Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-19

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104 thoughts on “Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-19

  1. Whazzin from the lobby of the pfister–where wwhazz and i are living the good life. Eating pastry, drinking coffee and managing the little enchanters all while a dapper gentleman in a suit plays the piano. It’s a funny life when there are people around every corner waiting to pick up your late nite room service dishes and garbage from your dirty car. I could get used to this….

  2. Game was fun–I got the closest I ever have to catching a home run ball–it was the prince fielder one right after the weeks home run. I was waiting for the guys to pee and weeks hit his home run so I went over to the railing in right field to check it out. There I met two drunko nerdy gentleman–dude #1 almost fell off his stool for no reason and thought no one saw–but I told him I saw it and ge looked very graceful. Dude #2 was asking what we were talking about when princey hit a smash to right field–before I knew it the ball was coming right at dude #2 and I was standing right behind him–he reached out his hands and it hit them and bounced forward into the bleachers–a skinny guy in a Braun jersey with a long pony tail got it. Dude #1 ran down there and thought he could get it from him since his friend had sacrificed his hand and all–that plan did not work—pony tail man was runnin all over the stands exploding with excitement. So close….did anyone see me on tv?

  3. i already deleted the game and time thought it could use the 3 hours of HD space and removed it from the trash bin.


  4. god damn i’m stupid… actually my tivo is… i have it said to record every game and i watch them live while i work as a nondistracting distraction… it is set to only record new games on their first run… i’d never watch a recorded game, but i’ll watch every game live. ANYWAYS… i’m watching and weeks hits a homer then fielder hits a homer and i’m like “wow… just like the game before”… then i realize IT’S A REPLAY OF THE GAME I WANTED. I WAS WATCHING THE GAME I WANTED AND THOUGHT I LOST. me = dum. now to find the clip of you and put it on youtubes.

  5. pony tail dude looked happier than anyone i’ve ever seen get a ball. knowing that someone approached him and asked for the ball is delicious. i think i knew which blob of color you were, but it’s not worth posting… they missed the shot.

  6. people are hyping the magic lantern firmware for canon digital SLRs…

    it adds features i guess…

  7. i have some bad news that i feel i should share with everyone…

    i just found out i’m celibate.

  8. I’m glad you’ve finally admitted it. How exactly did you find out? Pee test? Phone call from doctor? Do you think they have a hallmark card for that shit?

  9. Yikes–how impersonal. We just listened to the piano man fart version and I’ll do my best to post it–it’s CALaroius. Also we’ve been singing “and all that poop” all day long.

  10. Taking in a kill bill marathon- it’s (scientist high falsetto) TIIIIITE! I sawr the first one in a San Mateo theater with good ole em-ay-double-dee hisself.

  11. I was telling lawman just this morning that we need to lay down a Whazzmaster Album. Tracks include “That’s How I (Play Golf)”, “What Can’t Ya Do? (At the Canfield)”, and various fart- and poop-based songs by the MAaaaaaaaaa Scientist. Cal can sing that adorable German knick-knack store jingle he loves so much. In the video for “That’s How I(Play Golf)” I imagine wwhazz dressed as Tom Cruise from Tropic Thunder. We’re playing golf and he jumps our golf cart over a crocodile and lands it at bikini volleyball team practice. Then we look at each other and (at the same time) “awwww yeah!” Then we high five.

  12. the labb is fully functional…. j-dilla is a production master…. 2 songs finished and we spent half the night making a video with the trubalizer. fly him up here from ray ray and he’ll get shit done.

  13. had a big doe in the yard today. i took a picture. it ran for the busy street… i was like “oh noes, i make crash”… but then the deer stopped at the curb, looked both ways, waited for a clearing, and then ran.

    they are getting smarter. but at the same time, the doe was looking right at me while i had a fix on her broad side for 20 seconds… WHY DON’T I ALWAYS CARRY A GUN?#!^$()&*!%#^)(*

  14. i’m knocking out a fart song today… that makes like 5+ for the cd and we having even made the colabo jam (at the canfield) yet. i think i have the cd name figured out:

    “str8 Whazzin’!!”


  16. while zinging o’neil on the survivor board, i might have come up with the name of the CD or the artist:


  17. if the packers win tonight: i’ll bestow upon the whazzin’ world an mp3 encoded produced audio sampling, containing stylized performances by the madd scientist and j-dilla, entitled, “every dick in my mouth”.

  18. One week left in fantasy baseball and I got a huge lead. $600 about to be shipped! Forget playing for houses, I’ll just keep rolling at 1-2 limit!

  19. Actually, $550. I will respectfully decline going after the estate of one player.

    I’m more about the honor of winning anyway. Honor and a t-shirt.

  20. I could actually still lose, too. I’m up 9-1-1 and I have all the tie breakers. So I can still play for a tie and win. I’m going for 12-0 though 🙂

  21. What’s up for your birthday, whazzypuss? Parlay cards and the Dezpot?

    Yahtzee tournament?

    Low key? High key?

    We are out of town Friday night, but back Saturday afternoon.

  22. We might have trouble with dinner before Wicked, but we can meet you at the IP– or anywhere you want– after the show.

    Keep me posted via posts

  23. I have not seen a UFC since May. The night Z’s lung blew out, to be exact.

    Last weekend’s looked like shit though.

  24. mir vs cro cop was the battle of the least washed up. i don’t think i’ve won a ufc bet EVER)&*!#%!)#&(%

  25. Roctober 23, I think. LESNAR, I know.

    Not sure if I’m around that weekend, so on trubs works for me LIVE! at your house or wherever I am.

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