Wackity Schmackity Doooo

Nothing doing last week or this week.  For those that follow these sorts of things, NEXT weekend is Iowa!  Knock, knock… who’s there? Cal. Cal who? Cal in his yellows; gimme the fuckin’ whazz title! I’ll tie it to a brick and throw it through your window.  Not funny!

Wackity schmackity dooooo!

PS– When I said NEXT weekend I meant the weekend AFTER the next one.  I.e., March 20th.  It caused confusion with the trip planner, so a correction is due to you fine folk.  Seeya in Iowa, Cal!

36 thoughts on “Wackity Schmackity Doooo

  1. Yeah, lucky find. Someone either had a sad dinner or you saved them a fierce burning.

    My two moments from 09er where I wished I were equipped with a camera:

    1. Nitty Gritty mug smashed outside the kohl center. Deflated happy birthday balloon still on the handle.

    2. Capitol lawn: an empty pint of vodka next to a pacifier.

  2. Been reading some Norris criticism and I came across this gem:

    “One of the more remarkable aspects of McTeague criticism is that critics have continued to pay very little attention to the fact that women such as Maria Macapa and Trina McTeague are the victims of horrific murders. ”

    Have to admit, I do blow past them. Silly kitty.

  3. I’m baffled. It’s some sort of maddddd combination of the pit and the octopus, complete with wheat shaft drowning.

    Speaking of the sckeezer, is he back? Are we chillin this weekend?

  4. i am in iowa. going to raycilla tomorrow and staying there through sunday… rach-o is going to green bay on thurs for baby shower, so i’m prob meeting her up there at her parents on sunday unless one of you fags wants to put me up.

    right now it looks like she wants to move to eau claire. fuck a duck

  5. Eau Claires are tasty, but a pretty dumb town. But at least it’s close.

    We are around all weekend. Next weekend, the 20th, is an Iowa gambo field trip. You, cal, and greg are invited to everything.

    I’ll holler at you later.

  6. i drop freestyle rhymes about stupid punks
    dirty drunks and justice department lackey chumps
    CAL! he SUCKS

  7. “When it was a little more of a freak show.”

    you know what?, you half cripple, stroke having fuck…. let me stop you right there.

    you are in the freak show business…. freaks of combat. when you use freak in the context you are implying, you can be nothing but obtuse.

    an actor who keeps it real playing a freak is far different than a freak keeping it real FIGHTING IN A CAGE.

    fuck you jim ross. DIE.

  8. 8 sides = double 4 sides.




  9. also, i’m sorry cal. i was way too harsh.

    the media was really only pointing out the stupidity of most people… not just how dumb you personally obviously are.

    here is how the old way worked:

    1) go to skype.com
    2) click download
    3) click open
    4) click create new account
    5) put in desired username, and password, and password again to verify
    6) change status to “SkypeMe”
    7) wait for someone to contact you

    ** or **
    6) install one of the many plugins to randomly contact someone who has set their status to “SkypeMe”
    7) contact someone.

    chat roulette changed the process to

    1) go to chatroulette.com
    2) click “authorizes access to microphone and webcam”

    ** or **

    2) just view other people.

    so the process is much more accessible to idiots. so what comes with this accessibility? the skype program is run completely on your own computer. you control when anyone has access.

    the chatroulette process requires giving a 3rd party web browser plugin access to your webcam by domain. this is very bad. it would be the same if someone started a free toilet cleaning business, but they required your house keys and alarm codes. any hacker or virus that can control your computer (sadly, probably everyone), they can pretend they are chatroulette via your hosts file and redirect requests to chatroulette to their IP, then have access to your microphone and camera… so any site that runs html advertisements (pretty much everywhere including this site) a malicious person could run ads that could enable them to gain access to your microphone and camera. or chatroulette could directly make partnership deals with other sites and offer the access to the highest bidder…. then after they are caught, claim someone must have “hacked” them.

    it is RETARDED. something only a RETARD would do.

    just to justify my continued assault on your intellect, i consider your question equal to me asking you, “so cal, what do you think about drinking bleach?”

    the legal implications are certainly interesting… have fun solving them.

  10. also… chat ROULETTE?

    where is the fucking marble? where are the numbers? where is the green 0?

    why is this not called chatblackjack.com? or chatcraps.com? or chatmightnotlikewhatyouget.NET?




    next person to say chatroulette gets killed.

    i’m serious.

    i have guns.

  11. 1. See you in Iowa
    2. I was gonna invite you to crash at my house this weekend but we’ll be in fabulous Mount Horeb doing karaoke. Wwhazz would probably have you at his house though
    3. If you come up to Madison tonight you can hang out with me, wwhazz and lawman
    4. CHATROULETTE makes perfect sense since, in Russian roulette, you have a chance to have a gun go off in your face and here you have quite a chance of have some naked pervert go off in your face
    5. BY GAWD


  13. How you feeling this morning? Me? Rootin tootin. Just had leftover tacos.

    I heartily endorse The Bayou cajun joint.

  14. I put in a sub-par performance last night. Too much too soon. I need to get my pacing in order for next weekend, or i’ll be sitting alone at the Canny by 10:00.

  15. Uke made the WWE hall of fame. Congrats to you, Mr. baseball.


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