Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-12

  • Back to work tomorrow. Sigh. #
  • Looking forward to getting RVM working on my main home dev computer tomorrow evening #
  • I didn't have enough time to really get RVM working with gemsets. Result: cucumber no longer works for the project I'm working on. Sigh. #
  • I am the last stop on UPS' daily rounds. This makes me sad when I see the order tracking say "Out for delivery, 6:18am" #
  • @evilantnie Dude! i assume not but (*crosses fingers*) did your pax hookup get that LoL Jax skin code? in reply to evilantnie #
  • Had a nice homecoming LoL game this morning- 2/0/9 with an early surrender. I'm about 100XP from lvl 30 now- woot #
  • Lvl 30 in League of Legends! #

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134 thoughts on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-12

  1. katie is in europe for a month i guess… in germany now… new post when she gets back.


  2. Cal’s beating me 6-4, but more impressively, he’s been a real early bird. I got up at 5:17 am to have first crack at Thursday’s pitchers: CAL had already swooped in and got the good ones at 3:11 am.


  3. madd-i don’t have any problem with buying gently used but after looking into it i’m going to get the deluxe steam mop. thank u for your recs– they convivced me to go down this path. i’m going to get it tonight at my favorite store target– unless walmart has it for significantly less. just in time for company coming friday night. glad can be used as a house cleaning forum. how’s rach-ho feeling? are you planning on getting alien pics? nowadays most people get talked into the 4D ultrasound…keep me posted… i’m curious
    oh– anyone know how the fuddrukus family is doing at their resort in Singapore?

  4. for a short time, we were a two-vacuum cleaner family (one up, one down), which made me soooo happy. but that time has come to an end. RIP AO’s vac.

    wwhazz + bellygirl, who’s going to clean your vents? I want ours done, too. That sounds dreamy.

  5. vents: not sure– someone cheap who sent us a coupon–wwhazz is setting it up. coupons at home– we can tell u tonight. how come u want to do it– what with your smoking habbit and all? hhahahahaa
    i agree fuck 4D ultrasound and ultrasounds in general….queeesh cooks just fine without constantly checking in……use techology for something more important not so people can post alien photos of their babies as their profile pics.

  6. did fielder get traded? he’s had a different attitude in the dugout lately… like he just got a bunch of money and is going somewhere warm. happiness without care. i’m concerned.

  7. we have the appointment for ultrasounding and genderealization of the baby on friday. if they try to upsell the 4D, i’ll ask matter-of-factly, “can it tell if the baby is black?” then after 2 seconds of confusion, “i’m just bullshittin’ ya, charlie… just do what we came here for.”

  8. guy at the restaurant last night greeted us, “would you like a sample of the house red?” duh… of course… so he pours it, and before i taste it i order something else to drink. weren’t expecting that, were you CHARLIE?!


  9. what if your ultrasound shows a keeesh with a heart beat– will you be sad? happy? relieved? pissed? will u name it charlie?

  10. rachel is getting bigger, so smart money on the thing is growing, and without a localized pulse, that is almost impossible.

    maybe it’s a tumor?

    i expect a pulse.

  11. man. how about smart money IS on the thing is growing…

    and then, without a localized pulse, growing is almost impossible.

    i’ll pay 10:1 that it’s not a tumor.

  12. oh dear wwhazz, good morning! do you see my new team? how do you like it? do you have all your affairs in order? bless you you have put on quite a show but now, now is the end. you see my friend i’ve gone skeezer style and i am burning midnight oil to SMITE you… you jfldkajflkdajflkdajhflkdahfakkdsajhflksadjf i will destroy the “little enchanters” the end! the end! the end! the end! THE ENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDD

  13. I was on there at the same time making 3 am fantasy adds, you dick. I thought about hiring madd to make my adds for me. I wanted Wade Davis and I got Wade Davis, you buttafucco.

  14. Looking it over, you actually did a really good job. Smart add/drops. You are a crafty Taliban-like opponent, but I am HOGANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!


  15. rach-o just let me know that this friday we are just listening for a heartbeat… no alien pictures… no pictures of any kind. that is at 20 weeks… i don’t know what week we’re on.

    my cousin adam and his wife becky are expecting within days of us. it’s a race.

  16. yo cal and AO, 2 dudes were drunk in a car and killed someone… cops show up and they won’t say who was driving, so the cops charge them both with the same crime.

    can the defendants use that fact in their defense? like “how could i be guilty of this? you are claiming that guy is guilty… if he is guilty and you believe that, then how could i be guilty?”

    just curious, cause i’ve been out of the drink-drive game for a while, and i’m seeing a glimmer of hope to get back in.

  17. When the Million Dollar man offer Hogan 1 million dollars for the WWF Championship, Hogan answered: HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When you offered a side bet, I answered: HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I already have my picks scouted to week 17. A road map to victory.

    I think the baby prize should be awarded to the kid who can stay inside the longest.

  18. so what’s the bet? how about the winner, who obviously has a much greater intellect, is staked in a poker tournament where the winnings will be split 50/50?

  19. 1-I’m the proud owner of the shark deluxe steam mop and I can’t wait to clean the floors tonight

    2-I thought it seemed goofy that u were getting gender and ultrasound so early…. heartbeat first. I always thought it was a fun challenge to find heartbeats in early pregnancy….it can be kinda tricky and you’re under a lot of pressure cause the mom and whoever is with her is silent and staring at you….but once u find it it’s a party…it’s goes super fast 150-160 bpm

    3-I’m looking forward to having our pittsville friends use our house for a pit stop. too bad hadders has to go to baraboo

    4-wwhazz makes amazing wild rice and mushroom soup with frozen morels….i’m soo lucky…sigh

    5-parker farted while i was petting his belly this morning and it smelled like rotten dog food– i think he was too relaxed

    6-the robot that answers the phone at wwhazz’s work sounds like a pervert

    7-the theme of my upcoming weekend involves UW Sports- VBall Fri and FBall Sat

    8-I’m a model in a fashion show tonight (2nd year in a row) it’s a big deal and u should all ask for my autograph. for real it’s a work charity thing and i have to swing a coat over my shoulder smoothly as I turn around at the end of the cat walk and i’m worried about laughing …

  20. only if i can stay at your house wednesday night. i’m not sure about that baseball game… i’ll probably just leave for home around 8am thursday to slave some more for the man.

  21. The robot is a real person. A real evil person. He always sends emails about stupid rules and policies and furloughs and pay cuts and adding extra students to classes. He concludes his emails with “if you ever have any problems, please do not hesitate to call me.”

    And if someone contacts him, POOF– Fired.

  22. Madd- you are welcome to stay at our house on weds. we can set up the tent for u in the basement if you wanna have a fort.

    does the robot ever act like a pervert in his emails?

  23. Last night, I saw the Sunny that had Roddy Roddy Piper and his trunk of chestnuts.

    The match at the end was pretty good.

  24. which sunny was it that frank said they were going to get “weird”? the intervention one? either way i liked it.

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