I have nothing to say, more or less. Got switched to a new group at work, and the year (and decade) is coming to a close. Poo poo pachu. This weekend I’ll be at the Wisconsin/Northwestern game down in Illinois, and next week is Whazzgiving.

The soup club is on: I delivered a white chicken chili and chemical burned my hands for, like, the millionth goddamn time.  Here’s what to get me for xmas: plastic gloves and a sign that says “USE THESE WHEN CUTTING CHILI PEPPERS YOU FUCK.”

In video game news, I finished up Borderlands this week (though the first DLC drops on 24th and I’ll be getting that) just in time to grab Assassin’s Creed II.  I’m a couple of hours into AC2 and so far it’s fucking great.  Also, my new gaming compy is coming on Monday and then I’ll be able to start Dragon Age. Woo!

That whole Golden Tee thing is a bummer, but I have faith that we’ll get a replacement eventually; and hopefully when we do we’ll have somewhere to put it.

79 thoughts on “Tromboneulous

  1. my notes on tilapia:
    1) in the restaurant scene, there has to be a daily specials chalk board outside in view near the window where the couple is sitting.
    2) in the forest love making scene, there has to be titties. and they have to be good titties.

    i’m concerned about our lack of access to a hitch grill… it was a key element to the story as i saw it. on a base level it’s excess vs want, where excess fails and want triumphs…. but that isn’t entirely fair, so you have a man representing so much excess that he has a cooking station attached to his car. that choice of use of excess benefits and enables both parties. it balances out the conflict and makes the audience jest more easily about the misery of the couple at the end.

    excess isn’t always bad… sometimes a dude attaches a grill to his car and lets hobos use it… as long as they kick in some of the meat.

    cooking on fire would lose that message, and that observant cop would shut that shit down with the quickness.


  2. one of the items on the chalkboard should be lobster enchiladas. maybe no titties… but i want to make sure that the hobo love isn’t perceived as nasty. they aren’t clean, but they are natural and healthy and sensual. just like all tattered badgers blankets.

  3. Phone message:

    Werkoos H Walker the grand man of destiny who proclaimed himself emperor of the Americas and tried to claim Nicaragua where he was shot. Anyway what in the hell is going on. Sorry I’ve been a very, very, very bad friend. A tertiary friend. I’m at work. I just got a new job. I’m a supervisor at a sheltered workshop for people with disabilities. In Reedsburg. I’ll try and text you, I’ll give you a to call too. Maybe on my way up to Wild Rose for Thanksgiving. Anyway, no betting on football. Don’t bet dogs, cats, fishes, nothing. Defiantly don’t let your brother either. Talk to you soon. Good bye.

  4. tell him you need him to play the role of the guy who owns the freedom grill… (side note: very excited to know it’s still in the prop closet). let him know about how important the role is.

    the scene should go something like this:

    1) hobo has fish in hand. walks towards the lights of a parking lot.
    2) sees a garbage can, then pulls his fish free hand from pocket that includes book of matches.
    3) looks at a cop or cop car or parking lot security in the distance, and camera slightly dips down slightly defeated… right then the freedom grill is spotted
    4) improbably the owner of the grill walks to his car.
    5) hobo approaches very nervously and delicately as car owner opens his door and begins reaching under his seat instead of getting in.
    6) the hobo makes his slightly stuttering move when the grill/car owner interrupts him

    “you think i don’t recognize the look of a man that needs a grill”

    freedom griller stands up, revealing a meal sized tupperware he retrieved from under his seat.

    “here’s the deal, i get to fill this.”

    hobo unhook bungy cord or grill hood lock or whatever, revealing a roll of reynolds aluminum foil, and many oils and herbs.

    transition to quick goodbyes, hobo feast, and quickly into the titties… or no titties… whatever. tender. like the fish meat.

    also, tell him we’re filming in nicaragua, but meeting in madison… then when he gets to madison, tell him that he is already in nicaragua, and must have forgot traveling there. laugh about how funny this is, then explain the tight shooting schedule and how everyone has to go to the set right now.

