It always annoys me the way that the national media freaks right the fuck out when a blizzard hits the northeast.  As if the rest of the country never gets snow, we have to sit through days (of newspaper stories) and hours (of TV reports) hearing about how OMFG WHERE ARE THE PLOWWWWWWWWWWWS?!Also: fuck those pussy NFL officials.  Since when can’t you play football in the snow? Dumb. RIGGED.


We’re going up to Door County this weekend for the Lawman/Peapods Wedding Extravadanza- I predict a good time will be had by all.  Thursday Night: ping-pong tourney-slash-dinner-at-Donny’s Glidden Lodge. Friday Night: WEDDDDDDDING! Saturday Night: Rose Bowl! Sunday Afternoon: PACKERS!  Really an action-packed weekend of fun and excitement in the Northern Door.

What’d you get for Xmas? Cal? A law degree? Maybe next year, pal, you gotta be on the NICE list to get what you want.  Scientist?  South African Beard Oil? Your beard is large. Did you see what I did there? Wwhazz?  Air hockey paddles?  I received a very nice overnight bag from my wife.  And clothes.  And a headlamp.  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

85 thoughts on “BLIZZARD Wizards

  1. Awesome writing skills… I wonder if spiders infested their brains and are working these reviewers like puppets.

  2. 1) happy new year!
    2) where is my spoon?
    3) how evil is sarah palin anyway? most repulsive person ever.
    4) football schmootball
    5) cal rules!

  3. How about the packers pick up the smallest eagle and power bomb him onto the ball after a punt and then pick up the ball.

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