Happy Whazz-O-Ween

my halloween costume
That Dude’s Fat

Hoppy Hollow-Weenie everyone! I got a new whazzball in the mail this week, and will be installing it in Wwhazz’s Whazzer tonight (not a euphemism for sex) (probably).  The party this weekend should be fun as shit- I haven’t been to a good ol’ fashioned Halloween House Party in… well… maybe since college? No, it was in San Francisco; I was the Sharply Dressed Lucha (Black Suit, Slightly Undone Tie, and My Finest Lucha Mask.)

I’ll definitely have the new camera out for the Hollow-Weiner Party- need to get snaps of all the sexy nurses, carpenters, bus drivers, plus whatever ghoul bellygirl dresses as.  Here’s a hint on my costume: yesterdays I purchased a pair of dawgs.  Cryptic, no?

I picked up Rock Band 3 this week and only played it once.  It will probably be fun in a party setting, but bottom line: it’s just a disk filled with new songs.  They’re getting into the ‘well, let’s just do metal’ phase of the product lifecycle, and the I didn’t recognize the majority of the songs.  Highlights: Sister Christian, Here I Go Again, and Bohemian Rhapsody (though there’s almost no guitar on this track).



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  1. that fiberboard only comes in black… and then they go on to say that their machines are instead made from HDF… THE F STAND FOR FIBERBOARD, RETARDS.

    they are selling the exact same shit while spouting off that people shouldn’t buy the exact same shit… then they cover up their fiberboard with veneer… then they insinuate that not machine cutting is somehow better… because eliminating human error somehow makes “better edge work”??????

    trademark infringement is the final straw. i will crush them.

  2. “A Heavy Machine is a well constructed machine built to stand the test of time!”

    OR it’s the same old shitting machine with some weights thrown in.

    i don’t do business with people that LIE.

  3. That looks cool, too. I don’t really care about the “real-deal” part as long as the games play. Does goldentee work on these?

  4. $300 for case + $200 for controller + more for monitor and computer = $$$$$

    i’d rather get a jamma board made to run mame that can directly interface with the controls… any pc solution would have the control signals getting processed through multiple layers of software… it might add noticeable latency.

  5. you want to take me up on the house wager? wwhazz thinks i’m just giving you money again… i’m happy to do so. also, i need some palermos frozen pizzas…

  6. i knocked a -20 on 2k like 3rd or 4th try on a junk whazzball… i haven’t beat -13 after 30+ rounds.

    99 is way hard… i’m not sure you fools remember. tiny greens… cliffs everywhere… big wind… pin places right on the edge of every green right next to water…….. SO HARD)#(!%&)(&!#%

  7. got rancho bested a couple times up to -16, then went for 3 course run and had -16 on the 18th on aspen and stroke limited it. HARD.

  8. dudes you are nerds I can’t even understand your words

    2. 159 comments? You know how long it takes me to scroll down 159 comments on a smart phone? Why am I on a smart phone?

    3. AT&T screwed me THATS why. No internet til nov 17. Dang!

    4. I always plan on using the word “rats!” to express my dislike over missing out on an opportunity or whatever but I never remember. Rats! I forgot to use rats!

    5. Rats!

    6. Nobody comments on my thing I posted? My fav one was not the lizzard quote it was the awesome family photo with the punk kid.

    7. Hows your kid doin? Alive still?

    from, cal

  9. skeezer let me raise baby out here in frisco. We’ll ride the trolly together. Ding Ding! I’ll raise him as my own. I don’t think you are a good parent. GIVE HIM TO ME . I WILL LOVE THE CHILD. GIVE HIM TO ME. Skeezer can I teach him…. Crap I am just realizing how incredibily little I know. What a drag. LOOK WHAT YOUR STUPID KID DID. Little bastard MAKE SMALL OF ME WILL YOU? You’ll see, good luck getting raised you little IDIOT. You picked the WRONG dad dummy, see how you like a madd scientist for a FATHER. HahahahahahahahahahahahahahA YOU BLEW IT KID! Raise yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. wait. There is no friggin way you had that dumb kid. I just saw you like a second ago. She’s prob not due til january or march or something. Also how many damn whazz machines did you dudes buy? You all seem to have one. I don’t understand, I don’t understand at all. Goodnight. Jerks.

  11. GT classic for sale in racine… i really like the case… i emailed and said i’d buy for $375 if he didn’t sell it.

    your pictures told a funny story of a psychotic west coast man waiting for judgement. WHO KILLED THAT LIZARD)(&*#!&)*!#^)(&!^

    wait, cal… you only have like 1 or 2 whazz machines? you reall ARE poor. REALLY!%)&!#^%)*(&!#^()&#%!)&(!#^

  12. What courses are on classic?

    My wish list went:

    air hockey

    But the goldentee machine was a Green Bay dream that we couldn’t pass up. So it jumped the air hockey table.

    Now, I want to make a run at the air hockey table on Dec 4. After that a MAME. After that, nothing: I’m set for life. I’m still not sure if air hockey will fit in my basement…

    Re: palermos

    I want to see your house, enjoy a pizza pie, and hit the 99er, but I’m booked. We have plans every weekend from now until 2011. Dec. 4 is open, but that’s the air hockey auction. Dec 18 might be open…

    11/12: Peroia
    11/20: Milwaukee for volleyball
    11/27: Thanksgiving
    12/4: air hockey
    12/10 Oneil Party
    12/18: Open???
    12/25: Christmas
    1/1: Oneil Wedding

    Weeknights are out of the question. I work M-F 9-5. No room for road trips. January is winter break, so I can do some weeknight fun then.


  13. cal– madd’s baby is a lady– not a “he”. you really want to raise a little girl with a mustache in san fran? i didn’t know hobos could raise babies.

  14. you know how long it takes to click on the top comment on the homepage instead of clicking on the story or comments link? ONE RETARDED CAL, THAT’S HOW LONG IT TAKES.




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