  5. “… the look of a man that needs TO USE a grill…” or maybe not that line at all, and just open interrupting with “here’s the deal, i get to fill this.”

    he’s pretty much the star of the movie.

  6. )*%(&#)(*!#&%)*^!#%()*^~%

    watching bodogfight on comcast sportsnet. triple pissed off.

    1) who wants this?
    2) no elbows???!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!
    3) broadcast in 480i at the wrong aspect ratio



    MEH. turkey turkey turkey

  7. poetry and truckling: the E true hollywood story. I agree he is not lurking. If he were around he’d be writinjack kerouac haikus all over this mother. Phone about to shut down PEACE!

  8. fishing scene notes:

    when the hobo retrieves the fishing line, he should noticeably be displeased with the type of lure… perhaps a large musky bait or something that someone was casting near the shore????? so the hobo is happy that he got the line and hook, and knows he only got it because some fisherman was dumb enough to get his line caught in a tree… so he’s able to find humor in the lure selection.

    not sure if he should try the lure as is, and it is ineffective, and then he breaks it apart to make a hook with a small flasher or something… or he just does that right away.

    maybe some shots in the water from bass perspective of him eating real minnows and seeing a flash of light and hitting it… then the stupid fisherman’s completely unappealing lure… then later the new hobolure(c) that flashes just like the real bait food. man that hobo has skillz.

    maybe the fish perspective is animated… or the underwater shots.

    how about an april shooting schedule?

  9. it would give me an excuse to buy that $1,000 canon soup can hd cam… lots of manual control, great optics and electronics.

    time zap that fucker back to 1995 and it does more than $250,000 network cameras.

    china is awesome.

  10. I’ve thought about animation, possibly making a fully animated companion piece (the same movie except animated in either clay or chalk).

    I also redreamed the ending a few times.

    One version is subdued: cut to the wealthy couple’s bedroom. A digital alarm clock reads 4:47 and the wife sits up in bed, removes her sleeping mask, notices her husband in missing. She gets out of bed and pulls her night gown shut (almost giving us a shot of her though aging, still impressive rack). She sees light shining from under the bathroom door. She raps on the door. “Honey, everything all right?” A toilet flushes and the man comes out holding his belly. “It was nothing honey, bad tilapia. Go back to sleep.”

    In the other: the man is in the bathroom and the wife needs to go bad, ends up using a garbage can. Possibly they both puke, possibly one pukes and one poops. When the man opens the bathroom door they lock eyes and both say “Bad tilapia.”

    Could we get your brother to work on the music under the pen name Warren Fishman? I’m thinking something along the lines of Rock Lobster but instrumental only.

  11. as long as he didn’t burn up all his scoring talent in s to the uccess: the story of a raytown street gang.

    oooooooh, how about this… just the husband pukes, but after he says “bad tilapia”, camera goes to wife who is now extremely worried that she too will soon get sick. her stomach seems to be turning. now cut to hobo wife in the woods sleeping with a giant smile on her face, and then pan up through the tree branches and roll credits over the trees from a ground perspective…. it’s night, but theres still a little contrast between the sky and branches.

  12. There is a lot of room to toy with the end. Can you find the original script?

    If cal had the ballz to grow a Timmy Silvia greg would dry hump him up and down Polk..

    I’m not sure what to do about beard season. I’m going to America’s Dong, FLA, in early January and that will put me the warm sun during peak itchy time.

  13. nude post. if i have to read that tromboneous or whatever one more time… what is trombenouss??????????? YOU SUCK!

  14. YES YES YES! affliction ad at the top. signature tees!! $48!!!

    wait… $48 for a tshirt? i’m going back to UFC.

  15. Cal, it’s as much your job as it is moneypenns to make this thing go. Call ewhazz and see what comes back. Post the results. Go slow dance with a hobo. Post the results.

    Also, is greg now a hobo? He stiffed me on fantasy baseball and he didn’t pay his football entry. For revenge, I stiffed klaus.

  16. it’s KLAS not KLAUS dude. did he really stiff you? dude is just absent minded i’ll get him to send it along. can’t make wm go bc i have finals this week and next week. really lousy. but i graduate in may! horay for me! horay for school!

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