It’s in the 4th quarter of the NFC Wild Card game between the Iggles and the Packers, and the Pack currently leads 21-10.  After 4th and 26 I don’t make no more predictions based on the general state of a game.

Go Packers, though. If they pull this out I will be delighted!

167 thoughts on “Precognition

  1. Glad you like it!
    I’d be up for a short “league” of us playing every Thursday night or something for like a month or something between football and baseball/ nice weather.

    I’ll look at how easy this is to set up.

  2. Actually, since we’d be on computers anyways we could set up a skype room too. Their shit is free for comp-to-comp calls; I use it for teamspeak for video games.

    I just want to be able to yell things at you (and have you hear them) when I win

  3. Shit, wwhazz, I’ll play you heads-up and pay out at the end of every week.. Teach me to play this “no limit cash game” you find so fascinating.

  4. what do you think about continuous shuffle? should the cards be randomized and fixed and then the hand played, or are you ok with the cards constantly being shuffled?

  5. I think ok. If we play cash nl it’s going to be like 10-20 buy in. None of us would play higher than that, right? Otherwise, 1-2 limit. Maybe 2-4 limit.

    $5-20 tournaments.

    That’s about our “friend” stakes, right?

    I think we could get a solid core of regulars. Prob close to 10.

  6. I bundled up and went on a nature hike through Hoyt Park today. Explored the old morel trails. Followed a set of mouse tracks for a really long time and found 2 frozen dollars and a tiny pink mitten.

    In a month or so it will be owl season. I looked but no luck. Last year belly found a nest. Super cool.

  7. AND IT IS ALL OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The last 16 bucks went pffffffffft in a $6 45-man when my sizzle of 8’s lost to a rivered sizzle of J’s.

    Took the last 9 to a NL .5-.10 $10 max buy in table and lost KJ to Q9.

    The Q9 popped it to .50 on the button. I hit back for .50. DICK FIGHT!!!

    Flopped the perfect A10Q and checked. He bet .50, I check raised .50 back, he shoved, I called. Q turn. 9 river.

    P to the 13 F’s to the T.

    For me flopped str8s are a nightmare. Win nothing or lose a fortune.

  8. Ugg boots.

    Scientist, holler if you want to work on your -50 on the old whazzball.

    Or if you want to strike a deal for your player points. I like getting in that rat race for tournament bucks.

  9. So, the dude failed the bar three times and when he went to apply to take it a fourth time they finally said, what is with all of this debt? You’ve been working part-time for five years and refuse to look for a full-time job because you *hope* the one you’ve got will become full-time. You haven’t paid anything towards your student loans since they came due and you don’t really seem to be supporting your kid (and you appear to be living off the mother of your kid). Your solution? Bankruptcy! Hmm. I can kinda see why the Ohio Bar is no longer so hot to count this guy as one of their own. He’s maybe not as bad, though, as Mr. Bail Out Generation, Michael Wallerstein.

  10. 1. Swing by madtown on the way home if you want. We are all off Monday for MLK, so Sunday is fair game.

    2. The best Randy was the paranormal activity one. Spooky!

    3. Debt!

    4. JS was a treat today. There was a artiCAL about the Packer’s receivers and a crazy party they had at Jordy’s farm. Big ol photo of Jennings with shoulder deep in a cow’s vag delivering an artificial load. Gross:

    5. Also from the JS, some lunatic wrote an opinion piece arguing for Milwaukee to better market their hotdogs. It’s called “Hot Dog! Let’s Promote the State!”

  11. Flattop grill just sent me a free stir fry for my b-day. The gifts keep coming! And belly got me a bunch of bird feeders and a crazy pole system to dance up on (or hang the bird feeders).

  12. wwhazz: no action on the bet; they don’t do money lines.
    also: i have no cell service so I can’t see anything after your previous communiques
    finally: GO PACKERS!

  13. Slackjawed the Packer game at the Dry Bean with the law folks. Lawman won a t-bone steak from a meat raffle. He also won various bar junk like some bottle openers, a Corona hat, a miller lite cloth shopping bag (which he will use to carry his miller and endive purchases), and a miller lite t-shirt. Belly won two wild turkey honey liquor tank tops.

    The also had what was advertised as “gourmet” hot dogs. I am happy to report that they lived up to the billing. Belly and lawman went with dog smothered in mac and cheese on a pretzel roll. Peapods, after some struggle with it’s association with Chicago, joined me with a Bear’s Dog (which was just a Chicago dog). They also had a beer battered deep fried dog and some other creations. In addition to the meat and the beer junk, they gave away a flat screen tv and cash, but we didn’t win any of that.

    All Packer scores came with jello shots until someone spilled ranch dressing on them. This did not result in a “your peanut butter is in my chocolate, your chocolate is in my peanut butter” situation. They switched to various Puckers including apple and other unidentifiable flavors. Not much booze in them, but there were a lot of points scored and they started including interceptions, so there was a cumulative effect. Fun fact: lawman hates Jello. Like Dwight, he doesn’t trust it and watching him drink it was hilarious. He may have played a role in the ranch spill.

    Overall, it was crowded, but we had a sweet booth. As an added bonus, the waitress lost our drink ticket, so our bill was $22 for dinner for four and drinking from 6-11. Needless to say, we tipped 100%. As a double added bonus, there were a lot of Wyoming-style lesbians in attendance and some Bud-Lite girls with shake weights.

    Well, good game Steve Martin: Looking forward to the Bears next weekend.


  14. It’s = it is ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Brian help meeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Fuck it, let’s watch Elf.

  15. More explanation in shake weights–bud light girls had two shake weights and they made their way around the bar asking if people wanted to compete against each other with them. Naturally it was a hit and peapods and I shook our hearts out and our balls off. I think I won but in the end we both received budlite beads.
    Re: my tank tops. I won two separate times and received a black and a white version of the same shirt–both say “I’m an American honey”. A couple of old perverts and mulleted ladies enjoyed this.
    Oh and one more thing a country band flew into action after the game and peapods and I kicked up our heels and I stole and played the tambourine. What a super duper fun night.

  16. Whazzmaster: Just to recap our conversation from earlier today:

    1) I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
    2) I think we’re the more talented team
    3) I really want us to win
    4) If Cutler throws it 40 times, we’re golden
    5) If it’s a grind-it-out game, either could win

    Is that pretty close?

  17. happy birthday madd scientist. glad you don’t believe in blue monday cause that combined with your shotty could mean bad news.

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