Hapy Burfing

Let’s get this out of the way: hapy burfing, bellygirl and good luck with your new griddle.  You could have had ours but you didn’t ask.

Thanks to all my homeys who came over last weekend and showed Joe they could roll– I apologize for ‘falling asleep’ right there on the couch.  UFC was only ok, with the main event result bringing things up slightly from the basement where it started.  Chuck Liddell SMASHED == perfectly fine result in my mind.

We’re hitting the start of the busiest summer in recent memory so some of these threads’ll have to hold ya for awhile, whazzers.  Hapy Burfing Everyone, Young And Old!

77 thoughts on “Hapy Burfing

  1. what about this one:

    “I have two children, one of whom is a boy born on a Tuesday. What’s the probability that my other child is a boy?”

    are semi-colons involved? can i sue?

  2. Why stop at S. Detroit? How about turning 8 Mile into a hip hop amusement park? Go Carts on dubs.

    Or get them broke bitches to sell us back the Upper Peninsula. Or, since they are so broke, we should just take it.

    Side note: we have a cabin in the UP from Aug 9-13. Ya’ll are e-vited.

  3. english and math nerds conclude the odds of the other kid being a boy are 13/27.



  4. I think I’m gonna miss UFC this weekend, though I really want Brock to win (of course).

    Other than that, I doughnut give a cal about the rest of the card.

    I guess I could leave the cabin in Crandon at like 9:30 and roll to Rhinelander, get there (!) at about 10:15, watch the main event, roll home.

    Obstacles: sobriety (and how to obtain it after a day at the lake), gettoitness (do I want to drive for an hour plus to see one fight?), other fun stuff happening at the cabin while I am gone.

  5. could i win wimbledon? probably not. could i beat these CHUMPS in the quarterfinals? EASILY.

  6. are you going to be near marinette? big 4 of J party on at my doctor relative’s lakefront doctor party mansion. prob wouldn’t notice the $39 on the cable bill from the waiter’s butler’s front house.

    the WAITER has a BUTLER… and the BUTLER has a WAITER… ALL SEPARATE CABLE BILLS()*#^&)!(&#^)&(!$^

  7. I think I just gotta make the drive… or see of the bar is hillbilly enough to let in kids, then I can get a H.S. cousin to drive me up. Or kick and scream and cry until my wife drives me.

    Best fighting system: PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LESNAR WILL CRUSH<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  8. Did any of you ever see him fight in a bar? 99.99% of the fans think he is a kunt with a cap K. I give him most hated ever, with Bisbing second and Koshcheck 3rd.

  9. Carwin looks to muscle-y. I think he’ll gas if Brock can dodge his 5-xl hands for the first round. Then brock can unleash his 4-xl mitts.

    Brock’s got this, easy.

  10. My UFC pal wwhazz is OOO this weekend– scientist wanna come down and watch lesnar rip face? I’ll get it probably, and spacebee works PMs this weekend.

  11. can’t keep up with your wackity schmackity words. lose the swords.

    the movie Year One kinda sucked. seems crazy given the cast, but sure enough.

  12. i couldn’t get through year one either… much respect to jb and mc, but they were just jobbin’ for the studio to push their “humans have come so far but also not far at all and maybe backwards” propaganda.

    right by my house there is a giant bridge… the “north crossing” of the eau claire river by dell’s pond. on the west bank, there is this giant crow that has been there EVERY SINGLE TIME i’ve crossed. he either perches on the median divider, or up on one of the street lights. i argued with rach-o for a while that that crow is the don of eau claire… perched above a beautiful bounty of nature. the victor in the game of evolution. human pride would not allow her to agree with me.

    want to beat brock lesnar? KICK HIS KNEES.

  13. in other nature news, there is a giant runoff puddle at the end of my street, right before the tick woods start… it is FULL of tadpoles. SMART tadpoles. you walk by and they all swim to the other side. are they all smart, or just one, and then like i learned on the original kings of comedy, do all the other black tadpoles just follow along? i hope the puddle doesn’t dry up before the frog party starts.

  14. pants on the ground. pants on the ground…. greg’s lookin’ like a FOOL with cal’s pants on the ground

  15. i left town for the weekend… the don of eau claire bid me adieu… coming home: the don is missing. in his place: a cream feathered falcon with golden wings. bird racism.

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