If You’re Ever In Pittsville…

The Littlest Princess

…definitely stop at Baum’s Mercantile. They proprietors love the ladies, and will show them all manner of giant underpants, Packers Hitler Meme videos, plus whatever is lying around in the basement. You may even get free shoes out of the deal.

For those who couldn’t make it, Pittsville was fun as always. Brian and ktk have a wonderful home that they let us slop around in for the weekend. Cookie & Cookie II cooked a wonderful meal, including the best brussel sprouts I’ve ever ate.

I lost a somewhat non-trivial amount of money at Yahtzee, and goddamn I hate the dice and they hate me.  I truly believe that I have exhausted all dice-based luck for the next 10,000 years.

Ah well- did Cal pass the bar exam?

73 thoughts on “If You’re Ever In Pittsville…

  1. It’s snowing in my house. Cups of water are turning to oil.

    VAG hit the whazzball for the first time, nine holes of the Coconut course. She eagled the second hole for a fuck-ton of greatest shots points and was -6 after 5 which was ahead of the mighty RAJ. Wheels came off and she ended up -2 for nine holes. The kids got panache.

  2. madd– check out the survivor picks for this week. there was a thursday game and I was hoping cal would forget to make a pick… but nope, everybody was responsible. let me know what you think of the picks.

  3. crap I want to play! I don’t want to thumb scroll so far also typing is a pain. I am sad. Slipper! Slick flipper! Raincoat! Truce! Hyper! Doorknob! Wombat.

    more stream of CALscionness. But I do want to totally play totally! Whazz! Whazz whazz whazz! I would suck. I have sucked since about 1999. I sucked at whazz for the last decade. But I was once a CHAMPION. I was once great. I can be great again. Bla bla bla… I rise. Bal bla bla… I rise… Wearing yellows… I RISE. Did that bring tears to your eyes. Jerks. You don’t care. You don’t know my championship victory. I DO. I was king. KING. Wwhzz would you please recount the day I won the championship tourney?

    anyway whatever. I want to play too. The end

  4. Cal was a champeen in the leather helmet days, but Cal! Stop living in the past. Live for today!

    For example, when is the last time you farted? Stop being so uptight. Just poof, poof, poof: use your toots to propel you on your runs. Electrolytes + mushroom tee+ beet juice = faaaaaaaaaaaaaaarts! It’s natural. Let them out. Perfume a hobo. Share one with Greg. Simple joys, ok?

  5. i keep a fixed eye on the arcade resale market… prices are dropping like nuts, but lately i’m seeing a new trend; machines are being sold as a way to make money off your friends.

    i’d like to remind everyone intending to come over and whazz that playing 18 holes is the BEST VALUE!!

  6. it’s snowing here… first time at my own house.

    see that snow on the ground? MINE! i OWN that!

  7. i’ll host a UFC PPV on the 20th if anyone from madison wants to come… i’m still a sucker for hughes and penn jawing off like tiny bitches. perhaps you could swing by the grocer and cart up some palermos frozen pizzas for me.

    I HAVE ULTERIOR MOTIVES)*&#%!)(&!#%)(*& CAL SUCKS)(@&$^

  8. i’m trubbing the end of the WEC from last night… haven’t seen it yet… after that 4 man round of rancho… i’m looking for some action


    it’s like you retards WANT to lose…. ONE TIE ALL TIE… EVERYONE ON TAMPA… DURRRRRRRRRR.

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