Birthday Man

Happy Birthday to Everyone, Young & Old!

Happy Birthday to Wwhazz! Happy Birthday to Madd Scientist! Happy Birthday to Manders! Happy Birthday to Alandovos! Happy Birthday to Peapods! (Shameful omission, that.) Lots of spring fucking goings on in the late 70s and early 80s.

At any rate, we had a swell (SWELL) time this weekend at a combination Wwhazz Birthday Whazz Tournament & Poker-Playing Contest-slash-Green Bay Packer Victory Party at the Dry Bean.  I knew that Green Bay had won when I approached wwhazz at the bar and said “What’s up, man?” and he succinctly responded, “Bargle.”  The bar was loud so I asked for clarification; “What?” I asked.  “Frohnum,” he blurted out as he slumped his head down onto the bar.  I knew then (as I know now) that it was time to leave.

So yes, yes the good ol’ Green Bay Packers are in the Sooper Bowl on February Something.  I’m not sure of the exact date because from this Wednesday (tomorrow!) until the day before that Super-Duperest of Bowls me and the little lady will be down in St. Maarten on a beeeeeeeeeeeeeeach.  I’ll be dozing and she’ll be drinking some sort of rum-infused cocktail through a curly straw.  I think they have some activities where you can swim with sharks, or even walk through a bad part of town with your money and passport dangling out of your pocket.  I’m excited.

I heard they have casinos both (a) in the hotel and (b) elsewhere on the island as well.  No craps in the hotel, but supposedly poker.  HO-CHO!

Anything else happen this week? I guess Scientist learned how to deliver a baby; I hear he’s taking reservations for midwifery starting in late Smarch.

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  1. Below is my dad’s email invite to his super bowl party. I enjoyed it very much and thought you folks would too!!!

    It’s a Cinderella story! With backs against the wall and coming off a debacle on the carpet in Detroit, it was win or go home for the Green and Gold the rest of the way. With stars aligned and coming off a respectable loss to the Patriots with our backup QB, the Pack began the “wondra in the tundra” by dismantling the Eli led Giants. Then came the Bears who looked to ruin our playoff party! And while many questioned Lovie’s decision to play his starters the whole game with nothing to play for, it turns out Lovie knew he didn’t want to meet the Pack again in the playoffs!
    No longer hanging by a thread, we were in it to win it!! But as a sixth seed and on the road, an uphill battle ensued. Into Philly with just enough offense combined with a lock down defense and the big pick in the end, and we had that first road win. We had exorcised the 4th and 27 demon once and for all!
    Now onto Atlanta. Just play well, it’s been a great run, who knew what to expect from this one? The Pack put together a great game plan and kept the throttle down, and left the folks in Atlanta wondering what just hit them! That game will go down as one of the best in playoff history!
    And then the unimaginable! Two division rivals battling for the chance to go to the Super Bowl! In the words of John Christensen, this is our Super Bowl; to come this far, we could not lose to the Bears! Again just enough offense and a solid defense with key turnovers, and the unbelievable was happening!! Super Bowl bound! With excitement to much to contain, it caused this old fat guy to do snow angels in his boxer shorts!
    One week removed from the NFC Championship win, and it’s still hard to believe that we are going to the show.
    Let’s celebrate this one at the Gitter’s. Game starts around 5:30. Come anytime after 3:00 p.m. We will put on the feed bag around 4:30. Please RSVP. Wear that same Packer gear you had on throughout the playoffs; maintain the same rituals, etc. And in the meantime, soak in all the pre-game hype, toss in the 96′ Super Bowl highlight VHS, Do the Raji, and get your game face on! Win, lose, or draw, its been a great run!!!
    Go Pack

  2. oh and wwhazz robert brooks and jump in the stands was already on my list of must play songs. u just don’t worry your pretty little head. i wish i could steal my parent’s vhs of 1996 super bowl highlights.

  3. God be with you. And also with you. Jebus, please let me get back to my fucking house by Sunday afternoon. Amen.

  4. -22 on the 2k aspen last night. Tied moneypenny’s record. Now I have -22, -21, -23 for the top scores.

    Needed a miraCAL to get the -22. Way errant shot on the double eagle hole was saved with a long, blind behind a bunch of trees and shrubs 2 iron putt. Madd scud missile of a shot that was going 90 mph and headed for the drink, but dropped in for double eagle and a handful of great shot points.


