Business is Picking Up, BY GAWD!

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Business has surely picked up in the last three weeks and it’ll continue to gain steam right up until August 28th.  We’ve hit the home stretch in our current release development at work, while at the same time I’m prepping for a presentation to 400 engineers in San Francisco in early May.  I’m pretty nervous about the latter, but with my code complete deadlines I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to prepare and rehearse.

Wwhazz keeps wanting to show me spawning muskies but I’m trying to fit it in with the gym, work, wedding planning, and playing Morning Golf with Lawman.  Morning Golf is a time-honored tradition where you golf at the crack of dawn and then scamper into work relatively on time.

I want to remind you folks that Joe’s Casino is always open, and that they honor Mystique and Diamond Jo’s player cards.  Fuck it: let’s just go to Mystiquewho’swithmeamIrtieamIrite?

As I mentioned before I’ll be out in the Bay Area May 1st through the 8th– HOLLLAR at a player when you seem ‘im in the streets, trick.  In the meantime I’ll be watching the Brewers rotation either (a) work the kinks out or (b) flush the whole fuckin season down the toilet.

I’m hoping for (a).

85 thoughts on “Business is Picking Up, BY GAWD!

  1. pokerstars raped me with one final bad beat…

    turns out 200 count mini chip set meant “MINI CHIP set”, and not “mini CHIP SET”…

    the chips are all the size of nickles…..


    up 10-0 and letting it get to 10-7 was hard on my fury organ.

  2. i love cbs’s horrid show strikeforce. like a mcrib sandwich with cheese. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?#!%(&)

    such a lack of organization and what happens? big brawl on air live. GENIOUS.

  3. The brewers hurt my head to think about these days– the pitching, from starters to relievers to setup to closers, look like fucking JUNK. I am taking a small respite from the games to keep my fury organ from exploding

  4. I was reading about morels and other things you can forage for in WI when I came across this nugget:

    “Up to 600 minnows may be taken and possessed without a fishing license or bait dealers license.”

    Hot damn!!!

  5. hoffman looked like a genius the first 2 games… then he started throwing curve balls when he used to throw the high heat, and fuckers started teeing up.

    TH: THROW THE HIGH HEAT)*(&@%#)&*!%#

  6. What’s Turnbow up to these days? Think we can pull him off his part-time position at the sausage stand and get him back to throwing heat? Gagne? Coco? ALWAYS BE CLOSING!

  7. favorite part of CBS StrikeForce: the very first sentence of fight commentary included the phrase, “on the set of NCIS”

    could they more blatantly attack the credibility of MMA?

  8. it’s worth the $57… probably about what i paid in points for it… nice cards, comes with dealer button, nice case with very strong magnet lock… very good quality chips, they are just TINY. i’ll go so far as saying unusable.

    i’ll sell it to you for $47, local pick-up offered.

  9. joe’s can use them for markers and promotional chips.

    just built my own office desk… typing this from it now. give me a hammer, power drill, power saw, and a dremel with all the attachments and i can build anything.

    once i get a house = OH SNAP.

  10. also the USB drive chip was a lot bigger than i thought it would be….

    the laptop bag is very nice save for the small “PokerStars” flap, but i think i can cut it off or black it out.

  11. my itunes deduper program renamed my gang starr to gangstar… but i finally found it and lit up the neighborhood with a tribute.

    DJ Premier = not a premier DJ.

  12. CAL@(*^&)!#^&( PAY TIMMER HIS MONEY, you FUCK^&)#*@


  13. hip hop community: i bring to you tha freshness. when your multimedia view screen is over 100″, then it’s TRUBS.

    20″ rims: DUBS.
    100″ screen: TRUBS. 3 digits, yo. in inches.

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