Happy Fun Time


The birthday went extremely well: it was super classy right up until we walked into the Depot and I drank the proffered bucket of irish whisky.  Dinner was at The Tornado and I took advantage of their Prime Rib dinner; don’t know how I got so much meat for $20 but it was worth it.  Afterward we made our introductions to Graze, a new swank drinkery/eatery on the Capitol Square.

They had a cocktail made out of: vodka, club soda, Emergen-C.  We ordered several rounds of them, confident and smug in the knowledge that we would NOT be hungover the next day.

And indeed, my hangover on Sunday was micro.  Mini, in fact.  I attended a performance of Wicked with Spacebee and her parents, and came away ‘meh.’  I appreciated the technical aspects of putting on a show like that, but the whole music and dancing didn’t appeal to me very much. Say lah vee.

Testing 1…2…3…

I’m always trying to make this weird website a little nicer. So here’s a test of the Whazzmaster Video Broadcast System:

175 thoughts on “Happy Fun Time

  1. i cant follow this. did you get a whazz machine or not? i like the one on the boom link. wwhazz is right. it is classy. if they queen of england whazzed she would prefer this table whazz. refined.


  2. i wonder if the queen would drink crown and coke while she played… THE GAME IS ALSO A TABLE)(&!#%^&*(!#%^*(&)!#^()*!#^%

    SET YOUR SHIT DOWN)@#^&!)(#^&!#)(&!#^)(7!#^()&^!#_(!#^*^_(!#*

  3. At whazzmaster’s b-day party, I had my very first Crown and Coke. Age 34, first one. In fact, I had two.

    It was also my first vodka Emergen-C. Also, two.

    The rest of my drinking was fairly conventional: scotch and soda (dewers, mac 12), port, miller lite.

    Your zzzzzzzzzzza, your majesty. Please allow the table to hold your drink. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz: LONGEST WHAZZ EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Still my fav post ever.

    A post about hogan by the madd one:

    AHHHHH!@#%(*^!#(%*^ RUN IN!

    it’s….. ITS….

    BY GAWD, IT’S THE MIZ*!#^&)(#!^&)*^)(@*^#!

    what’s this? he’s asking the hulkster to smell his fingers…. by gawd… BY GAWD LOOK AT THE SCREEN! HE WAS BACKSTAGE FINGERING BROOKE HOGAN!


    THE HULK SMELLS IT! he can tell! HE CAN TELL!!#^*(&!#)(&!#^


  5. someone should animate it.

    also no excuse not to make “Bad Tilapia” with the new cam…

  6. Yep, we should make it. No excuse.

    I’m going to San Diego tomorrow… staying at a place that is a 10 min walk from the Palomar. HOLLLARIT!!!!!

  7. Should I go across the street for the pie or tip the chick to bring it to me? It sounds rather regal to dine on a pot pie while capping a kill pot.

    The fact that I like the Palomar better than the Lady defies everything that defines me.

    Lucky Lady has air hockey, booze, Chinese food, louder Pai Gow players, better game selection, magazines to read, and way cleaner bathrooms, yet I choose Palomar.

  8. Zach, timmer is pretty sure that Friday works better than Saturday. We can leave Madison between 3 and 4.

  9. Awesome tito quote:

    “He’s been babied his whole life coming from being deaf of course and he’s going to be babied after when I knock him out. He’s slow; he’s like a big slow ox. I’m going to pick him apart and I know his corner can’t really tell him what to do and show him the mistakes he does. I’ve noticed he’s deaf, so he has a soft head, you hit him with more and more shots. You people don’t know this. Watch how Franklin knocked him out quick. You hit them with soft shots because their equilibrium, they don’t have no equilibrium. And you hit them with shots and you hit them with small shots, I’m not looking’ for big shots. I’m looking’ for small shots. Little small shots and by the second, middle of the third round you’re going to see someone going to sleep and I’ll snuggle him.”

  10. i offered $200 for the 99 cocktail… he countered for $300.

    $25 to pallet and wrap + shipping. i don’t see how i can say no. can someone figure out the best shipping rate?

  11. 1. you gotta get that cocktail man!
    2. so, does ‘pretty sure’ mean I should SHIPE IT to the dude? couldn’t tell if that was the final answer.

  12. $300 is an awesome price, but shipping! SHIPPIOJGN!!!!!!!!

    Every time I google “how to ship an arcade game” I lose my mind. A straight answer is nearly impossible to come across.

    I’m not too excited about simply moving ours from GB to my casa.

  13. i got the quote down to $350 if i leave it at a shipping hub and pick it up… probably in madison or twin cities…

    i think i have to pass. shipping is too big a hassle.

  14. does the truck have a cover on the back? are you going to lay it down or stand it up and tie the shit out of it?

  15. selling mine for $600 doesn’t seem nearly as bad after being offered one for $300…

    if i got that one we could swap jamma boards…

    i’d probably buy a couple more red buttons and swap out the blue and get some “left” “right” golden tee stickers…. that fucking thing looks CLEAN too…

    hold on… checking mailbox for latest paycheck

  16. I am an idiot: No clue, useful as a little girl when it comes to this stuff.

    I’ll consult timmer and zach, and belly’s pa– her dad will probably be in Green Bay that night because Ab has a volleyball game. I’m going to ask him to come over and help us get her strapped in.

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