All The Way, Man. All. The. Way.

Hum dee doe, taking out the garbag– OMG. OH MY FUCKING GOD!

That’s a full-on double rainbow all across the sky. For a minute there I thought it was turning into a TRIPLE rainbow, but alas I was wrong.

116 thoughts on “All The Way, Man. All. The. Way.


  2. i’m staying at jay’s friday night… he is throwing someone a surprise party, not sure if he’ll be free to play. rach-o is talking about getting a good nights sleep on friday… if you mentioned her name on here it might guilt her into coming.

  3. leave a message after the mother fuckin’ beep.

    my trip to madison to see a wedding BEGINS)*(&@#^)(&*!#%^)_*!^#

  4. and anyone who can, please watch tomorrow at 10 am CST and spy on my landlord showing our apartment while it’s full of all my baller shit. if they touch ANYTHING i’m bombing something.

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