  5. Good looking ppv this weekend. Might slackjaw it at BW3 or CHEESEBURGER in PARADISE.

    * Bantamweight bout: United States Miguel Torres vs. United States Antonio Banuelos

    * Light Heavyweight bout: United States Jon Jones vs. United States Ryan Bader

    * Welterweight bout: United States Jake Ellenberger vs. Brazil Carlos Eduardo Rocha

    * Light Heavyweight bout: United States Forrest Griffin vs. United States Rich Franklin

    * Middleweight Championship bout: Brazil Anderson Silva (c) vs. Brazil Vitor Belfort

  6. Awesome quote from an email from one of oneil’s college running buddies who lives in Vegas:

    “You like gambling in sketchy dives and going to ghetto strip clubs?”

    Do I???? DO I??????????????????

    Much like Hogan when Dibiase offered him 1 million for the heavyweight belt: HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Except, yes.

  7. One of the door prizes at the lawfolk’s packer party is a dog! One goes at half time, one at the final. Fingers crossed I win Park.

    And I am inventing Packer Cheesecake shots. I bought a medley of gross liquor from steve’s to take back to the lab.

    I also picked up a yellow flag. Peapods can toss it if my drinking gets ooc and demand I make pigs in a blanket. I got a red flag for lawman, so he can challenge her penalties.

    Skeezer, hope to see you up on trubs. Moneypennies, hope to have you back in town for the show.

  8. I went into the Packers/Broncos super bowl 10000% sure we were set to win 10 or 11 super bowls in a row.

    Stunned when we lost and the string of NFC championship debacles sent me into the mindset that we would never win one again. I peeked my head out of the hole vs the Giants. Ooops.

    This time around, I’m going full eroz. In his world, there is no such thing as a “good try.” Brewers and Packers need to win 100-0 or he is pissed. In fact, I’ve seen him pissed after 5 run Brewer wins and 2 touchdown Packers wins because they were losing after the first few innings or quarters. That anger they caused him at the begging of the game can sour a victory. He hates close games and wants full on box-to-wire nut stomp. Nothing less.

    I’m with him here. Touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown.

    And now, my cal impersonation. Ug (dismissive little wave) when will this football be over. UG. get me some chumbawumba mushroom tea. Uh, oh, ug.

  9. a dude i work with just got accepted to some masters program at stanford… he had just graduated from some washington technical college a couple years ago and was concerned about his looming $7,000 tuition bill… stanford is asking $108,000… he didn’t want to think about it… i told him the story of cal to cheer him up.

  10. i wonder how eroz will feel after the steeler meets his fate.

    1) “MORE! MORE! MORE!”
    2) “jebus… what have i become?”

    to see me yelling for more, tune into trubroom2000, LIVE on both coasts. and a few more coasts. also, inland.

  11. Super Bowl 45 Packer Vs. Steelers CD finished.

    Highlights: lil wayne, garbage, feelin so fly like cheesehead, teach me how to raji, G-force, bang on my drum….the list goes on and on. It’s phenomenal.

  12. trubroom might be dead… the borg has adapted to my frequency shifting techniques.

    now i have another project on the back burner… build my own video broadcasting server. or not. living in the trubroom is good enough.

  13. get this retardedness: we ordered a patio set online… a chinese replicator one… so it ships from china through our friendly neighborhood chinese distributor: target. they drop it off in our driveway, box is ripped to shit, but it’s hard metal frames and plastic wrapped cushions… pretty much indestructible. but there is a problem… one of the packages of screws and washers was lost in transit… perhaps in the replicator factory parking lot… maybe in the pacific, or maybe in STUPID san francisco. I=80? who knows. so we go to ace hardware to replace the bolts… they don’t have them… so we go to target, they say we have to return it or call the manufacturer.. we call the manufacturer, they say the parts are on 4-8 week back order, but that we could just order a whole new set, take out the pack of screws we need, then return it… we call up target to confirm this plan, and they set it all up…. this is a GIANT delivery… COMPLETELY unnecessary. target already called us to schedule the pick up… so they know they are giving it to us, and that we are just taking the screws out and giving it back, and they won’t just open in themselves and send us the screws… probably because their internal tracking and accounting and audit/inventory systems don’t support breaking products down like that, but in the end, you’re just going to spend a lot more money SHIPPING AN ENTIRE PATIO SET TO DELIVER 20 BOLTS.

    target be dumb. fo real.

  14. My parents just called and asked how to make jello shots and how to convert you tube songs to mp3. Hilarious.

  15. i sent out an APB to all of rachel’s cousins in the area… tried to throw a trubroom2000 PPV extravaganza. no one cared.

    rach said if i painted a door and hung it that she would go to bw3 with me. i did it. so pathetic.

    doesn’t anyone care that people are hitting each other?!%#)(*&!#%

    cal is ruining the planet.

  16. madd– i’m looking for you on skype– where you at? I just added your proper name to my list of contacts but my call failed. we can’t call on the house phone cause it says user busy

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