85 thoughts on “A Short Treatise on Football Players and Comedians

  1. Glymetrol
    Liberty insurance for diabetes (Wilfred Brimley, spokesperson)
    Some device for measuring blood sugar (wnba lady, spokes person)

  2. i’m broke for online poker… waiting for reload bonus… i had 250 in, and they did a $150 max bonus, but i figured i still had enough to play… then i got drunk and lost it all…

    $55 ploiter, raped. $60 9 man, raped. sit at $100 cash table… flop T55, i have T5, all in… he has TT. rigged.

    i did just get my new ipod nano from them though, and this thing is crazy sweet… no need for further update unless they are adding wi-fi or cell phone…. i’d rather have either than a video camera, but that works very very well.

  3. “Heads up 5.8 to 3.1 (me)” is confusing… i’m guessing you meant you had the 3.1… but usually when you say 2 numbers, and then 1 person, you’re saying the name of the person who is in the lead… or were you in the lead?

  4. i’m hearing good things about bodog…
    fulltilt… way too rigged.
    ub… verified rigged.
    ps… treat me bad, so fuck them.
    pokerroom………………….. 🙁

  5. next time i am unemployed i will build a poker server to pad my resume with. it will be invite only and guaranteed rig free by me personally.

    the rake will be fair to non-existent, and one of the player avatars will always have big boobs. in each update the boobs will get bigger and more revealing. possibly a 2nd set of boobs will develop.

  6. The gang is safely back on the Enterprise. I am off to bed. Work in the morn unless Jesus crushes the city with an ice storm (wanger crossed).

  7. the TNG satellite finally locked geo-synchronous orbit over the west coast, and beamed me over a fresh copy of “the royale”.

    KOFY is so kind. they are just like super18… but to watch it on cable it was 9B… i guess B is like 2 if A is 1, and 9B would be 18… but anyways, it’s seems less than ideal to have a number in your channel name that isn’t the numerical receiver channel for the programming…

    KOFY takes this to another level… “44 cable 12″… only problem… on my cable they are on channel 13, then again on 133, then again in HD on 713. no 44s, no 12s.

    for a long time they had no self produced content other than showing man on the street type clips of people wearing headphones, seemingly playing music, while the man on the street would tone-deafly sing “44 cable 12″… only problem is most people are chinese or cal around here, so they all say “fo-ee-fo cay-bow twelb”…. so even more points for KOFY there.

    but now they have this idiot on a set that looks like it was from a 1980s PBS telethon and he talks about the current comedy festival in town… but he keeps talking about conan coming and how big a deal that is, but conan canceled weeks ago when his drama flared up… so either these were all pretaped weeks ago, or this guy is in a bubble. it’s all the more odd that he only showed up when the comedy fest started and that’s all he talks about and he still gets pretty big shit wrong, that might incite legal claims of bait and switch while they keep advertising conan will show when he won’t.



  8. ST:TNG note: at the beginning of “the royale” picard nerd’s it up a bit and talks about fermat’s last theorem and how it’s gone un-proven for hundreds of years…

    only problem: a proof was released in 1993…. quickly debunked for some reason, then adapted in 1994 and consensus in the math community is that the proof is complete.

    you timeline is flawed picard.

    also, data used contractions when using them wasn’t part of the plot many times…


  9. just realized KOFY changed to “TV20 Cable 13″…. after a year of promotion getting everyone in the bay to sing “44 cable 12″……… so dumb.

    KOFY is dumb, ST:TNG is dumb. fermat was dumb.

    cal graduated law school with honors.

  10. i still believe there is a prime generating function… only not one that is will take in n and give you the nth prime number, but you give it multiple keys that lead out like branches and branches randomly exhaust themselves of further potential. i’m guessing the steps will involve changing number base, and the next step creation function will utilize digit values.

    so sure you can’t get the next prime easy, you can just figure out how to compute the next stage of keys, and only process the first key and keep going out as far as you can go, and then you’ll be guaranteed a gigantic prime.

    i would have liked to have heard fermat explain the proof… the math is not elegant. the triangle solution doesn’t make sense to me. i’d like something like “the sum of 2 numbers to the nth will always have this characteristic, but never this characteristic, while a single number raised to the nth will never have this characteristing, but always have the other characteristic, then you can show the numbers could not be equal.

    instead they solve it for a single variable and then break down all potential cases, initially ruling out multiples of 2 and non primes. so it still might work for odd primes, so how about any odd prime of the form (2x -1), then 3x-1, then 4x-1 etc… but that methodology will obviously always leave holes of the elusive next biggest prime. eventually they ruled everything out i guess.

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