1000th Stupid Thing No One Reads

The 1,000th Post
The 1,000th Post

I’m proud to announce that after 8 years, 3 months, and 12 days we’ve reached the 1,000th post to whazzmaster.com.  From its humble beginnings as a clearinghouse for my rants about tater tot packaging, to the towering heights when Old Man hung out talking trash with people he had never met, to its present-day state of sleepy sniping between the Madd Scientist and Cal, whazzmaster.com has endured.

Without this dumb thing I’d be completely unaware of the present state of theoretical economics, and I would never have seen Brock breakdancing nor would I have seen an online battle rap conducted over thousands of miles.

I started a website in 1997 (Chaos Central), turned it into a Perl-driven ‘blog’ (the word wasn’t invented yet) in 1999, and rewrote the whole thing using PHP in 2001.  When I had the opportunity to pick a domain name there was only one that occurred: I’m the master of whazz (courtesy of my then-newly purchased Golden Tee machine), hence whazzmaster.com.

I’m pleased as punch the way I was able to stay in contact with my Madison pals through this dumb thing, and I continue to marvel that more than one person (me) ever comes here and expends the energy to yell at people and post links to videos, pictures, and items for sale.

Thanks for a G of fun, here’s looking forward to 2012 when we get to celebrate whazzmaster.com’s 10 year anniversary.

159 thoughts on “1000th Stupid Thing No One Reads

  1. yo cal, do you realize if you bet $20 on the money line for all of your picks and let it all ride on every game that you’d have your student loans paid off?

    instead you get to congratulate BG and read harassing comments about your intellect and career direction


  2. i’m pretty sure greg jennings is dropping balls on purpose in a gambling fix scheme. putting the team on his back, indeed.

  3. i just paid a dude to clear the driveway… he had a truck with a plow and a commercial superwide snowblower and it took him almost an hour. $35… i paid $40… seems about right.

  4. just re-read some of these posts… was i the gigantic beard that passed you? i drive like a champion.

  5. Check out Jessi’s new packers column. I’d post a link, but the retarded filter won’t take it. Central Wisconsin Sports dot net.

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