I re-updated the blogroll (on the right sidebar).  Wwhazz alerted me to the fact that he found it helpful to have prominent links to The People’s Champ, Arlo’s Bloggity Bloggity BlogBlog, and others.

Additionally, our old pal Big Al opened a new web site at that has up-to-date info on all the latest baseball rumors.  Example: yesterday I looked and found out that Ben “Fucking” Sheets worked out for ten (10!) interested teams the other day.  I assume that he will sign for a hojillion dollars somewhere and then NOT get injured, thereby completing his unusefulness to the Milwaukee Brewers.  It seems like it’s a good time to leave a Wisconsin professional sports team and then get fantastically good again.

Wwhazz’s birthday was this week, as was madddddddd’s, as was manders’.  As is alandovos.  Basically everyone I know: Happy Birthday.  Wwhazz and bellygirl went out to dinner and snapped a picture of the all-time best bar special ever. Ever.  I hope they don’t mind me reproducing it here:

The Best Bar Special Ever

95 thoughts on “Secretssssss

  1. #)^(@!)#(^*!#^)( hallway blocked by packages from

    the irony only further congested my path.

  2. Back to gym craps:

    New topic: gym craps.


    running shows
    cash money


    It’s just street craps except you whip the dice from midcourt. They must hit the wall. I’d say full court but I’m not sure tiny dice can be tossed that far. After tossing, run up, check the numbers, get paid. A great workout and great fun.

  3. My gawd Bobby Lashley is fighting MMA this weekend against Wes Sims, a drunken semi-homless fighter best know for getting DQed against Frank Mir because Sims stomped on his face.

    Sims is the third choice of opponent. The first two were rejected as not competitive enough by some 1/2 ass athletic commission.

    Quote from Sims:

    …”If I drop him with a one-two and he’s laying on the ground. You can bet your ass I’m going to Hogan leg drop his ass.”

    Good luck, guy.

    Hershel Walker is also fighting on the card. And Nick Diaz. I’d watch this.


    eventually someone is going to accidentally slide into the dice and bump the shit and fools will be reachin for steel talkin bout they saw a 4 and other dude saw a 5 and wigs be gettin SPLIT)(@#*^!)#(^!_*()

    i got 2000 on the hard 8

  5. That’s why you got to be FAST. Bust it down there to make sure it’s legit. This game makes you fast, fit, and rich.

  6. shouldn’t it be “outside OF the ring?”

    AHHHHH!@#%(*^!#(%*^ RUN IN!

    it’s….. ITS….

    BY GAWD, IT’S THE MIZ*!#^&)(#!^&)*^)(@*^#!

    what’s this? he’s asking the hulkster to smell his fingers…. by gawd… BY GAWD LOOK AT THE SCREEN! HE WAS BACKSTAGE FINGERING BROOKE HOGAN!


    THE HULK SMELLS IT! he can tell! HE CAN TELL!!#^*(&!#)(&!#^


  7. sunday is the $1,000,000 turbo takedown… sunday at 2:30pm central. 3,000FPPs to enter, lots of satellites. get in that shizzzzzzzz

  8. Trek time!

    Yesterday’s was real weird. Troy did some dude and then did some porno aerobics with Bev.

  9. Space. The final fronteir these are yoyages of the star trek enterprises its contfohjlkdhsklhndciusbhdiuslbwck

  10. I played a 70pt qualifier for the Sunday 1/4 mil. Won the ticket and unregistered, giving me 11 in tickets. I played 2 $3 45 mans and 2 $2.80 180 mans.

    I got 1st in one of the 45ers for 40$, 6th in the other for like 9$, and 13th in one of the 180ers for 6$.

    That gave me 55.

    I took ten to a cash game and doubled it, but then played 2 $6-6 mans and farted out of both, heater over, but I still got like $50 made from air.

  11. New best commercial: Cancer Treatment Center of America. A sweet franchised cancer shack. Fucking peggy gives her tearful testimonial how they cured her but the small print at the top of the screen says: You should not expect to experience these results.

    Holllarit to that!

  12. Final commercial break.

    CiCi’s pizza, what a bargin. Golden Corral, what a bacon wrapped bargin. Two places I’ll never go to eat. Geico, what a baring. No thanks. Jackson Hewwit, no, no no. I got timmer. Vonage, no. Diamonds, no. eharmony, no. Olive Garden, no. Pillsbury rolls, fine. And we are back.

  13. No worries. I freely take questions about my nips 9:30-11:00 M-F and 10:00-1:00 Saturdays. Closed Sunday.

    Holler if you want to play tonight– Want to watch fighting? I’ll buy you a month of Showtime if you let me use your telly. I think you would enjoy the Strikeforce experience. It’s more WWE-y that UFC, more fire works and goofy announcing and back stage crap. Tonight you got Bobby Lashley, Hershel Walker, yes the grandpa footballer, and Nick “Fuck the World” Diaz.

  14. Also, it’s real easy to get an illegal showtime feed, so we can just watch it on the computer too. I’m not sure how it works but I just go to a fighting website and enter the live chat they have up. Some pal always links to a feed.

  15. and now, a original series…..


  16. Sure am glad I didn’t drive down to IL for one of them air hockey tournaments. It would be cool to use my powers to win a giant $500 check,, but two seconds of investigation revels it’s a GD sham.

    What they do is set up a rinky dink POS table they got on clearance from Walmart, hire a few hookers in pink shirts, then put on the worst tournament ever.
    They RANDOMLY select 32 drunks and let them slap the toy around for 2 scores or 2 minutes and then move to the next round. Finding these stupid rules took longer than I care to admit.
    Why can’t anyone ever do a good job with something? This stupid game has the backing of the IL Lottery and the Chicago Blackhawks and this is the best that can do? Get a real table. Run a real tournament. Fuck the IL Lotto, fuck IL, fuck cheap air hockey tables, fuck that stupid grin on the stupid Blackhawk on the logo, fuck cal, fuck facebook, but most of all, fuck ray stikowski for winning that shit on my birthday.

  17. that shit smelled shady from the start…. a hockey team using air hockey for promotion… way too gimmicky.

  18. neighbors apartment flooded today… right across the hall… like 2 inches of whatever was constantly pouring out his front door for over an hour. i sand bagged the shit out of my shit.

    fun fact: THE EXACT SAME THING happened at our last apartment. that dude was way more pissed. he was so pissed i instantly stopped caring. let him be pissed.

    bitches be floodin……..

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