83 thoughts on “Old Posts, New Friends.

  1. how is wm only barely no the 1st page of results????


    CAN YOU HATE NO MORE?!?!?!?!?!?

    ARE YOU #1 OR #2?!



  2. Just saw Bruce Jenner going on and on about toy helicopters on the bob and tom show.

    I didn’t intentionally turn the show on: it came on after star trek the next generation (the one where Picard gets a real bad head ache) and the remote was far away.

    I had no idea who Bruce Jenner was but wikipedia got me up to speed. Fuck him, but his passion about helicopters reminded me of cal.

    Bed time, buddies!

  3. $150 for a stuffed animal? Where in my fair state are assholes pulling this shit? I once made a stuffed animal in 7th grade home ec. Stupid pattern cost like $5 AND IT WAS EASY AS SHIT.

  4. professional firearms training ads!!! with pictures of guns. awesome. i’m clikkin that bitch. fo sho.

    KOFY: local. JUST LIKE YOU!

  5. Maddddd, you like mma rules here is a fun story:

    Announcer Joe Rogan pointed out the ridiculous reasoning behind the downward elbow strike being banned when the unified rules of mma were adopted — a member of the original athletic commission had seen a demonstration of a martial artist breaking an ice block with a downward elbow and insisted on banning the move. Once again the poorly thought out rules set adopted from boxing has come back to bite MMA fans and fighters.

  6. i fought with rach-o about that last night. i argue that depending on the position of the body and head, i can get the exact same leverage and solid landing zone with still legal elbows.

    that retard sounding deaf fucker used the rules to his advantage… so let me get this straight…

    if someone uses one of the 10,000 new illegal strikes on you, the ref will take 1 point away from them…. BUT, if you lay there like a retard bitch and say you can’t fight anymore… THEN YOU AUTOMATICALLY WIN.

    and all fucking night long guys are on their stomachs on the mat, and other dude has their back reversed… but no fucking knees to the head because UFC is for poser pussy fighters. you can’t even hurt the guy in that position anymore.

    SO. LAME.

    fuck a dana white.



    FUCK UFC. FUCK UNIFIED RULES. FUCK EVERYTHING.*!(^&)*(#&^)(&@$^*)($@*()

  8. i’m still waiting for more EKVP details.

    are you in internet commenter jail? used your 1 http request to order the pizza hut holiday meal deal?

  9. A2K moment on Star Trek the Next Generation tonight: Reading Rainbow dude was shaving and Data asked him why he wasn’t using the shaver that he calibrated. Reading Rainbows answer: some times technology can be too good– too close a shave is not a good thing.

    10,000% agreed. Before I even invented A2K I ran into this. Gillettt sensor is all you need. Two blade technology does the trick. Go three, four, or if you are a real dick, five and all you get is razor burn.

    Also, Yar is in a real MMA fight to the death with poison gloves. EVERYTHING LEGAL.

  10. A man goes to a store to buy some kidneys. He says to the shopkeeper, “I’d like a pound of kiddillies, please.” The shopkeeper says, “You mean kidneys, don’t you?” The man says, “I said kiddillies, diddle I?”

  11. Great, keep talking about it and they’ll show up more! Shit.

    EKVP Updates: there aren’t any. I responded to her email and she never wrote back. If past results are indicative of future success, I’ll be served a free drink at her behest in no more than 4 years.

    Two other things:
    1. Madd, I am in the bay area this week and not going home til Sunday afternoon– wanna get shitty on Saturday?
    2. I was driving to fuddruckus’ house yesterday and the little white car in front of me on his street had a license plate that said “Y MADD”. I totally thought you were driving a little white car.

    Finally: what the fuck? I hate everyone.

  12. All I did for class today was bring in a shit load of bakery from Whole Foods and a big pile of newspapers (Times, JS, WSJ, Beliot Crappot) and told them two things:



  13. Also, I have a random $20 in my paypal. I think it’s left over from zach’s bachelor party back in 0-whatever.

  14. Yup, third sentence is abandon territory, but I was real goddamn stupid and actually went to see what one of these ‘videos’ looked like. I wanted to kill myself.

  15. dude, him and his mom are practicing christmas songs, and they are turning out really good, so leave him alone.

    rach-o found $20 in a secret stash pocket in her hat yesterday. i took it from her because she is obviously not to be trusted with twankies.

  16. Belly always finds money in weird pockets. Pisses me off except I just found a wad in a suit pocket that I last wore back on our Anniversary. So now I’m part of the problem.

  17. i had an accidental tv viewing after leaving star trek: the next generation on as well last night… cheaters was one. the chick they were following bought condoms at a store, so “we determined further investigation was not necessary” and supposedly right after the commercial break they were having the dude confront her. that show is almost as dumb as it is fake.

    A2K should hold public viewings of ST:TNG.

  18. It’s a perfect A2K show. Maybe Who’s the Boss as a lead in for the kiddies while the adults all eat scotch crystals. I imagine it projected on a sheet on a warm summer night. Paradise.

    WGN is currently showing episodes from the beardless Riker/Yar-Era, which is probably my favorite.

  19. And her blog has been dormant since March, 2007. The last entry is a darling entry about the time the lead singer of Cradle of Filth put her on the pass list.

    Yar kinda fame will follow you far.

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