Settle for a Slowdown

Peninsula State Park

After an extremely busy holiday-and-January things have slowed down a bit (which is just fine by me.)  February was marked by a hectic work schedule, and even that’s starting to subside so let’s have some fun!

First on the docket: WIZP!  Lately I’ve really gotten back into Street Fighter IV.  What with Super Street Fighter IV coming out in April and the new MvC Fight Stick that Jay procured last week, I’ve been laying down a shitload of hadokens and shoryukens.

So shoot, what else. Whatelsewhatelsewhatelse.  Tattoos! We will all get tattoos of our rad name.  What is our rad name? SuperAwesomeCalsForever? That’s MY idea.

I’m looking forward to two things at this point:

  1. Iowa trip (with additional guest appearance by my brother)
  2. Vegas trip (because we haven’t been in a long time)

…and you can take that to the bank, Shakesman.

Spacebee’s birthday is this weekend. Wish her a happy birthday, Cal.  Or else.

77 thoughts on “Settle for a Slowdown

  1. Now that killer whales are too killer, maybe they should train Asian carp to do all their little tricks.

    Two birds, one stone: BOOM!

  2. Carp ads I SUMMON THEE

    free carp
    carp for dummies
    carp experts
    carp vacations
    sex with crap
    carp in thine eye

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmm I summoned this:

    How To Control Anyone
    Discover The Amazing Mind Control Secrets the Authorities Want Banned

  4. Carp experts want it banned. I want it banned. You know what happens if cal gets his hands on this? We are all sustaining on bread crumbs, running around in little short underpants, and giving all our money to goat herders.

  5. when did racism become linked to negative prejudice? isn’t anti-racism more racist than anything because it implicitly defines the races in terms of who should not receive what prejudices?


    how could anyone expect to beat the africans at curling???

    oh… it isn’t about hair?


  7. I’m hitting the pokerroom slopes and going for gold tonight. Holler if you want to get the band back together.

  8. if i ever find myself again without daily employment based responsibilities, i promise to build an underground online poker network.

    wwhazz will be named czar of pokerroomness, burdened with maintaining the level of pokerroomnessness of the site. he chooses when the boobs get bigger. he decides the blind structure of the US Daily.

    the don will be the official don of the site.

    whazzmaster is the craps prop.

  9. Gimme a two-way hard 6 & 8, workin’ on the come out, and quarter world bet. COMIN’ OUT, WATCH YOUR DICKS!

  10. Can’t. Fucking. Wait for Iowa. The Don asked how much money he should bring; I said a few hundred. “Is that enough?”

  11. my craps interface is going to pop everyone’s dicks out over the rail on every come out roll, and if you don’t click a button to watch it, the dice will bounce off of it.

  12. i am covered in rain. rain is for queers.

    boner must have had money on that lane changing speed skater

  13. Skeeze came up during during conversations last night: The ladies love of artichokes lead to a discussion of their love of olives which led to an inquiry into the reasons behind his disgust for olive eaters.

    I bet cal loves him an artichoke.

  14. Cal had a wardrobe malfunction. Ball plopped out (ole lefty, it was bedazzled) Very embarrassing.



  15. spent all day in san fran. lots of weirdos.

    rach-os sister is a prison guard… best story: prisoner 1 smuggled in some zantac. prisoner 2 comes to her with a deal: move me to minimum security prison, and i’ll give you the scoop on prisoner 1. counter-offer: you give us the scoop and we give you a snack sized bag of cheetos. deal.

  16. cal, chat roulette is retarded. skype has offered the same service for years, but they didn’t have a corporate media conspiracy running a marketing push on them this week…

    i passed a few smart cars today. “look at this idiot.”…. “is it cal?!”

    olives hit a very precise set of input registers in my taste coprocessor. probably the same ones that make olive lovers love them so much and be such disgusting people. they are gross. if you like olives, there can never be anything between us other than an anxious truce. HOW COULD YOU EVEN ***LIKE*** THAT?! you LOVE it?!#%!#% YUCK.

    my dogs eat anything. i’ve seen one of them take a bite of shit. i pick the olives off supreme pizzas and fed them to the dogs…. they spit out out. unheard of. spit quindo, spit. good quindo.

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