The Don of Eau Claire

I didn’t do much over the July 4th weekend.  Spacebee had to work so I puttered around the house, did laundry, played some League, and then watched Brock Lesnar hulk up and kill Carwin. HOOOOOOOGAN! We’ll even be presenting a replay tonight for those that missed it.  The Lieben fight was also great; that dude is like a Terminator.  You punch him in the face, he doesn’t flinch, and then he punches you in YOUR face.  Take that, jerk.

The threat of thunderstorms hung over the midwest late in the weekend and I sat down to think about the Don of Eau Claire and where he goes during T-Storms.  A tree, I suppose, or possibly a social club.

I got my iPhone 4 in the mail a little whiles back.  It’s pretty ok… super fast compared to my 3G.  Seriously, when I upgraded the 3G to iOS4 it ran like a snail fucked another slow thing and produced slower offspring.  The main problem with the iPhone 4 is the highly technical task “making calls.”  As a little computer in my pocket the iPhone 4 is awesome.  As a phone it’s pretty terrible.  I blame it partly on AT&T’s fucking terrible service, and partly on Apple’s terrible antenna design.  I heard that The Eternal Rumor (i.e., iPhone on Verizon) is going to come true in January 2011 so I guess we’ll have to wait until then to see how much Fucking AT&T is a part of this mess.

I wonder where Cal is.  In a tree, I suppose, or perhaps a social club.

67 thoughts on “The Don of Eau Claire

  1. UG. i’m a liar now? CAL, can i sue?

    there should be an internet escrow service that you have to post something to before calling someone a liar. CAL CAL CLA)(*!#&^)(!#&

    YOU’RE MY ONLY HOPE!#)^(&!#^

  2. rach-o caught me giggling while i was posting before and asked what it was about… i said cal was freaking out because his bar exam is 2 weeks from tuesday. she insisted i pass on the message from her to cal, “good luck!” i believe her wishes to be genuine. so, message delivered.

    i have a dialog between 2 tadpoles in my cage ready to film… it might take a while to edit and i have a bunch to get done at work. tadpoles. stuck in a cage. talking to each other. about growing legs and lungs. maybe i’ll make it a 60 min relaxation piece where they only talk a little at a time so i don’t catch them talking.

    law & order reruns are still good. that jeweler who shot the robber fleeing his store who was reaching for something in a parked car… what BS. murder 2? what did your professors have to say about that episode? was there a group study in the library about it? when did it become illegal to be GANGSTER?!#@%&*(

  3. zoomed in on tadpole mouths are quite humorous. all puckered and smiley.

    more interesting: snail mouths…. but if you can’t metamorph, you ain’t gangster.

  4. you bald fucker i’m aobut to be filtered out I HATE YOU. this is because i wasted multi hours on whazzmaster during law school in class instead of listening to professor speak the truth. the bar exam truth, ruth. wtf, btw wtf. i’m doomed. but i appreciate the kindness of rach-o. my future is shot. i am doomed. i want to see the tadpole movie. for gods sake man give me the movie. all is lost

    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
    The best lack all conviction, while the worst
    Are full of passionate intensity.

  5. those creepy law professors turned cal to HATRED. buy guns.

    does your lady friend whisper legal opinions in your ear like dr. diane turner did for thornton melon? what about your lady friend that isn’t greg?

    would you like to bet on yourself failing? that would be gangster. i’ll give you $10 action. take the odds.

  6. Tadpoles grow legs, become frogs. I get it. The HR derby? Not so much.

    A few weeks back Belly wanted to rent the Lovely Bones. I shot it down citing that I wasn’t in a killing and raping a little girl mood. Now we just got it from netflix. She asked me if I wanted to watch it and I said yes. She asked me if that means I’m in a killing and raping a little girl mood. I guess, yes.

  7. stupid cal made me waste so much money. had to go to target to get a webcam so he’d stop crying like a little girl, and i see they have the new PS3 slim 250 GB backwards compatible systems with MLB 2010 included. had to buy that and extra controller, and street fighter IV, and the new prince of persia, and a blue ray controller, and then i have to get a fucking blue ray movie, because why would i get a blue ray player and blue ray controller without a blue ray movie. they movie i got: avatar. blue people. seemed appropriate. cal, if you fail this bar and can’t pay me back, you might wake up to find your smart car went stupid. because i fucked it up. because you set in motion events that led to all this debt. it is on your shoulders. you need to start bringing money in. perhaps start shitting the burritozilla out while you’re still finishing it. i don’t give a shit what you do. PAY ME.

  8. got home with PS3 at 8pm… plugged it all in, 3 minutes… took until after 10pm until i saw a title screen of a game. LONG SETUP. ALL CAL’S FAULT!#^)&(!#^)(&!#^ TORT TORT TORT TORT TORT TORT TORT

  9. don’t let belly paint you into the rape corner. it’s not that you weren’t in a killing and raping a little girl mood, it’s that you WERE in a mood to NOT kill or rape a little girl. now you are not in a mood to not kill or rape a little girl, which is what changes watching the movie to acceptable. TORT.

  10. Me too. Not much action right now though, snails trying to steal the show, moving around slow as… snails.

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