Big (ten) Weekend

I hosted two families at my place this weekend; Friday was extra busy since housekeeping had to get all the linens changed and washed before the 4pm check-ins started to arrive.  I narrowly averted a mental breakdown on Saturday but healed nicely on Sunday by laying on the couch all afternoon and evening.

Badgers should be going to the Rose Bowl- I assume we will have a sufficient place to place wild bets and drink to excess up in Door County on New Year’s Day, eh lawman?  Sister Bay Bowl, perhaps?  The game was pretty fun, even given the fact that they won a million to whatever, and we whooped it up afterward back at our place.  I was even afforded the chance to clean out my freezer to keep serving food to the dozen people in my kitchen: fifth of a bag of Totino’s Pizza Rolls? Check.  Half a bag of tater tots? Check.  Mini-quiches? Check. Black bean empanadas? Check.

I was a little sad about the Packers, but really just seeing that old broken down shitpile Favre stumble around throwing interceptions for the rest of the season is enough to make me consider 2010 a resounding success.

What did you idiots do? AND DON’T SAY TOFURKEY, CAL.

109 thoughts on “Big (ten) Weekend

  1. dear cal- thank you for the mixed tape– it made one of my many drives to hooterville last week more enjoyable. I listened through to song #12. Once I listen to the rest I’ll tell you what my favorite is. My mother suggested cal and I call it a truce and split the prize…cal you can have the shoe and I’ll take the rest….. deal?

  2. jay got locked up for passing out at a red light. VICTIMLESS CRIME)!(#&%)&(!#%*()_!#^

    explain that, CAL)(#!&^)&(!#^ GENIOUS)(&@#^()&!#^*)_!#^

  3. Cal, really: why not fly down to Dubuque this weekend? WHAT ELSE COULD YOU POSSIBLY BE DOING?

    Spend some time with Timmer, lawman, moneywhazz, mewhazz, Brian and your best pal, THE madddddddd scientist.

    Activates: drinking (alcohol and coffee, sport drinks), eating, gambling (casino and in-room craps and poker), fuzzy cable tv viewing, a trip to the Mississippi Mud Museum and Aquarium, UFC 124: GSP v. Greg, Paul’s Tavern (spooky stuffed owl, Boo! And hamburgers, Yum!), good conversation, gummy worms, extreme comedy, blackberry brandy and DeKranz port, karaoke, strange parking regulations, Catfish Charlie’s, pro bono legal work, busty black jack companions, beards, cold midnight runs looking for atm machines, swearing, brass knuckles, spiders.

    Come on, dude… You can afford it! You are one test away from the big bucks. WE WILL HELP YOU STUDY.

  4. Remember money’s review:

    Awesome place to stay! Great place! Affordable rates and it’s real close to the downtown area and the Diamond Jo casino. The native american mannequins in the lobby create a verisimilitude that can’t be matched, and the room was great– clean, with interesting furnishings displaying a love of cats, big and small. After waking from a night of casino action, however, I found out that the weird coffee cups near the coffeemaker had no bottoms and any liquids poured in ended up on the floor. The Rainbow Lounge in the lobby had good folks singing karaoke, too. Long story short, I will definitely stay at the Canfield again.

  5. Remember the song:

    What can’t you do (fart fart)?
    at the Canfield
    Said what can’t ya do (slide whistle)
    at the Canfield

  6. I picked my team for this week…MADD I’ll give you another chance to guess it. I’ll give u a supper club if u get it right. Maybe ask ur baby–I bet she knows more about picking than u.
    Cal my guess for your pick is ATL–am I right? What do I win if I’m right? Mrs money is demanding I defeat u. Whaaaaahahaaaaahaaaa

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