The Sports Minute


Brewers suck. Packers suck. Badgers suck.

If you have any video you want featured on just email it to me or send me a burned CD with it.  I have the awesome power to host video now.

We’ll also get some good whazz videos now that we have formed voltron and started buying up whazz machines all over the midwest.  Annual Whazz Tourney is back, you weirdos!

67 thoughts on “The Sports Minute

  1. can rach-o brock it up on saturday? she is my statistician… she remembers every fight.

    i’m not sure she wants to, but she didn’t immediately dismiss it when i asked if she wanted to come with.

  2. A few questions about the move…

    1. Can you get the size: length, width, height, weight. The more info the better because timmer has two choices: a van or a giant ass truck. The van would be easier, but we have no idea if it fits.
    2. Can the unit be laid down or does it have to be hauled upright?
    3. Do we need to do any special packaging/prep to move it?
    4. I have the dolly– are there any other special supplies I need?

    Can you answer or email these questions to dude asap? Maybe ask him if he has any advice for moving it, ok? Andy cannot help us, so it’s just me and timmer. How many dudes does it take to lift a whazzmachine?

  3. From wikipedia:

    “A cocktail cabinet. This style is sometimes referred to as ‘Japanese’ or ‘Aussie’ style.”

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