicated their product near verbatim and released it for free.

    is that evil?

  12. i just heard terrible news…. KELLY KAPOWSKI IS PREGNANT.

    i don’t know who raped her, but i will find him and MAKE HIM PAY*(@#&^%)*(!#^&)!*(^&

    so innocent…. 🙁

  13. It’s almost been a week since I found out my bf was leaving the brewers to go to the twins. A terrible illness kept me from responding; maybe the stress of him leaving is what caused my illness. In the end JJ and I are at peace. We’re going to stay together. Minnesota is not that far, and they have a new stadium and he knows my future brother-in-law works for the Twins so tickets and lodging are no problemo.Bellygirl + JJ = true love 4 ever

  14. Madd, choke has terrible reviews. I can just say that I think you’d be pretty ok with this movie entering your optical intake.

  15. netflix queue spot #3. did you know the gracies also released a movie also available on netflix also entitled “choke”? the site said my taste preferences would give it over 4 stars! the “real” choke would only get around 3.

    proposed lyric change to ultimate fighter them:
    orig: “bear witness to the fitness of (the | a) modern warrior”
    new: “bear witness to the business of the modern warrior”

    sure “fitness” could be understood to cover non-physical fitness a the fighter to the industry, but to achieve physical fitness, a fighter needs to get down to business.


  16. he went to the TWINS????? nooooooooooooooo! we don’t want him! i can’t stand that hack… what did we give you for him??? worst trade ever!

  17. You should be honored have such a player. Cal why are you taking all the good ones?
    Wwhazz you will boo him over my dead body.

  18. BG, i could see in his eyes the love you shared. maybe he thought you lived in the twin cities, and he was trying to move closer to you.

    i’m getting the c-section too.

    how many $$$$$$$ are you making off all this? i reload and click like WHOA

  19. i found that a long while ago. i use the hd tivo to stream it… works perfect.

    rach-o doesn’t get it. she also doesn’t like all the warren miller ski films i watch through there.


    hopefully couture dies.

  20. 1. I watched MST from waaaay back. Probably the only good thing to come out of MN
    2. Had a fun time waltzing down memory lane last night– its fun to watch old photo album slideshows set to Number One Stunna.
    2a. Heat Rayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys- doo doo doo
    2b. Bachelor Party Bonus Track
    2c. Minnesota Disc Golf
    2d. Picaresque Day 2002
    3. Almost done with Borderlands– fooferaw!

  21. first time i played it, i forgot the entire back-story was the theme song, so i explained the premise of the show, then listened to them do it much more tersely.


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