Hey Aqualung!

Funny thing happened on the way to my connection in the Denver airport: I coughed and my right lung collapsed. “Spontaneous pneumothorax” they tell me. Who’s they? Why, the superb staff at the University Hospital here in Denver! After being whisked from the airport in an ambulance I had tests done and then they put in a chest tube to suck the misplaced air out of my body.

I missed my connection.

Current status: hooked up to a bunch of machines with a tube sticking out of my side. Got some vicodin. There’s a kid up the hall screaming about his finger. They very well may not let me back on the plane (pressurized environment), so maybe I’ll grab my bindle and ride the rails back to Wisconsin. Or maybe I’ll ask them to add a couple more tubes and go all Wolf 359 on cal.

86 thoughts on “Hey Aqualung!

  1. I’m down for breaking in your house- don’t think I got nothin going on that weekend.

    Also: Hoffman sucks. Looks like brewers in general suck. Happy to be wrong. Mcghee is a bright spot! CASEY!

  2. at what point does being a “change-up specialist” cross over into being an “aged man who won’t throw the high heat”???


  3. at what point does being a “change-up specialist” cross over into being an “aged man who won’t throw the high heat”?

  4. at what point does being a “change-up specialist” cross over into an “aged man who won’t throw the high heat”?

  5. at what point does being a “change-up special-ist” cross over into an “aged man who won’t throw the high heat”?

  6. had to hyphenate “s p e c i a l i s t” or the spam filter wouldn’t post it. no one is allowed to be special.

  7. my sister started her own site… katiedishes.com where she dishes out recipes AND meals, all the while being named katie. she built it from scratch, and when i warned her of the evil chinese spam bots, she laughed at me. “why would they target my site??”

    they don’t target ANYTHING. they just SPAM. a month later and her comments are nothing but cialis ads and she’s asking me for help with CAPTCHA.

  8. katiedishes.com

    my sisters custom site that also fell pray to chinese spam bots after she laughed at me for suggesting it would probably happen soon after the site went live.

  9. Yo sceizzer, what if I came to eau claire this weekend. You up to anything? wwhazz could drop me off on friday and pick me up on sunday.

  10. hello friends, today I graduated from law school! I couldn’t have done it w/o whazzmaster.com.

    oh whazzmasterrrrrrrr, our home and native land,
    true patriot love, in all thy sons command,
    something something… the true north strong and free
    oh whazzmaster we stand on guard for thee!

    god bless us, every one!



  11. i’m free this weekend… next weekend going to brewer game on sunday, so probably racilla on friday or saturday… driving through madison, maybe stop there too.

  12. i’m pretty sure i made some sort of large concession deliverable upon graduation…

    we already forgot about that, right?

  13. i think the brewers think the 7 inning stretch is the end of the game.

    hard to watch cay see muc guh heeeeeeee play so well and lose. WHAT ELSE DO I HAVE TO DO?!#^*(&!#)(&

  14. I think we are around next Friday, but Saturday we have a wedding. Swing down if ya want. You can stay with us, but the beds are gone. I can provide a leaky air mattress and a couch though.

  15. Swilled some scotch with lawman yesterday eve at the Village Tap.

    Saw Braun bust out some sweet dance moves on the base path and had a drunken troll man accuse us of being gay boys on a gay date. He also told us that the cops in Platteville are on crack (literally) and the teachers in Stoughton are on heroin.

    After that we danced on Neviser’s grave and then had uno mas at the Moon.

    At no point in our conversation did we make fun of cal, but looking back, I am man enough to admit that was a mistake.

  16. why do the players cover their mouths when they are talking right in front of the first baseman? do they just assume first basemen are too stupid to learn to signal?

  17. yo WM, you coming up this weekend? just finished all my projects so my plans are wide open. was just planning to play the tower ridge disc golf in town and record amusing sounds.

    what are you up to june 17-19? talk to your lady about country splash at floatrite… it used to always be a hard rock show, but they switched to country. same guy owns the campground, the tubing business and the fairgrounds. he puts on these events 2 weekends a year (because that is all sommerset will let him) and he is the richest guy in town. i only know because an ex was roomates with the daugther of the town judge / high school principal / head football coach. they had the classic power / money relationship so I got free back stage passes every year, and they lived across the street from the grounds so we got to stay there free too.

    basically you go camp out and everyone in the campground gets drunk and it’s one giant party, then next day you go tubing all day and get drunk on the river (legal… also legal to litter empty cans in river… fun)… then festival multi stage concert all night back to campground for another party. i’m in.

    got beef?! any tom, dick, or sawyer
    callllll up CAL, he’s the scientist’s lawyer!
    AND HE’S IN BROOKLYN… has a partner named greg.
    extra large pants, has a dick for a leg

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