Whazzmaster Survival Football 2010

The Winner's Spoon

And with that, the 2010 Whazzmaster Survival Football contest has begun. My pick for the Super Bowl? Packers over the Yankees in a surprise cross-sport matchup.  The final prize pool is as follows:

  • Wooden spoon
  • Beer (12-pack of Supper Club)
  • One bottle of Dom P
  • Will Purdue’s autographed size 27 shoe
  • A new-in-box Slap Chop

Yesterday was me and the wife’s two week anniversary.  Smooth sailing, all the way across the sky.

I also took in a child’s birthday party yesterday at Elmwood Plaza Lanes in sunny Racine, Wisconsin.  Fun was had by all, as is evidenced by this photo:


5 thoughts on “Whazzmaster Survival Football 2010

  1. Things got real weird at the depot last night; at around 12:30 in the AM about 20-25 people showed up who came from a Justin Bieber House Party. I can say without a doubt that each and every one of the young men and women that celebrated the life and times of that weird little girl was ugly as sin. You could see the desperation in the ugly young mens’ eyes as they mentally calculated just how much shame they would have to endure in order to feel up one of the ugly young womens’ tits. They took over the juke-ah-box and put on a bunch of Bieber shit, then they pranced around like they owned the place. Spacebee and I started doing shots, and then I don’t remember the rest.

  2. It did get a little weird…wwhazz was doing science experiments…a girl speaking jibberish was pukin and I was wearing pepto bismal colored high heels and dancing on the coffee table for Parker.
    Happy belated 2 week anniversary whazzmaster and spacebee.
    MADD–what is the name of the shark–my research says there are three shark steam options–what are ur recs?

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