Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-12

  • Back to work tomorrow. Sigh. #
  • Looking forward to getting RVM working on my main home dev computer tomorrow evening #
  • I didn't have enough time to really get RVM working with gemsets. Result: cucumber no longer works for the project I'm working on. Sigh. #
  • I am the last stop on UPS' daily rounds. This makes me sad when I see the order tracking say "Out for delivery, 6:18am" #
  • @evilantnie Dude! i assume not but (*crosses fingers*) did your pax hookup get that LoL Jax skin code? in reply to evilantnie #
  • Had a nice homecoming LoL game this morning- 2/0/9 with an early surrender. I'm about 100XP from lvl 30 now- woot #
  • Lvl 30 in League of Legends! #

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134 thoughts on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-12

  1. i think it was the gang tries out for the eagles… who are most certainly going to win this week and then fall into a spiral of uncertainty. the lsd made him weird. no one has ever drugged me… that’s weird.

  2. and bg, i’m assuming “weds” means “wednesdays”… it is very generous of you to allow me to stay uninvited and unannounced on any wednesday.

  3. My boner for sunny is starting to flap in the wind.

    My comedy preference is the absurd and the whole cast repeats their same gags over and over. Sara Silverman destroys this show.

  4. i watched the trailor park boys first movie last night… i had already seen it and forgot. high quality trubilization.

    i sadly have to concede the screen might be TOO BIG. i was watching the KANGS, and the audience members were life sized, and it was a little distracting…


  5. Did you like Trailer Park Boys?

    I loved the hockey tournament, the wedding, the court scene. I spend A LOT of time thinking about doing the big dirty.

  6. new HD webcam comes today… demesticated will be back online… probably switch out between backyardcam and trubvision8001.

    the crabs are still alive. i am stuck in the game. i can’t throw them out.

  7. re drunk driving: Kate says, and I agree, they can probably both use this as a defense. But in that story, only one of the guys was charged with the homicide. Both were charged with drunk driving. One guy was definitely driving = drunk driving. Other guy tried to back up car (according to police) = drunk driving, even if the car can’t move (in WI at least). But guy charged with homicide could definitely try to argue other guy was driving and caused the death.

  8. later tonight there will be a surprised trubstravaganza.

    a mystery science trubin’ 4000 experience. the madd scientist drinks a litre of whiskey and watches short circuit…


  9. over 2 hours of router fucking around with to get my shit to work again.

    fuck you in the ass charter. )#&%!)&(!#%^()!&#

    FRIDAY NIGHT = WASTED. time to get drunk on the internet.

  10. trubbin the wisco game. probably trubbin the packer game tomorrow. is that dumb? will i get sued? cal, will you protect me and keep me out of federal prison where i will surely be forced to kill another inmate to gain respect and ensure i’ll never be released… NEVER. BE. RELEASED. CAL)!(#&%)!(#&% HELP ME)!(&#%)(&!#^ CAN I TRUB THE NFL? what percentage of the screen or audio could be incidental retransmission? on a nano scale it is impossible to not retransmit anything at least on some level, so we’re already talking relative perception, the trubbin’ is what is going on in my trub room… the retransmission is incidental…

    cal, don’t make me kill someone in jail.

  11. nah… it was informative… like quincy when he decides to not try fighting back and see how much damage willa can do with bites to the neck… then he wakes up in the second half and remembers he is supposed to win, and then gets the job done and blocks an extra point.

    blocking an extra point to win isn’t ugly… it’s techniCAL.

  12. Argh. I pick like a girl, being a girl. I stand by my &))”&$):/)”!$@? pick, though. Bears barely squeak by the Lions at home? Dallas loses its first game on the road? They’re gunning! Oops. Guess not. Consolation? Cowasses lose.

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