Yo ho hello there go to San Ho and do a show there.  I picked an excellent week to fly hither and yon around the country as Wisconsin is currently experiencing some heavy snowfall and all-around miserable weather.  I’m sitting high and mighty in the comforts of the Palo Alto Crowne Plaza, sipping Crown & Cokes and watching Sportscenter on the ridiculously lavish 25″ old-timey, non-flatscreen tee vee. I feel BAD for my betrothed; she’s shivering in the cold while I’m chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool.

Madd:  Saturday? I haven’t heard from you yet.  We could galavant into San Francisco and take Cal hostage on the N-Judah.  Stick your finger in his back and whisper menacingly “I’ve got a knife” and then march him down to McTeague’s Steam Beer Saloon and fill him full of spirits.  Flossie can come too.

114 thoughts on “SNOW!!!1!WATCHOUT

  1. i could have argued that case.

    there is no other logical reason to lead police on a chase out to coronado other than to jump off off the bridge. knowing he would be jumping, the police put their fellow officer in danger by commanding them to engage the perp.


  2. you see muni rate hikes for january cal? 27.272727272727% rate increase!!!!

    i think the bureaucrats think if they make the rate hike an infinitely repeating decimal that no one will ever get around to finishing reading the number so they can complain about it.

    smart car doesn’t seem so dumb now

  3. economy is so bad the every store and restaurant i go in is packed shoulder to shoulder… wall street has highest recorded profits in history this year, and did it in 9 months, and municipal services have over 25% inflation. movie industry: most profits ever. video game industry: most profits ever. and they still sit around whining about piracy.

    economy is SO bad.

    EAT A SHOE!()#^!)(#^&!#^)&(

  4. whoever runs the media and the banks should really reconsider the lies they attempt to fly past me.


  5. Belly runs the “every store and restaurant” argument. To that I reappletort: come kick it in my hood, Janesville and Beloit. #1 and #4 in unemployment. Jobs like Taco Bell are filled by ex-GM workers instead of high school kids. The mall closed. Sure, Burger King still has a long drive through line, but most places have large empty parking lots. Actually, it’s prob the same as Raytown.

  6. On Wisconsin Outdoors is a weird little newspaper. One artiCAL is called “Nothing says ‘don’t tread on me’ like an Uzi.”

  7. Cal, are you a lawman yet? How much longer? MP said you might be moving to France. Is this truth? Can you practice law in France? Don’t they follow Napoleonic law, like Louisianan? Do you know that brand of justice? Do you speak French? Par lay voo? Will Greg ever pay me? Will yahoo ever pay me? Have you ever eaten a deep fried Snickers bar? Did Klas ever get the money I sent him? Do you have any idea how big your own testicles are? Did you know that Myles Teddywedger passed away? Does that make you sad? Have you ever eaten a teddywedger? Did you know that Test was dead? Did you know he made his WWE debut at the Kohl center? Is maz doing ok? Are you currently dieting? Why do so many San Francisco bars show porn?

    Please put a rush on:

    Are you moving to France
    Have you ever eaten a deep friend Snickers bar
    Why do so many SF bars show porn

    Thank you.

  8. belly, start pushing the argument of industrial profits.

    the reason the economy is so bad is because it’s better than ever. like global warming.

    cal will fix EVERYTHING

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