Opening Day Kinda-Live Blog!


The 2010 baseball season is a time for hope, a time for joy, and not a time for cal.  Nice outdoor stadium, Twins, hopeyalike snow.  Why so glum, San Francisco? Your opening day is a rainout? Aww.  Sunny and 60 in Milwaukee.

No brats, beer, cookouts, or drunkeness for me today, thanks.  I’m just sipping coffee, pattering around computer code on my lappy, and watching Davey Nelson make one goddamn lunatic comment after another in the pregame show.  Nelly’s Nuggets!

C’mon Braun: hit like 20 dingers today.  I’d like to stone cold stunner the Dinger Kings right out of the gate.

Also: went to Ho-Chunk last night with the Laydee.  Had a kinda, sorta, ok dinner at the Copper Oak and then I Insta-Won $100 in craps, which I lost over the next 2 hours in a lunatic game of roulette where Stacy won $170.  All in all we had a nice little easter: a little gambling, a little sex, walleye.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a (hopeful) Brewers blowout win on Opening Day.  Cal: keep your junk to yourself.

182 thoughts on “Opening Day Kinda-Live Blog!

  1. Willa the Thrilla has ticks, eh? Stop draggin your pups through the woods, scientist. Quince won’t stand for ticks.

  2. yeah, they both had ticks… like 6-7 each. sooo pissed about it too, not because of the ticks, but because i think they got them on this walk i took them 1 block from our house that is a dirt road through the woods right on the edge of the freeway on a bend on top of a hill… plus we’re in the middle of nowhere so the stars are bright… i was really excited to get to take the walk everyday. so are a million fucking ticks.

    SAY LAH VEE)!#(^&!#^)&(



  4. You got to be up on the spring weather. Cold gives us safety and then: BOOM! MFing fleas and ticks are back.

    Your story inspired me to hose down the pizug.

  5. Also:

    Jon Robinson: As an MMA fan, who were some of your favorite fighters to watch?

    Brock Lesnar: Back in the day, I was a Royce Gracie fan and a fan of Tank Abbott.

  6. tank is composed 100% of what dana was crying about missing in his latest championship fight.

    counter-punching is for ladies.

  7. i’ll help you dana……. here is what you do. (lady)

    at every UFC event i suspect at least one person is detained for disturbing the peace. allow this person to avoid all charges by fighting tank abbott for a single 2 minute round.

    put that on right before the fight right before the main event.

    SO FUCKING STUPID)(#&/79/97/79

    DANA RETARD)!^&!#)^(

  8. the cold gives the TICKS safety. all that time to sit around and think about new biting technique, and frontline palatibility tricks….

    why no ticks in the bay area? never once. through much deeper woods…. no ticks.

  9. perfect spring weather every day… no ticks.

    i miss you cal…. IFORNIA!


  10. nice work zaun… i’ll bring you back to life.

    people always produce the best results when you threaten to kill them.

  11. just watched TUF… dana white sent a guy home early because he had a broken tooth.

    the ultimate homo.

    “we didn’t want to see the kid get hurt.”

  12. i can’t wait until they find a guy strong enough to pull anyone’s head off their spines… the commission will SCRAMBLE)@(^$&^@)(!^#_)

  13. really pissed big al succumbed to the power of wrinkley ass bud selig and changed MLB Secrets to Pro Rumors.

    so they aren’t secrets anymore? just secrets that other people are already talking about? still only baseball though? i’m a professional… here’s a secret: I HATE LAWYERS.

    SUCK MY TOES)(^&@)&(@^$

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