Getting Caught Up

Morning Of

We’re back from the California minimoon and we’re at the Beginning of the Beginning of things getting back to normal around here.  I’ve dumped the 250 odd photos from the last two weeks into the computer and, in doing so, realized that I have a shitload of photos/movies/music on this compy.  My macbook HD is brimming since dumping the video and digital cameras from the wedding– I decided to try dipping my toe in the NAS game to try to lighten the load.

I went for a Synology NAS and 8TB of hard drive room.  With luck that shouldn’t fill up for at least a year.  We’ll see if the firmware is as baller as the web site makes it out to be.  I’m also upgrading to Aperture 3 from iPhoto for managing my photos; all in preparation for my imminent 5D purchase.

Click here to view our professional photos and order prints if you want.  We’ve also got some Flickr photosets ready to roll:

I gotta get the UW Band movie ready to rock-n-bowl on YouTube but it’s not done yet.  HOLLLARIT!

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  1. Two pros at the final table. They keep picking off easy all ins. Idiots push with air, pros wake up with AA or KK. Riggish.

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