It’s in the 4th quarter of the NFC Wild Card game between the Iggles and the Packers, and the Pack currently leads 21-10.  After 4th and 26 I don’t make no more predictions based on the general state of a game.

Go Packers, though. If they pull this out I will be delighted!

167 thoughts on “Precognition

  1. can’t do either… just found out i have an 8 hour “how to have a baby” class on saturday starting at 8am… seems long. i already know how to Test & Adapt. having a baby is all about T&A, and not making lewd jokes.

  2. eau claire has one of only a few olympic sized ski jumps in the country, and this weekend is annual championships… we’re probably going to that on friday night if anyone wants to. there is a beer tent.

  3. it’s a “K90” jump….

    also with “K90” jumps:
    Lake Placid, New York
    Ishpeming, Michigan
    Park City, Utah
    Brattleboro, Vermont

    then a “K108” in Westby, Wisconsin

    and a “K120” at Iron Mountain, Michigan

  4. ask wwhazz how our scrabble game ended up. oh in case he won’t tell you the truth– final score bellygril 268 wwhazz 180. i’ve never seen him get less than two hundred. hilarious!!! embarrassing beyond words. skips and stable for 48

  5. sorest loser ever. somehow mimicking my drunken actions from saturday makes him better at scrabble. no way. 180 all the way

  6. after libations and celebrations for a packer win it’s an honest mistake to confuse your drink and a decorative candle on the table. i’m sure it could happen to anyone

  7. I feel better about the game today. I don’t know what was wrong with me yesterday. Nothing i was saying even made sense. I felt a disturbance in the force– madd’s birthday maybe. but now i’m back and better than ever. FEVER!!!!!!!

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