Whatta Weekend

Birthday Hat
Spacebee's Birthday Hat

It was quite a celebratory weekend here in Madison; we pretty much partied straight through from Friday at 5pm when we set out for a fondue dinner of epic proportions.  Three hours later I was filled with tiny bits of boiled meat, veggies, and chocolate-covered rice krispies.  We met a few pals and then dove into more celebrations, and long story short I woke up Saturday morning not feeling the greatest.

A Spacebee coworker was retiring and had a bash at the Hilldale Great Dane on Saturday.  Free beer from 4pm until 7pm started things off, and I hilariously fell asleep at wwhazz’s with a beer in hand around midnight.  Hey: two consecutive party nights don’t agree with my 31 year old bones.  So sue me.

Alas, I think the Iowa trip has been delayed.  Consolations to belly for her loss, and hope everything goes well next weekend.  Diamond Jo will always be there, and I’ll be ready to stick my finger in the small of his back and whisper “gimme everything you got.”

I’m super behind on TNG on my DVR… need to sit down and catch up. I saw that Time’ Arrow is on there and excitement can’t describe my feelings.  HELP A FORTY NINER! HE’S GOT A BAD COUGH! OH NOES, AN ALIEN STOLED HIS LIFE FORCE! GUINAN, HALP! TIME WARP! PICARD IS A DANDY FOP! DATA IS A FRENCHMAN! SAMUEL CLEMENS OF THE 24TH CENTURY!

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  1. 2001 i was helping a young computer programmer for the first time in history create a website that allowed users FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD to post ANYTHING in what we called a “comments box” and submit any name they wanted to attribute the comment to…. even if someone else has already established use of that name! no passwords! it even had haikus! later haikus were removed because someone wrote one critical of muslims.

  2. sorry cal, but you know my teaching methods. i make people smarter by making them understand why they are dumb.

    you’re welcome.

  3. Just saw a whole, unmolested habanero in the middle of the empty west towne mall paring lot. I took a picture and put it on Flickr.

  4. Hey washcloth biter,

    I’m getting PUMPED for fantasy baseball. GET UR MEAT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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